Sunday, July 31, 2011

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

I had a conversation with a master coach who also traded the DJIA.
Pheeeewit, awesome trade last week.  I wish all also collected the profit already like he did.


DJIA has formed a very perfect V on the Daily Chart, coincide with the EMA crossings, like what we at Ayumi the Novice Trader forecast last week, once DJIA broken below 12520, and fallen below 12300 pretty fast.

DJIA settles at 12147 regions on Friday.

What are we looking forward?

Current support 12080.
Strong support (double bottom) 11880.

Current resistance 12230.
Monday could be a quiet day as many is waiting for the announcement on 2nd August 2011.
Shorting around 12230-250 region is preferred but only trade intraday before the news finally released.

Nasdaq 100

Current Resistance 2378
Current Support 2340
Strong Support 2320

Similar to last week, since Nasdaq 100 didn't fulfill the perfect setup for short, but generally the outlook is bearish and Nasdaq 100 is currently being resisted below 2378.

Although shorting is preferred, but due to the whipsaw, suggest to only short near 2378 - 2381 region.

If Nasdaq 100 breaks above 2388, abandon short.

Passion and Objectives

Past week has been a challenging week.
Finally closed the biggest sale of the year, need to manage 4 days of dance life, need to alter my competition costume, need to monitor the market because many news are popping out!

And next week, the final week for my preparation!
My dress are done this morning from 2am - 6am, all sequins *blink* *blink* done, my wrist band done, I headed back to bed after breakfast with mum.

It is another cool Sunday afternoon.

What to do today?
On the trading / financial side:
1. Weekly forecast, DJIA, Gold, Favorite FX Pair.
2. Monthly Report, GBP/USD
3. Reading~~
On the dancing and art side:
4. Choreograph the tabla song for Advanced Category competition.
5. Watch more videos for ideas and admiring the belly dance superstars :)
And yes... I aim to win. This Asia Pacific Dance X'plosion is boliling!
Dancers out there, click this link:
Friendship & Biz
6. Celebrate Simon's Birthday, Foo Rong's birthday, Master Gathring today!

Lets get it started!

Friday, July 29, 2011

US Debt Vote

US Debt Vote delayed, VIX jumps to 23% (highest since June 2011).
Market continues to slide. The Dow has slid for 5th straight days.

Wall Street suffered fresh losses as Congress struggled to break its long gridlock. The Dow has fallen five straight days because of worries that the U.S. might default on its debt if Congress doesn't raise the country's borrowing limit. It's down more than 484 points, or 3.8 percent. Just five days remain until the Treasury Department says the government won't have enough money to cover all of its bills. Even if the U.S. doesn't default, investors worry that the country might lose its triple-A credit rating. That could raise interest rates and possibly slow the U.S. economy, which is still recovering from the worst recession in decades.

Read more at:


Forecast EUR/USD to bounce off from this low 1.4252.
If can break above current resistance 1.4350, then will go higher 1.4450, 1.4550.

Related post:


fulfilled fibo retracement entry, but my order just got expired again. >.<
Will queue to short again today at 1.6370 region - 1.6400, SL 1.6437.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dollar Index

Update after yesterday's posting....

Happy cuz yesterday forecast is right and my favourite GBP/USD has came down.
Dollar index is travelling up to test the resistance as posted in my chart.
Either head up to 74.50, or 74.80 to fulfill fibonacci retracement level before it continue to come down for the week ahead.

Yesterday daily candle is very bullish for Dollar Index.

however, today I expect a little pull up to resistance, then pull back down to 74.00 region.

Lets look at GBP/USD:

Recap what I have done in my weekly forecast:

Resistance 1.6440, forecast the market to continue going up towards this resistance, , unless market break above 1.6468, I will be hunting for short.

Once 1.6468 has been taken out, expect GBP/USD to go further up to 1.6550 (May-31 high).
Weekly forecast on FX
Related Chart GBP/USD here

Expect a little pull back today and my trade plan:
Short at 1.6400 region, SL 1.6437 (yesterday high).
I have also set an alert at 1.6374, I will observe for reversal sign when market is trading at this level.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dollar Index

Short Term view: bearish turn bullish
Duration: from now until lunch hour (GMT+8) before London open.

Last Done: 73.69
Target: 73.90, 74.40.
Note: ATR 60 pips.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekly Forecast (FX)

Important Fundamentals that will affect the global market:
Raising the debt ceiling, or downgrade?
Or, austerity measures, cutting budgets, increase tax?

If cutting budgets, and increase tax, then Gold might need to face the imminent, or "reckless" fall.



Resistance 1.6440, forecast the market to continue going up towards this resistance, , unless market break above 1.6468, I will be hunting for short.

Once 1.6468 has been taken out, expect GBP/USD to go further up to 1.6550 (May-31 high).


It has broken away from the trendline, and I am bullish on EUR/USD.
Although fundamentally I do not agree with the bullishness in EUR/USD, especially on the recent debt issues... but I have to say from the technical chart, the bullish strength will last until next target 1.4550, ultimate target 1.4900.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekly Updates

Sorry that I am not able to put up my weekly forecast this week due to the pc migration...

I have purchased a set of new toy, and was busy setting up, doing data migration and installation of data terminals...

So by now, almost everything is up, and seems moving :)

Will try to update more tonight, stay tuned!

 My new toys~
doing data migration~~~

DJIA and Nasdaq 100


I am still hunting for shorting opportunity in DJIA, however, I will abandon the plan if DJIA can close this week above 12875.

This way DJIA would have posted a very bullish sign on Monthly Chart, and will continue to rally towards new high 13000, or May-2008 high 13130 region.

However, the inflationary figures, job market, trade deficit, budget, debt default... these fundamentals doesn't really suggest a long term uptrend... to me this simply doesn't synchronize with the chart, yet.

I am worried that the imminent crash will hurt many families... the market will turn out to be in a very bad shape... :(

Short term trading, stay out.

From Daily Chart, 12753 (July-7) is the left top, and 12750 (last thursday July-21) is the right top.
I reckon market to make a new high this week, but to be resisted below 12875 region.
However, if market continue to be resisted below 12750, upon breaking below 12520 temporary support, DJIA will go south towards strong support 12300 pretty fast.

Watching the intraday chart for opportunity and confirmation.

Nasdaq 100

Technical chart suggest strong bull in Nasdaq 100, it has broken above all highs... formed a series of higher lows... While general rule says, upon breaking the all time high, we can enter long, but I would not do so in current market condition...

"The market still has a high degree of skepticism in it," said Nick Kalivas, an analyst at MF Global in Chicago, summing up the earnings season so far.

This week is also a big week for economic data, since we have missed the train to the moon, I suggest we stay out from Nasdaq 100 but watch carefully when the opportunity resurface.

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Trader ProMaster July 30th and July 31st.
Trader Investor Point:
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Trader Investor Duo:!/TraderInvestorD

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Short GBP/USD last night at 1.6149, SL 1.6179, TG 1.6009.
Floating +33 pips.

Short CL (September-11) last night at 9775 SL 9815 (triggered stop loss)
Realised - 40 ticks

Queue to short CL (September-11) just now at 9964, SL 9990, TG 9660.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CL on 19-July-2011

CL outlook:
Daily Chart: Consolidation.
Short term (1 Hour Chart): Bullish, towards 97.50
If managed to break above 97.75, then CL might go all the way to 99.20-40 resistance area.

Favour Short upon reaching 97.50, or 99.20 resistance.

Target exit at support 96.00, 94.50, ultimate 93.55-93.35 major support.

GBP/USD on 19-July-2011

Touch touch, bounce bounce! :)

4 Hour chart shows support, and .... action! :)

Daily Chart:

Seems like everything is in order.... ^___^ flipping back to my weekly forecast, I am Happy :)

Not gonna long now, bcz, I am still waiting for the best seat for the next Leg~ Down!

1.6160 will be the first resistance now, which is the usual 100 pips profit from this 4 Hour chart action for GBP/USD.

Next, expect market to consolidate, and lets see whether GBP/USD manage to break above 1.6192 (previous week high) and make a new top at 1.6250.

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Chart [Weekly Forecast - Daily] [Weekly Forecast - 4 Hour]

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekly Forecast (FX)

Market opened up, which means, the Gold spot market has triggered my SL at $1594.70... it went up to $1597.80 and trading at $1594.78 now.

My forecast is not in sync with the market now.  Strong bull has lead the Gold all the way from $1480 to current $1590 (+$110).

Stay out for the week unless reversal sign formed on 15th day, which is this Friday 22th July 2011, or next Monday 25th July 2011.  Which I don't think the market will immediately reverse and turn down, need a week of consolidation after this strong rally.

Related: Annual target for Gold 1600 - 1620.


Economic Data:
Tue 19 Jul 8:30pm: Building Permit.  Exp 0.61M, Prev 0.61M [USD]
Wed 20 Jul 10pm: Extg Home Sale. Exp 4.93, Prev 4.81 [USD]
Thu 21 Jul 4.30pm: Retail Sales m/m.  Exp 0.5%, Prev -1.4% [GBP]
Thu 21 Jul 8.30pm: Unemployment Claim [USD]
Thu 21 Jul 10pm: Bernanke Testifies, Philly Fed Mfg Index Exp 3.4, Prev -7.7% [USD]

like what I have posted last Friday, I wanted to short GBP/USD around 1.6160 region as long as GBP/USD trading below 1.6200 resistance.

But from the weekly candlestick pattern as well as daily chart, I do not feel like entering last Friday when market shows me twice at 1.6160 - 170.

And after reviewing the weekly and daily chart, I have a feeling that GBP/USD going to test higher above 1.6200, although shorting at current price is correct as per powerwave count...

Which I forecast this way....

If I am wrong, and market continue to trade down below 1.6200, 1st support at 1.6050 (Channel Bottom coincide with Fibo level). Followed by 1.5990.

Related: Friday quick update on GBP/USD:


Fri 22 July 4pm: German Ifo Business Climate Exp 113.7, Prev 114.5

Resisted below 1.4200.
Short term support 1.4050 (channel bottom)

Similarly, if market resisted below 1.4200, it will continue bias down this week, towards target price 1.3950.
Long term view is bearish (until mid August), major support 1.3550 - 1.3500.

What is Ifo?
Information and Forschung (Ifo)

What does this measure?
Level of a composite index based on surveyed manufacturers, builders, wholesalers, and retailers;

Why care?
This survey is highly respected due to its large sample size and historic correlation with German and wider Eurozone economic conditions. It tends to create a hefty market impact upon release. Source changed series from a base year of 2000 to a base year of 2005 as of May 2011;

Trader measure?
It's a leading indicator of economic health - businesses react quickly to market conditions, and changes in their sentiment can be an early signal of future economic activity such as spending, hiring, and investment;

Derived via?
Survey of about 7,000 businesses which asks respondents to rate the relative level of current business conditions and expectations for the next 6 months;

Sunday, July 17, 2011

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

US Economic data releases

In short...
Worse than Expected: Trade Balance
Worse than Expected: Core Retail Sales m/m
Worse than Expected: PPI
Worse than Expected: Prelim UoM Consumer Sentiment

Match Expectation: Nil

Better than Expected: Retail Sales m/m
Better than Expected: Unemployment Claims
Better than Expected: Core CPI m/m

Mixed Data... DJIA has been trading down to our weekly support 12450. Lowest 12410, Closed at 12483.

Like what we forecasted last week, DJIA can either go up to 12780 resistances, or find support at 12450.

From technical chart, DJIA has posted a weak Japanese candlestick pattern on Weekly Chart. This Indicate a possible downturn to 12320 1st support, if the policy maker stop printing money or the like.

For those who trade with patterns, zoom out to Weekly Chart and we can see a Head and Shoulder Pattern (slanted up), with the right shoulder formed and confirmed within these 2 weeks.

Those who missed the short call last week, don’t despair, don’t short immediately.
For those who are sharp, you will observe that DJIA is supported at EMA50 (4 Hour chart), therefore, I foresee DJIA to continue trading up on Monday.

Weekly Short action: Short when market traded up to 12570 – 12620 region.

Monday sell action 12570 SL 40 index points, close EOD.
Don’t buy immediately either :)
Monday buy action 12398 SL 40 index points, close EOD.

I like DJIA to melt… :ops: if DJIA can break below 12320, it is only the beginning.  If what we assumed is right, DJIA will be trading down to 12250, and 12000, soon.

Nasdaq 100

Difference: Nasdaq 100 do not have Head and Shoulder pattern :)

4 Hour EMA50 support has shown some bull, it is possible to continue the bullish sentiment from current 2357 to 2370.

Nasdaq 100 Resistance at 2375-2380 region.
Major Support for the week: 2300.

From the technical chart, my preference is to trade DJIA rather than Nasdaq 100, therefore, suggest to stay out from Nasdaq 100, if still want to trade, only trade when Nasdaq approach major support / resistance for the week.

Friday, July 15, 2011


CL 3rd short @ 9606 filled.

Holding Two Opened positions now. Moved both Stop loss to 9600.

Once market break yesterday low 9450 I'll add another short.

Target 9380.

Ayumi on BlogPress from my iPhone.

Quick Update

It will be a quick one, again :)


Cable resisted at 1.6200 still....
Yesterday I queue to short at 1.6160, but order was not filled.
This morning GBP/USD crossed above 1.6160 and I am thinking twice...

Lets look at Daily Chart, the pattern repeat... and... should GBP/USD continue to be suppressed under 14/7 high 1.6192, or it is gonna make a false break to 1.6280 and come down?

I am hunting for the next Big move, I am getting excited since yesterday, and observing my patience... I want to catch the fall like last round at 1.6450.

It is Friday, and today is a crucial day, I reckon the market to either:
1. resisted below 1.6200 or;
2. form another top near 1.6280,
then close below 1.6030 to form a another bearish candle on weekly chart, daily chart, and next week a continuous pattern.

I hope it is today, but not Monday.

Observe intraday chart for the shorting opportunity.


Trading the August Contract and covered short @ 9546 happy with 300 pips / cents, leaving with 1 open position.
Queue to short again @ 9610, SL 9656, TG 9386.

The moment I finish this journal, I actually ordered to sell GBP/USD at 1.6255, SL 1.6287, TG 1.6002.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

2nd CL trade, and finally :)

Trade small

Testing temporary support.

Trading August contract, will log in to the broker platform and move SL later.


Transaction (FX)

Hi all, the cable has shown some weakness this morning and I expect the market to turn down from here to temp support 1.60000-1.6050.

from smaller time frame (30 minutes) we saw a weakness formation and struggle.

Intraday trade: I queue to short at 1.6160, SL 1.6192 (-35 pips), Target 1.6052 (+105 pips).
If market successfully break below 1.6050, next target 1.5980.

If market triggered my stop loss, which means breaking yesterday high, GBP/USD is going to 1.6300 region.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Transactions (FX)

Intraday, morning session:
1.5910 SL 30 pips, TG 90 pips.

Hunting for Short!
1.6010 SL 30 pips, TG 1.5850.

if failed, next Short!
1.6105 SL 30 pips, TG 1.5850.

EUR/USD temporary supported at Daily EMA200, waiting for pull back to enter short near 1.4200.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

Friday Reversal and Monday Confirmation.

Check the chart from Bigger Time Frame to Smaller Time Frame...

YM (mini Dow $5 Futures) 4 Hour Chart:

YM already corrected 1/3 from last up-move, the correction is sharp.
And it is trading near EMA50 (4 Hour) support.

DJIA 30 Min Chart:

Similar price action. but 4 Hour chart yet to see support.  Support current low 12475.  Resistance 12615.

YM (mini Dow $5 Futures) 30 Min Chart:

Therefore, suspect today a little bit of pull up, and I favour to trade both sides.

Long @ 12470 (near low), SL 12424, TG 12600.
Short @ 12672, SL 12718, TG 12500.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

DJIA and Nasdaq 100


Hohoho, like what we have forecasted last week, the triple crossing in Daily Chart indicate strong bull, DJIA rallied all the way to 12700-800 region.

Like what we mentioned on last Monday, the bullish strength shall cease at 12700.
Indeed, DJIA faced resistance at 12700, formed a black candle on Friday in line with soft jobs.

Next week is the start of the reporting season :-)

DJIA has travelled so far from 11900 to current 12700, it is still possible that Dow to take out 12780 resistance, and rally towards 12875. Watch: the earnings report from ALCOA, and Google.

On the economic data front, pay attention to:
Thursday 14-Jul: PPI and Retail Sales for June;
Friday 15-Jul: Consumer Price Index for June.

If the report is below market expectation, DJIA should find support of the week at 12450.

Monday: stay out and wait for reversal confirmation.


Bullish sentiment shall continue, support at 2380.
Resistance 2420 (triple top on weekly chart)

2 scenarios:
  1. If Nasdaq 100 can break this triple top resistance, next target is 2440, 2480.
  2. If Nasdaq 100 starts to consolidate this week, it shall hover between temporary support 2380 - 2420, and I expect a healthy correction to 2350 before it continue to go up.

Gold on Mon 11-Jul-2011

Wow, Gold had a strong rally last week, weekly gain of 57 dollar???

From 30 mins chart, a nice inner wave up has successfully brought Gold to 1538; it is going to bring it on to 1548. 1548 = coincide with 80% Fibonacci retracement level from the last peak 1558.89 on 22-Jun-2011.

It may even gain strength to challenge double top 1558.

Unless the bull breaks 1558.89, for the weekly outlook, I am hunting for short.

If you observe the daily chart, Gold has consistently gone up for the last 5 days; I suspect his week to be a consolidation between 1558 – 1518.

Every Challenge Is An Opportunity In Disguise

Every Challenge Is An Opportunity In Disguise
It is another busy week last week, every day with activities, Monday dancing, rush home, market chat, Tuesday gathering with ProMaster associates, Wednesday rehearsal, Thursday dancing, Friday traffic jam (argh), Saturday --- sleep!

Coming week will be the same setting, or worse?

They said, when something bad happen, it comes in group.

When my schedule getting started to fill with more activities, there are more to fill it up!

But I am a bit sad last Saturday (yesterday), I am discouraged.

Trading can get me discouraged, but I always know a way to get out from there, I have losing trades, I have winning trades, many times, and I know the cycle well… So I know it is just a matter of time, precision, and price.

I am discouraged by mentor… :-( I thought, he understands why I am doing so many things at the same time, working, dancing, trading, blogging, coaching… but, he says, he don’t see my value…

Dang! It is like a gunshot to my head.

May be, I am not a person good at words, yes, mentor is right, what I know is only to “do, do, and do more”.

I always think that “I am doing more, to prepare myself for less in the future.”
Working is not going to lead to my destination, in a ‘Job’ setting; I couldn’t afford to travel for months... I know I want more time with family, I know, I want to travel to meet my brothers, stay with my niece, and nephew. And at the same time, Trade, and Dance!

I am training myself to be better each and every day, better discipline, better time management, mental strength as well as physical strength.

In the beginning of these setting, “I thought I am right”. But right now, I don’t know am I right or wrong.

What is my value?

Did you see my value?
or it is my “Syok Sendiri” Syndrome?

p/s: “Syok Sendiri” is a Malay phrase, means carried away, amusing oneself. When someone does something totally 'out', we will say the person “Syok Sendiri”.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Live Trading with DAR Wong, ProTM Gathering with Ayu"Me" :)

12-July-2011, Tuesday, Petaling Jaya / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:


14-July-2011, Thursday, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

GBP/USD on 7-Jul-2011

Continue trading in range with downward bias.

Intraday trade:
Long at 1.5935, SL1.5908 (-30 pips), TG 1.6038 (100 pips) valid till 4pm (GMT+8)
Short at 1.6094, SL 1.6121 (-30 pips), TG 1.5991 (-100 pips) valid till 7pm (GMT+8)

Economic Data Front - GBP & US (GMT+8)
GBP 16:30: Jun Manufacturing Production, exp: 1.1%
GBP 19:00: Official Bank Rate, exp: unchange at 0.5%

US 20:15: Jun ADP Non-Farm Employment Change, exp.: 70K
US 20:30: 07/02 Initial Jobless Claims, exp.: 420K

Latest Event

My first animation produced using Photoshop.  But didn't know how to insert animated gif file here... still more to learn.

Please register.
Venue: PJ / KL, Malaysia.
ProTM Associates Only....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick Update


CL has break out above the triple top resistance (4 Hour and 1 Hour chart), My 1st trade to Short CL were triggered stop loss of 40 cents.

Like what I mentioned yesterday CL may form a false break to 96.03, but it has break up all the way to 97.00 region and currently trading slow.

Therefore, my view on CL has switched from bearish, to bullish.

Lets see yesterday trade setup, shorted at triple top, and the price action after breaking the top.

Observe the price action at this level, it has invalidate my previous forecast, therefore, I turned from bearish, to bullish on CL, forecast the bullish sentiment to continue until $99.80.


GBP/USD rebounded when it touched 1.6000, lowest 1.5988.
I took profit at 100 pips and GBP/USD is trading at 1.6070.

Market direction: Range bound.

Similarly, today I will do intraday trade with Fibo Range:
1) to Short @ 1.6134 SL 1.6174 TG 1.6030
2) to Long @ 1.5980 SL 1.5940 TG 1.6080

GBP/USD will be super bearish once it cross below 1.5900.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quick Update on FX


Ops, many lines again, these are different values of moving averages.

Wanted to show the pull up of GBP/USD when it approaches 200 days moving average.
The pull up has extended to 6th day, which I think it should come near to the end of the pull up, average 6-10 days.
GBP/USD has fulfilled 1/3 retracement.  If GBP/USD is going to pull up further, it shall only go up max 1.6250-300.

I queue to Long yesterday but market didn't activate my order, it neither hit my target.
The range is diminishing, and GBP/USD is still trading in consolidation, bias up to test higher resistance level, waiting for a trigger to sell down.

Therefore, Today, I am going do intraday trade:
1) to short at 1.6151, SL 1.6190, TG 1.6050.
2) to long at 1.6001, SL 1.5964, TG 1.6104.

We had a successful market chat yesterday, happy to talk to Sifu and mentor, and associates.
Tonight, we will have the Trader ProMaster gathering.
I plan to organise it fortnightly, am I too excited? :)

Quiet Day.... CL

It is a quiet trading day yesterday.

Lets see some chart...

Added CL into my trading watch list,
27th June, CL hit low 89.61 and well supported at 200 days moving average, after 2 days of rebound, hitting 95.84 high on 30th June, it is currently resisted at 95.50-95.80 it has been doing 3 days of consolidation, currently trading at 94.95.

To fulfil my wave reading, CL need to at least rebound 50% to 96.03, but with current bearish sentiment (lower high, lower low on 1 hour chart), we may only see a 1/3 retracement, then CL continue to trade down.  Although I favour to short this market, I reckon 2 secarios:

1. False break to 96.03, form divergence in small time frame (30 mins), form reversal candlestick and down.
2. Resisted at 95.50-95.80 region, waiting for fundamental news trigger sell down to break 93.80-93.40, and going to support 92.40.  While I prefer this to happen...

Intraday trade:
Short at initial shadow (50 cents) 94.95 + 0.50 = 95.45
SL 95.85
TG 93.85

Monday, July 4, 2011

DJIA and Nasdaq 100


Wow, it is a strongest week in wall street and DJIA has posted a gain of 648 points (+5.4%) in a week! This is the best weekly performance in two years (since July 2009).

Last week, Dow not only breakout from the consolidation range 12000-12300, but immediately after the breakout, it pierce up to our target range 12575 (May-11 high) formed 12600 high and settles at 12586. From technical chart, we see a triple crossing to the top indicates strong bull.

It will be a short week for the wall street this week, Monday is US market holiday.

Coming week, on the economic data front, we have:
Wed Jul 6 10:00pm ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI
Thu Jul 7 8.15pm ADP Non-Farm Employment Change
Thu Jul 7 8.30pm Unemployment Claims
Fri Jul 8 8:30pm Non-Farm Employment Change, Unemployment Rate

The trading volume on wall street remain thin, we are 1 week from the reporting season. If the good news continue to pump in, we reckon market to rally towards B: 12781 which is only 195 pts away.

I still hold my bearish view if market resisted below 12780, once market penetrated above 12780, it will go all the way to double top 12875 and invalidate my wave labeling. From there we shall see DJIA approach to 13000 like my DJIA team leader wccm forecasted earlier.

My idea is:
With triple crossing and Greek data, the bullish sentiment will continue, although the market has hit 2L from bottom, but the strength shall die at maximum 12700, short term trade is good for Long, but monitor the price action near 12700-800, if DJIA posted a reversal candlestick pattern, I will not hesitate but SHORT, 1st target exit 12400.

Nasdaq 100

Bounce off 200 days Moving Average, triple crossing and Close at 2362, indicate strong bull.
Nasdaq 100 shall rally towards 2374.
Breaking above 2374, next target 2400-2403.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekly Forecast (FX)


A little hint of short term reversal that might continue until this week.
Good support at 1.5900.
Coming week, we forecast GBP/USD to trade in consolidation bias up.

Last friday, GBP/USD settles at 1.6069, I am going to Long GBP/USD at 1.6010-20 on Monday, SL 1.5970 (Thursday low) for a quick trade to channel high 1.6150.

Following trading days will trade with initial shadow method until GBP/USD reach
Target 1.6250-300.

Gold on Mon 4th July 2011

Gold has switched to a bearish gear and current resistance is 1491 (previous support turns resistance, breakout level to the downside).

Like what I mentioned last week, Gold had a bounce when it is trading far off its EMA50 line, during market open on Monday, Gold continue to trade down, plunge to 1491 level new low and bounce to 1514. Touched the resistance, and continue to fall for the whole week.

Gold close at 1486 last Friday, which is the 1/3 retracement of the 2011 year hi-lo.
From the current bearish sentiment, I reckon Gold is going to continue to trade down to target price 1440-50, 50% retracement of yearly hi-lo, which is also the wave target price from bigger time frame (Weekly & Daily)

Weekly forecast:
Monday: Gold to continue trading down for another 2 days.
I will place my short at BKO 1491. If Gold continue to trade higher,
Tuesday: I will place another short at 1504, either fill on Tuesday or mid week.
Short term target exit 1470.
Successful breaking below 1470 will hit 1450 target.

Will pay attention to NFP.