Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Transactions (FX)


Yesterday, EUR/USD only manage to create a new high at 1.3506.
Day Chart: spotted reversal candlestick pattern (bearish harami) + Stochastic Oscillator cross at 85 region.

My Trading Plan:
EUR/USD - Short
Entry 1.3470
SL 1.3510 (-40)
Exit 1.3310 (+160)

IF, EUR/USD has break above 1.3530 and closed above 1.3550, it will possibly go higher to test 1.37 or further 1.40.  I will turn Long if this happen.


  1. Did you take profit early?


  2. hi Karl,

    Thanks for following my Blog!

    EUR/USD I followed my plan and triggered SL.
    GBP/USD I followed my plan and taken profit.

    Its a bit tricky to trade on GBP/USD, market has been swinging ups and downs.

    Since EUR/USD has break above 1.3530, and closed above 550, I changed my view and hunting for Long now~ :)

    Which market(s) are you watching now?