Sunday, October 31, 2010

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

I have just attended sifu DAR's 2-Days Professional Trade Master program and happy to meet many dedicated traders and I personally re-learn many things from Sifu - Sifu's proven, powerful and universal trading concept!

For those who has followed our forum and practised Fibo range, congratulations as I believed you have at least made 200 points from the DJIA market last week :)

The Fed's statement on Thursday 2.15am ( GMT+8 ) at the end of its two-day policy meeting is widely anticipated for details of the central bank's economic stimulus plan.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)

Closing: 11,118
Strong Resistance: 11,257
Current Resistance: 11,247
Current Support: 10,920
Strong Support: 10,750

We foresee that this market is going to consolidate in the beginning of the week, however, the selling pressure is there and the wait is almost over as DJIA is currently trading near its strong resistance level.

I favour to plant my shorts at 11,210 region with SL at 11,300 region for the waterfall.
Agressive long traders can opt for intraday trade and long at 11,021 region with SL at 10,950 region.

What if, 2nd scenario, if US Fed Reserve extend the quantitative easing measures (QE2), or announces great fundamental news, market would break this strong resistance 11,257 and closed above, it may go higher towards August-2008 top 11,867.

In our opinion (DJIA team), you should just short at price near 11,210 region and place your stop at 11,250 or even 11,300 to avoid the swing, the nearer you short around this top, the lesser risk you will take but reward will be good. I am looking at target 10,750 and this is the BKO level that we have covered in Professional Trade Master Program last weekend.

Nasdaq 100

Closing: 2,124
Strong Resistance: 2,147
Current Resistance: 2,130
Current Support: 2,106
Support: 2,055

Same as previous week, Nasdaq 100 may have potential towards Dec-2007 high 2,147.

Nasdaq 100 Trading plan (Intraday)
Long 2,100 SL 2,090 TG 2,140.

Short when market is trading near its strong resistance 2,147 region, place your stop 10 points away.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Transactions (FX) and (DJI)


If you follow DJIA, you are still seeing DJIA swinging ups and downs. I almost thought that the swing should end yesterday, however, with the closing price near its opening price (again), I am still waiting patiently for DJIA to break above its current resistance 11180.

Closing (Thu): 11,113
Strong Resistance: 11,257
Resistance: 11,247
Current Resistance: 11,180
Current Support: 11,050
Support: 11,020
Next Support: 10,950

Trading Plan for DJIA on 29-10-2010 (Fri)
DJIA Long (Intraday)
Entry: 11042 SL 10998 TG 11200

DJIA Short
Entry: 11234 SL 11300 TG 11050

Brushing up my entry and stop loss, the closer it gets to the resistance levels and reverse is the best spot for the waterfall in making.  Beware of market swing and don't let greed overtake you!


  1. For PW traders, previous up wave for GBP/USD (taking X on 20-5-2010 low), GBP/USD has hit 3L, recording a high of 1.6103 on 15-10-2010;
  2. From Weekly Chart, GBP/USD has reached a good fibonacci retracement level with a nice candlestick reversal pattern on Day Chart on 15-10-2010.
  3. Don't despair if you didn't get a short entry 2 weeks ago, market has unveil the next opportunity.

Current: 1.5950
Resistance: 1.6103
Current Resistance: 1.5980
Current Support: 1.5750
Support: 1.5650
Next Support: 1.5500

I may be right, I may be wrong, but I would love to trade a Long for intraday, and planting my shorts for GBP/USD and ride the short through its base 1.5650 and next support 1.5550-1.5500.

Only trade with the price action, and follow your trading plan.

My trading plan for GBP/USD on 29-10-2010 (Friday):
Entry 1.5710 SL 1.5650 TG 1.5900
Entry 1.5950 SL 1.6000 TG 1.5750

Its Friday and Sifu DAR Wong is coming to KL and tomorrow would be the Professional Trade Master Program, if you stay near Peninsular Malaysia, this 2 days workshop is currently selling at RM4800 / SGD2200 strongly encourage traders to attend.

Forecast GBP/USD on 28-Oct-2010
Professional Trade Master Program :: Apsri Traders
My Weekly Forecast on DJIA for 25 Oct 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I like GBP/USD and it looks interesting to me now.Would consider a short entry if it reaches 1.60 region again.

GBP/USD currently trading at 1.5930.

Current: 1.5930
Resistance: 1.6104
Current Resistance: 1.5980
Current Support: 1.5750
Support: 1.5650
Next Support: 1.5500

Prefer a short position near 1.6104 region, or choose to long for intraday trades.

I will post my trading plan tomorrow on GBP/USD as well as DJIA.

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

I am checking my open position last night on DJIA.
Long DJIA 11048 activated, and in floating profit of +7 points, however, after 30 minutes, it became -20 points.
Since I have already decided the trading plan, be it triggered stop loss or close position this morning with whatever profit or loss.

This morning looking at my Long, profit +70 points, and I closed the position.  Follow the plan, and believe this is the best trading plan I can do for this week.

And once again, DJIA has proven its BIG Swing for 3rd consecutive days in this week.

US Stocks Pare Losses; DJIA, S&P 500 Lower As Energy Sector Drags
By Jonathan Cheng

NEW YORK -- U.S. stocks pared their losses to close near the day's highs, as investors grappled with shifting expectations for a major bout of easing by the Federal Reserve to stimulate the economy.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 43.18 points, or 0.4%, to 11126.28 while the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index lost 3.19 points, or 0.3%, to 1182.45. The Nasdaq Composite added 5.97 points, or 0.24%, to finish at 2503.26. Stocks retraced most of their earlier declines, when the Dow was down by nearly 150 points in intraday trading.

Energy stocks were among the biggest drags on the stock market, after weekly oil-inventory numbers showed U.S. stockpiles of crude oil rising by five million barrels. Exxon Mobil dropped 1.3% and Chevron fell 1% as crude-oil prices fell.

ConocoPhillips fell 1.2%, despite posting third-quarter earnings that more than doubled, buoyed by higher commodities prices and improved refining margins.

Oil prices also were hurt by the rising dollar, which hit commodity prices across the board. Gold fell to just over $1,320 an ounce, while copper tumbled 2.3%. That sent down materials and industrials stocks, the two worst-performing sectors of the day.

Merck dropped 1.7% to lead the decliners on the Dow, while Alcoa shed 1.3%. Bank of America gained 2.1% to lead the Dow industrials as well as a broader recovery in financial stocks after concerns earlier this month about mortgage foreclosures.

The declines came as investors tamped down expectations for a "shock-and-awe" approach by the Fed to help the economy, a strategy the central bank had turned to during the financial crisis, in favor of an approach that allows them to adjust policy over time as the recovery unfolds.

Expectations are now increasing for the Fed to unveil a program of U.S. Treasury bond purchases of a few hundred billion dollars over several months, an approach in contrast to the central bank's purchases of nearly $2 trillion of bonds during the financial crisis.

"The Fed was out there sending out a message," said Jay Suskind, senior vice president at Duncan-Williams. "It was a cue for the market that maybe from a commodity and dollar destruction standpoint, those trends went too far." Suskind said the sell-off was a natural one that came with "no panic," as investors came to a consensus that expectations for the Fed, as well as Tuesday's congressional elections and the generally strong earnings season, have been more or less priced into the market.

The Fed's apparent attempt to back away from "shock and awe" helped the dollar bounce back against most of its major rivals. The Australian dollar tumbled 1.5% against the greenback, while the dollar rose to 81.69 yen, from 81.50 yen late Tuesday in New York, and the euro fell to $1.3767, from $1.3852.

The benchmark 10-year Treasury fell, pushing the yield to its highest point in over a month, at 2.712%.

The concerns over the Fed came amid modestly positive data on durable-goods orders and the housing market.

U.S. manufactured durable-goods orders posted their biggest rise since January after a spike in orders for civilian aircraft and aircraft parts, an often volatile category. Overall, durable-goods orders rose 3.3% in September to a seasonally adjusted $199.16 billion, more than the expected 2.5% rise.

Meanwhile, new-home sales in September continued their rise from a rock-bottom level, increasing 6.6% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 307,000, more than consensus estimates of a 4.2% increase.

"The durable-goods number, if you strip out aircrafts, wasn't a great number," said Michael Shea, managing partner of Direct Access Partners, who added that the home data reflected a weak housing environment.

Shea said the bounce back in financial stocks came as investors moved to put questions about mortgage foreclosures in the past. "A lot of rational people were coming out, saying let's not throw the baby out with the bath water," he said. "It's not as dire for the share prices as we would have thought, and we're finally getting that."

Among companies reporting earnings, Whirlpool fell 4.1% after the appliance maker's profit fell 9.2%, though sales in Latin America and Asia showed strength.

Sprint Nextel slumped 9.9% after the telecommunications giant said its loss widened, although the company reported its biggest net subscriber gain since 2006.

Comcast gained 3.2% despite a decline in profits at the cable provider, which suffered from a summer slowdown in subscriber growth and costs related to its deal for NBC Universal weighed on its performance.

American depositary receipts of U.K. drug company GlaxoSmithKline fell 0.8% after it agreed to pay $750 million and plead guilty to a criminal charge to settle a U.S. government investigation of manufacturing deficiencies at its former plant in Puerto Rico.

Ford Motor, which posted a 70% jump in third-quarter profit Tuesday, fell 0.9%.

Procter & Gamble edged up 0.4% after the consumer-products company posted strong volume gains, though quarterly earnings fell 6.8%.

American depositary receipts of German software maker SAP dropped 5.2% after quarterly results fell short of expectations, and the business-software company was hit by legal provisions in connection with a $2 billion lawsuit brought against it by rival Oracle.
Source: Dow Jones Newswire,,SB128817530572748371,00.html?mod=article-outset-box

My Trading Plan for today:
Entry 11051 SL 11007 TG 11200

DJIA Short
Entry 11245 SL 11289 TG 11051

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It is a Big Swing Monday & Tuesday on DJIA.
Our time is near, while I am constantly telling myself I want to short DJIA, I also constantly reminding myself to stay patience.

Today's trading Plan (Intraday)
Entry 11048
SL 11006
TG 11200

DJIA Short
Entry 11230
SL 11330
TG 11050

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Fully focus on DJIA now.

Market swing swing swing and yesterday I altered my entry to 11250 to short, didn't get entry.

DJIA 25-10-2010
High: 11247
Close: 11164
Open: 11133
Low: 11133

You will realize yesterday is a Japanese candlestick reversal pattern.

Today's trading plan (Intraday)
Short 11200 SL 11320, TG 11030.
Long 11030 SL 10930 (support 10920), TG 11200.

Remember my posting yesterday that DJIA is prone to be a big swing week and generally the shorties will plan their entry as early as this week before next FOMC and Mid-Term election.

Monday, October 25, 2010

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

DJIA and Nasdaq 100 for 25-Oct-2010 (Monday)

Howdy! We are now at the last week of October 2010 and moving into exciting November with FOMC and mid term election.

This week, there are 177 S&P 500 companies reporting their balance sheets, of which 7 or Dow components. Earnings will be the center of attention for this last week of October.

Tonight, Fed Chairman Bernanke is going to speak at 8.30pm ( GMT+8 ), Major economic data for this week includes existing home sales, durable goods orders and Q3 GBP.

Market is going to be consolidating in big swings this week, the growing speculation recent weeks that US Fed Reserve will extend the quantitative easing measures (QE2) as early as November -- has pressured the US dollar while boosting equities.

However, the selling pressure would begin this week while the market are generally anticipating the Fed meeting (FOMC) and mid-term elections in November.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)

Closing: 11,132
Strong Resistance: 11,257
Current Resistance: 11,213
Support: 10,920
Strong Support: 10,750

Technically, DJIA is still capped below this strong resistance 11,257.
I have a feeling that the earnings and report this week will boost DJIA to create a marginal high at 11,257 or even 11,300 region.

I personally favour to Long for intraday trades, while observe for opportunities to short DJIA end of this week, or the coming week near the strong resistance level.

DJIA Trading Plan (Intraday)
Long 11,008 SL 10,920 TG 11,200

For Shorting Opportunities:
Short 11,220 SL 11,300 TG 10,920.

Nasdaq 100
Closing: 2,104
Strong Resistance: 2,147
Resistance: 2,106
Current Support: 2,055
Support: 2,010

Similar view as DJIA, Nasdaq 100 may have potential to head higher to test Dec-2007 high 2,147.

Nasdaq 100 Trading Plan (Intraday)
For Intraday favour to Long Nasdaq at 2,069 support and aim to take profit at 2,100.

Similar to Wink Market Raiders last Friday, for Shorting Opportunities:
Short: 2,112, SL 2,150, TG 2,055.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Market Opportunities

Patience, or sleep helps.  Ops!! I did it again.
Ayumi talked to mentor JC over the phone, head to the bed, and fall in sleep in less than 5 minutes (I guess),  I was thinking about moving my target price for DJIA to 11,040, instead of my initial target 11,140.
p/s Long at 10,968.

and... I sleep and I let the market decide for me, since I already moved my SL to entry, it is a free trade anyway.

Wake up 6am this morning, Ayumi is regret -- I sleep on the bed without pillow, wet hair and now my eyes swollen like two golf balls.

Turn on my Lappy~ check my trading position, DJIA high 11,152.  Long target is hit, and Ayumi has one open position to Short DJIA.

Now I learn how I lost 120 points in Wall Street CFD with City Index (last month, while I first started trading Live on CFD) -- the reason is that some orders I enter is "Good for Day", while the order was filled, both the SL and Limit Exit will exist, but it is also Good for Day, it will be cancelled from the system the next day, therefore, (Solution 1) I need to amend the order, or (Solution 2) choose to enter "GTC - good till cancel" orders.

Lesson learned, thanks to my broker, thanks to Mr. Market.

Market Opportunities

Choose the Right Focus in your Life.

Whatever shown on the chart, is someone's fortune, whatever coming up, may be yours.
My most respected Sifu DAR Wong.

I was reading this email from KK and Zemens and realised that Chinese Stocks especially commodities related stocks were flying yesterday.

Fortune, belongs to people who are able to clear their thoughts, find some clue and catch the fish of the market ocean at its maximum uncertainties, and these uncertainties also presents to us a great clue of something.

Many knows that Chinese has raised the Interest Rates, so Chinese RMB is gonna raise.  Many knows the commodities were limited Grains, Soft Commodities, Energies - remember when I post the CPO report?

Those who can see clue and pick the great market opportunities, will grab the fortune for his / her retirement, and you may just need to work very hard, yes, I mean work hard for the coming Correction or the Grand Bull Run, which only need you to work for 2-5 years.  Taking an average living to age 75, this job is very reasonable if you are now at your early 40s, or perhaps, you are a lot younger like Ayumi.

It is not the money, it is the skills.
Margin Trading is the fastest way for a poor to become Rich, it is also the fastest way for a rich to become broke.  Manage your risk well, choose the right focus in your life.

Best wishes,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Transactions (FX) and (DJI)

Transaction 2010-10-20 (Wednesday) - FX

GBP/USD (Intraday Trade Only)
Entry: 1.5681, SL 50 pips, TG 1.5950

Entry: 1.5966, SL 50 pips, TG 1.5750.

Current market sentiment (Chinese Yuan Interest Policy, Policy Tightening in China, US quantitative easing in November?) I prefer to short GBP/USD and looking at 1.5700 and 1.5450 as Target Exit by early November 2010.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)
DJIA hit low 10918, I closed my short position at 10950.
If pincer bottom in 1H (10,918) cannot hold the market up, then DJIA will head to my 2nd target 10,750.

During Asian hour:
Long DJIA:
Entry: 10,968 SL 50 points Exit: 11,140

Today will mark another short for DJIA:
Entry: 11,143 SL 50 points Exit: 10,950.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chinese Hike Boosts Dollar, But Hits Equities, Commodities

LONDON -- China's central bank surprised the European markets Tuesday with its decision to raise interest rates, sending the dollar higher but weakening commodities and equities.

The People's Bank of China said in a statement it will raise the one-year yuan lending rate to 5.56% from 5.31%, and the one-year yuan deposit rate to 2.5% from 2.25%, effective Wednesday.

This is the first rate hike by the Chinese central bank in almost three years--since December 2007--and comes as the Beijing government attempts to contain inflation and soaring property prices.

The majority of the impact was felt in the foreign exchange markets, where the U.S. dollar appreciated sharply at the expense of the high-beta currencies, like the Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand dollars.

"In effect, the move by the Chinese has drawn capital out of risk and reaffirmed the recent long-dollar trend," said analysts at Brown Brothers Harriman.

By 1220 GMT, the dollar was trading at $1.3860 to the euro, compared with $1.3934 late Monday in New York, and at $0.9804 to the Australian dollar, far removed from the day's high of $0.9957.

The impact of the move was also felt in the commodity markets, as it is likely to slow down China's growth.

"The rationale behind this is that very easy Chinese monetary conditions have been one of the primary drivers for global asset demand (including commodities) and that this start to the rate-hiking cycle will tighten monetary conditions, thus reducing demand from China at the margin," noted RBC Capital Markets.

Spot gold fell around $11 to $1357 per troy ounce, while the benchmark November Nymex crude contract was $1.19 lower at $81.89 per barrel.

Equity markets turned negative on the news, with basic-resources stocks hit hard amid concerns that the higher borrowing costs might stunt Chinese demand for the related commodities.

By 1210 GMT, the Stoxx Europe 600 Basic Resources index was down 2.1%, while the more general Stoxx 600 index was 0.3% lower.

The impact was less obvious in the sovereign debt markets, as the benchmark December German bund contract edged off its lows, before drifting down in line with U.S. Treasurys.

By 1220 GMT, the December bund contract stood at 130.14, 0.42 lower.

By Peter Nurse, Dow Jones Newswires; +44-20-7842-9288;


DJIA for Tuesday 19-10-2010
Monday closing: 11,143
Futures now: 11,038

Thanks to kumofx who has highlighted the gap down on DJIA futures.  He has posted something interesting in this blog too.

If you follow my Weekly forecast on DJIA, congratulations for closing your long position last night.
Please watch closely for DJIA tonight as Monday high at 11,158 has formed a reversal pattern and our strong resistance of 11,257 is solid and current high is a good place to plant your shorts.

Again, plan your trade with proper risk management and know where your stop loss and target is.

DJIA and Nasdaq 100 for 18-10-2010 (Monday)

Professional Trader Master Program

Sifu DAR Wong is coming to KL to conduct 2 days workshop end of this month. Strongly encourage any trader to attend!
Professional Trade Master Program :: 30-Oct and 31-Oct-2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekly Forecast (FX)

Remove all indicators from your chart, looking at the price action and you shall see a clear Support & Resistance, you will see the true color of the market - the reality of all.

While I have plotted many EMAs on my chart, I am only guiding my eyes to see the indicators, but not the price.

We simply know a lot of things, it is only the very basic things we need, in order to succeed.

Closing: 1.5986

I like this currency pair the most!
GBP/USD has crossed the Weekly retracement level 66% and closed below it last Friday.
Formed a perfect reversal candlestick pattern on Daily chart.

After the rally in GBP/USD, this week, the market is going to stay in consolidation between the range of 1.5700-1.6050 as long as the top is not tested again.  Friday top = 1.6103.

Closing: 1.3979

Similar to the pound, however, this currency pair has attracted too many attention and the volatility and false breakout has killed me again and again.
For this week, the market is going to stay in consolidation, as long as the Friday top = 1.4158 is not violated.

Observe fundamental news, check my forecast on DJIA and you will know what I am looking at.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

DJIA and Nasdaq 100 for 18-10-2010 (Monday)

I was in KL Bursa Malaysia yesterday and we had a very successful talk by Sifu DAR, and met many ignited associates and we have taken home a lot of message of wealth from Sifu!

Keep the Right Focus in Your Life!

Closing: 11,062
Strong Resistance: 11,257
Current Resistance: 11,155 (X)
Current Support: 10,920
Strong Support: 10,750

DJIA is currently trading in range (consolidation) and our beloved uncle Ben has once again lifted up the market last Friday, DJIA still capped below 11,155 (x), highest DJIA reaches 11,141 and formed a reversal candlestick pattern on 30M, 1H and 4H chart.

I believe the market will continue to head up on Monday (small range), for associates who has attended our Professional Trade Master program, you will see a good pattern on 1 Hour chart that support our view.

For Intraday PW traders, if 11,155 is not violated, you can find a good spot to short DJIA near Friday High.  Initial Target is 10,910-50 region.  You can stay at the sideline if you are not sure.

Please observe the fundamental news, as we suspect IF US government launch the next stimulus package, it may awaken the bull and the next top it will head to test 11,850!

Nasdaq 100
Closing: 2,097

Who has a long position on Nasdaq 100?
I have stayed sideline with Nasdaq 100, we have marked Nasdaq 100 strong resistance level of 2,060 for weeks, and Nasdaq 100 has convincingly broken above this high with a long white candle last Friday.

I just flip back my trading journal and I recall this Long call by end of September (3 weeks ago), Long at 1,998 and TG 2,060.

PowerWave, APSRI traders proven trading method from Sifu DAR is simply too POWERFUL and Unbelievable at first, Convinced second.

Please Don't believe what I say, come to KL Professional Trade Master program end of this month (Oct-30 to Oct-31) and let Sifu DAR show you our trading method, and prove it to yourself.

So, what's next?
Same view with Sarah, Nasdaq 100 has break above 2,070 and it is going to head higher to 2,150.

Trading Idea ( ProTM Fibo Range): to Long Nasdaq 100 at 2,043, SL 2,033, TG 2,087.

Have an empowering week.


Passion: the making of Great Success

The reason a lot of people don’t find or create work that they love is fear, of course. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of rejection, fear of looking foolish, fear of disapproval. It’s a story you make up about what might happen or what could be in the future.

In conjunction with fear is obligation. Obligation to memories of the past, obligation to other people, obligation to the freaking mortgage! If your mortgage is hampering your life, which one do you want to release? You’d think the logical answer is the mortgage, but guess which one most people release? They release their lives. Isn’t that wicked?

Whatever obligation it is, it’s nothing more than a fear that ‘If I don’t do this, something bad will happen to me.’ Obligation is a ‘should’. It’s a ‘have to’. It’s an opinion, though, and every one of those obligations is made up. You made it up. It’s not true that you have to or that you should. It’s your opinion based on some other stuff, interpretations that you made about who you are, who others are to you, what’s important, what’s not.

Forget the obligations. If they are not supporting you, give up the ‘shoulds’. Don’t wait! Life is too short to work at something you really don’t love and have a passion for. When you do, you will promote it like crazy. That’s how you’ll know. Before you know it, you’re flying down the fast lane. Do what you love and the money will come. You have to trust yourself.

Extracted from Peak Potentials, T. Harv Eker

Choose the thoughts that empowers you.
Entertain on the thoughts that empowers you.

Ayumi was at Bursa Malaysia yesterday, so so happy with Sifu DAR's message of wealth, so happy to meet with mentor JC, always energetic, always sending lights and happiness.

Ayumi was a very noisy girl yesterday but Ayumi meet some cool friends, that this girl W has catch my eyeballs, she is so special, she is so bright, she is so intellectual, she may be too young to start a trading account, but through the conversation, I trust that she can make a great life, she may choose to pursue in trading, and I trust that she can make it and she is a person with great heart!  Salute to the father who cares for her, and bring her to the seminar.

Ayumi wished I had a father who can bring me to workshops and seminars and pays for me too ^__^
There are so many happy and lucky children nowadays, and I can see there is going to be more happy family, if our society continue to promote activities like this, promote education, promote love~

Ayumi observe sifu's conversation with some people, and I know that sifu has been sending lights, hope and message of wealth, it is very clear, very straightforward, but people are doubtful, people simply do not listen, may be they hear it, but the words never enter his heart, or his mind.  To me, if I were in this typical conversation, I would have given up talking to this person, and walk away... BUT~~ I see sifu honestly told this guy that he is tired, sifu keep his things in his backpack, and then, he continues to talk to this guy.

(mini me mini me! a novice trader with a small heart and small capacity)

Yesterday talk is a free talk, free tea, free information, sifu has to come so far, and sifu has been travelling extensively, Sifu DAR can keep his cool, he is happy, Sifu is kind, and he cares.

That's why Sifu is Sifu...
That's why more 20 years of trading experience, more than 20 years meeting all sorts of people, and sifu is simply, the great.

Passion, Love, and Care.
I wish Sifu more wealth, more success, I wish Sifu safe and healthy all the time.

And.. Ah ha.... yesterday Ayumi managed to take a photo with mentor JC~! yeep!
Mentor JC is the duplication of Sifu in Malaysia~ difference is that : mentor JC still keep 1 packet of his fav Davidoff Ora-Ito in the working bag~! (while Sifu already quit smoking) akekekee...
I wish mentor JC more wealth, more success, I wish mentor JC safe and healthy all the time!

Friday, October 15, 2010

I just wanna be free~

I was desperate to hang out just now.

I was desperate to have a short position over weekend.

I was desperate.  And I know how desire can drive man crazy.

Off my charts.  Went to FB.

Whenever I have trading problem, I know, your ideas will pop! inside my head.
Whenever I wanted to do something, and I know, your ideas will pop! inside my head.
sometimes, I am just tired of the clashing ideas...

I am simply an ordinary person.  With ordinary desire that all man will have, with greed and with fear.
May be I also wanted to do what you advised, may be I am now in my transformation and I have too many clash of ideas that I am almost gonna burst!

I would love to have drinks with friends, watch movies with classmates, I would love to spend time with someone special over weekends.  And because of these silly desire, I caused myself so much burden... I desperate to hang out.  I texted many of my friends... I know, my best friends E and G are far away from me... I need to drive for 1 hour to meet them... and it is already 10pm here.  If I really do so, I would end up coming home late and mum will worry, people who love me will worry.

I remember a very meaningful story I heard this week, and the bottom line of the story is:
The difference between a Prison and a Monastery is, the people who are in the Prison, they simply do not want to be there.  And people who are in the monastery, they chose to be there.

I took a shower.
Cool my head.

Honestly, I just want someone to be with me --- And I can be the someone!  I can be my own best friend.

So, lets plan for activities ahead!
Next week, is a no active trading week, I would indulge myself in cakes, chocolates, dance, yoga, dance, movies, drinks, friends, travelling, char kuey teow, rojak, coconuts, workshops, meeting new friends, making mistakes, and making more mistakes! =)

Release the inner child in me!! Happy Happy!!

Transaction (FX)

My favourite afternoon tea

Soy Milk (Brown Sugar) + Dark Chocolate (stolen from a friend's backpack!) + full blast of my iTunes Genius (On Air: Urban Crossover Mix) + Air-conditioning in this 30°C hot weather!

Entry 1.4082
SL 1.4112
TG 1.3980 (to be revised)

Entry 1.6045
SL 1.6075
TG 1.5500 (mid of Nov)

fingers crossed!
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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Follow yesterday posting EUR/USD.

Feel so great~

EUR/USD has make a new high this morning :) now trading 1.4079.  It has taken out last week's high of 1.4029. Yes!

Hitting my target of 1.4050, will it advance further to hit 1.4100?

Tonight, 830pm (GMT+8) announcement PPI m/m and Core PPI mom and unemployment claims (US)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It is Wednesday today, and when I look at the Daily Chart last night before I go to bed, on EUR/USD, I am excited!

1) I head to bed without taking silly actions.
2) The Daily Candle on Tuesday (shadow 106 pips) has formed a long shadow for the weekly candle.

What I forecast:
1) EUR/USD opened at 1.3984 for the week, today, EUR/USD to continue to head north, and hit my 1.4050 target, or even higher to 1.4100 area, take out the previous week high of 1.4029.
2) Observe for XAB for short entry.  Patience.
3) EUR/USD to form an engulf pattern on the weekly chart to show the sign of weakness, and the free fall begin...
4) would it head down to 1.3334 again? Expect it to happen either 3rd or 10th November 2010!

Malaysia Indices

Yesterday is a quiet day...
but if we observe the indices, we can see that the Agricultural Indices continue to PICK UP!
FBM Asian Palm Oil - MYR +214.85 (1%)
FBM Asian Palm Oil - USD +224.50 (+1.26%)

Crude Palm Oil Soars 6.5%; USDA Report, External Markets
By Shie-Lynn Lim, Dow Jones Newswires; +603 2026 1233;

Crude palm oil futures on Malaysia’s derivatives exchange rose close to a 27-month high Monday as investors rushed to cover short positions after a cut to a key U.S. forecast for global crops sent regional grain and vegetable-oil markets higher.

The benchmark December contract on the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives ended MYR170 higher at MYR2,930 a metric ton, after rising as much as 6.5% intraday to MYR2,940/ton, a level not seen since August 2008.

"CPO futures have room to rise more, although they may take a breather to consolidate gains," an executive at Kuala Lumpur-based trading company said. He tipped MYR3,000/ton as the market's next target.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Friday cut forecasts in its monthly crop yield and stocks outlook, lowering predictions for soybean and corn yields by 2% and 4%, respectively, from a previous estimate, indicating tighter global supplies next year. Soyoil and soybean futures on the bellwether Chicago Board of Trade gained sharply following the report.

During the electronic session Monday, December CBOT soyoil rose as much as 102 points to 47.64 cents a pound. The contract was trading 42 points higher at 0952 GMT.

Leading vegetable-oil analyst Dorab Mistry said recently that global consumption of vegetable oils for food and biofuels will likely grow by six million tons during the year to March 2011, while growth in supply of those oils will likely be a dismal 2.3 million tons, due to adverse weather around the world.

Agricultural futures on the Dalian Commodity Exchange soared to their upper limits, with the May soybean contract rising 4% to a record of CNY4,275/ton.

Market participants mostly ignored the slight drop in the estimates for Malaysia's Oct. 1-10 palm oil exports issued by surveyors Intertek Agri Services and SGS (Malaysia) Bhd, as well as production and stocks data from the government-linked Malaysian Palm Oil Board.

Intertek pegged Oct. 1-10 exports at 395,015 tons, down 0.4% from a month earlier, while SGS put the figure at 382,828 tons, down 0.2%.

MPOB in its monthly report said September CPO output fell 2.7% on month to 1.56 million tons, while end-September stocks rose a tad to 1.71 million tons.

"The MPOB figures are within market expectations and considered as neutral," a Kuala Lumpur-based trading executive said. "Traders are mostly focused on external market cues."

Palm olein cargoes for delivery in April, May and June traded at $980/ton, free-on-board Malaysian ports, a Singapore-based broker said.

Cash CPO for prompt shipment was offered MYR160 higher at MYR2,950/ton.

Open interest on the BMD was 70,178 lots compared with 71,632 lots Friday, while a total of 31,248 lots of CPO were traded, up from 14,443 lots. One lot is equivalent to 25 tons.


There's a link to Dow Jones Newswires on my blog, click to access, my link is updated every 2 days.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Do not complain of little profits if you have been involved in low risk game.  Nevertheless, you could choose to learn or not to learn the techniques of playing high risk games.

What you have believed to be low risk may be non-profitable.  Instead, you should learn how to control and manage risk in a high-profit yielding business.

DAR Wong
A Trader's Handbook II - Instant Mindset Tuning

Hello world, Good afternoon.
Its a bright day today.
I woke up at 6.10am planning to go for Yoga, but...
Only go for practice instead. I am so so happy that E helped me to improvise the steps and shared her experiences in competition. She shared with me how we express our confidence too. Thank you E!!
Running Nose, Dizzy, and exhausted after 2.5 hours of practice.

I am gonna take a rest for the day, need to alter my costume tonight for a full dress rehearsal to SS tomorrow.

There are so many ways that is available to us, to seek for help. All we need, is a sincere heart, and to ask for it with utmost respect to the other party, whether they accept or not. Without much expectation from others, but only expect ourselves to work the best.

I am very happy to meet our power-wave family yesterday, and really really thank Sifu DAR for his advises and energy. Thank mentor jc, thanks Simon and April, thanks HP, thanks Bryan, thanks to many many seniors and masters.

It is not how much you know, it is not how much you are yet to know...
People generally know what they want,
People generally know what they learned,
but people just simply cannot do it.
DAR Wong
Special Cell Season #5, Finale by DAR Wong, KL

Back to basics

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekly Forecast (FX)

Friday closing: 1.3939

Finally EUR/USD has break above 1.4000 and recorded a high at 1.4029.
We do not have much news release next week, from last Thursday & Friday candlestick pattern, suspect the market to be consolidating in this week within 1.3850 - 1.4050.

Favour to Short, Trading Plan: wait patiently for clear reversals near 1.4000-50 region.

Intraday Fibo Range: 1.3760 - 1.4025

Friday closing: 1.5957

GBP/USD has break above 1.6000 and recorded a high at 1.6014, it failed to close above 1.6000 and closed the Thursday candle with a reversal pattern.

Current Resistance: 1.6014 (Thursday High)

Favour to Short when GBP/USD travels to 1.5975 region, SL at Thursday High.
If GBP/USD has break above current resistance and closed beyond 1.6000, it may hit 3L 1.6060.

Intraday Fibo Range: 1.5993 - 1.5778

Friday Closing: 81.92

Trending down.  Looking at this pair to continue to head south, to 80.00 region if there's no intervention from the government.

Move Forward

Today is the 3rd day after I burst out the word "Giving Up" and cried for >1 hour, non stop. aiks...

Me (human) are naturally weak, that's why we have many profession to help us face our problems, that's why we have many education system. After all, strength can only gain from within, problem and challenges are there, because we needed it, to become strong.

Step into the challenge

The more you do, the more you're able to do. Your abilities grow stronger as you use them, so your best strategy is to get busy and use them.
The feeling that you cannot do something is often powerful, and can feed upon itself. The way to get beyond it is with action.

Any project you contemplate may at first seem overwhelming. That's understandable, because you haven't even taken the first step.

Once you take that first step, though, the challenge begins to feel more manageable. As soon as you actually begin the effort, you also begin to get better at doing it.

When the mountain is in the distance, it's difficult to imagine how you could climb it. Once you're on the path up the mountain, though, you'll always be able to easily see the next step and take it.

Go ahead and begin the effort. Amaze yourself by discovering how very much you can do.

-- Ralph Marston

It is so difficult to deal with emotions, it only lead me to dig further and causes more emotions.
Mini me, mini me.
Why am I always see the problem as Big?
There's one line from T.Harv Eker:
I am bigger than any problems, I can handle any problems.
It is only part of the process, and it is norm.
It is natural.
Stop digging in, start to move forward.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

DJIA & Nasdaq 100 Update for Mon 11 Oct 2010

It is Bank Holiday in US & Japan on Monday October 11th.


Resistance: 11,257
Current Support: 10,893
Strong Support: 10,750

Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 11,000 for the first time in five months.  Would it continue to raise to the April-2010 High at 11,257 and break above this level?

Looking at the chart, the weekly candlesticks and daily candlesticks bullish.

With the disappointing NFP last Friday, and IMF meeting over last weekend, would US announce another stimulus package to boost the economy?

We suspect DJIA to continue its bullish move in small range testing 11,250 high, it may only reach 11,180, or it may go higher, hopefully DJIA closes the week candle below 11,000 to give an early sign of exhaustion.

11,250 region is a key level to watch, I believe there are many traders who wanted to plant shorts at this level too?  :) Remember to protect  yourself with proper risk management, plan your trades and trade your plan :)

Nasdaq 100

Resistance: 2,060
Current Support: 2,000
Strong Support: 1,963

Similar to DJIA, the key level to watch is April-2010 high at 2,059.

We suspect Nasdaq 100 to continue to raise higher to 2,060 region and hopefully Nasdaq 100 closes the week candle below 2,030 to show early sign of the bullish exhaustion.

Watch for market opportunity to short when market reaches the key resistance level at 2,060 region.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mental Fit

I have been messed up with my thoughts lately.

I do not think that it is good to change my setup.  And I feel bad about trading in small time frame and it is going to kill me.  I have too many self talk, too many self doubt.  Too many noises.

This is no good to me, I cannot handle this.  Last night, I turn off, and do something else.  (must be watching TV with mum again)  My mind is in a mess, and I told mum "ma.... I cannot think already..."  >.< she just be quiet, and be with me.  I am so blessed to have a wise mother.  Ma.. I love you.

Let the thoughts settle, and let yesterday become a history, and thanks to the experience, it can only make me stronger.


My target remain at 1.4030-50.

For aggressive traders, it may be an opportunity to capture another long when it correct today.
Do you think 1.3880 is a good level?

I think NFP annoucement this Friday is going to be a win-win report, if it is no good, we may have stimulus.
If it is good, it tell us US is in a smooth recovery.

Hope you like my share today, hope you have many profitable trades ahead.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

FX Market Rally Halted

If you follow EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD... rally seems halted...
it is good because we need to take a break, market need to take a breather, awaiting for a breakout.  Since I have the privilege of time, that I can watch the market today, I choose to enter the market during my visualization hour.

Today, my visualization hour will be:
8pm: Release of ADP National Employment Report at 8.15pm (GMT+8) is expected to show private payrolls rose 20,000 in September. Private-sector jobs in the U.S. fell by 10,000 in August, less than the 17,000 economists were expecting. The ADP report — which is released today before of the big Friday BLS jobs report — is closely watched by the markets.
9.30pm: US market open
10.30pm: Crude Oil Inventories at 10.30pm (GMT+8) Energy Information Agency releases its weekly updates on oil stockpiles. Last week’s report showed that oil inventories dropped by 500,000, slightly more than analysts had anticipated. With crude up 6% so far this month, traders will be watching this gauge of demand.

Tonight I would skip my Zumba class for ADP Non-Farm Employment Chagne report.  I will practice my techniques at home, 3 techniques, 50 times each.
In the afternoon will be revision to the Professional Trade Master Module and back-testing on Equities, Futures market using the Volume change + Japanese Candlestick Reversal method. 3 markets, 3 products, 3 case studies.

Hopefully can steal some time to read the Universal Principles of Successful Trading too!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Long Term Trend Trading vs Short Term Swing Trading

Quote from the Universal Principles of successful Trading, Brent Penfold:
Short-term swing trading is emotionally easier to trade compared to a longer-term system.  This is because frequent winners provide frequent positive feedback that what you're doing is right.

I am not a long term trend trader, I am learning to trade in a longer time frame (2-3 days).  Honestly, I have been stopped out 7 times out of 10 times, the emotional hurdles is tough, 'consistent' losing also means I am constantly receiving negative feedback.

Taking off from my longer time frame trading today, Ayumi take a break today, I am trading in smaller time frame, which is from the 30 minutes chart.

Thanks to the news release (JPY Rates, AUD Rates, GBP PMI Data), PowerWave trading concept, and good support resistance levels, I have collected some positive feedback and harvested some pips today.  And thanks to the previous 2 weeks challenge (losing streak).  Without these challenges I did not know that I am still strong, and I am stronger.

I can still see myself in my trades, I know what I am doing, and what is my setup.  I did not compromise my stop loss.

Thanks to Mr. Market for taking care of me.

Today's harvest:
+70 pips.


US Stock Futures Up But Off Highs Ahead Of ISM

From Dow Jones Newswires - Top Stories,,SB128627424563230647,00.html?mod=article-outset-box
---By Barbara Kollmeyer; 34 91 395 8131;

DJIA futures is trading at 10,754 now (8.30pm GMT+8)
U.S. stock-index futures signaled opening gains for Wall Street on Tuesday, with key ISM non-manufacturing data on tap and gold pushing higher in the wake of a Bank of Japan policy move.

Futures pared back their earlier advance, though, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average lately moving up 16 points to 10722 while those for the Nasdaq 100 advanced 6.26 points to 1983.25. Futures for the S&P 500 gained 2.4 points to 1137.20.

Stocks lost ground on Monday as downgrades hit several sectors, raising jitters about earnings season, which blue chip Alcoa Inc. (AA) is due to kick off later this week.

First and foremost for the U.S. markets on Tuesday is the ISM non-manufacturing data for September, scheduled for release at 10 a.m. Eastern time. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch are forecasting the index to rise to 52.3 from 51.5 in the prior month.

"After the disappointing ISM [manufacturing] number last week, people will watch very carefully what is happening with this index, the main factor to drive the market on the economic front," said Francois Savary, economist and director of investments at the Reyl Group.

This Friday 8-Oct-10: Nonfarm payroll data for September
Friday's nonfarm payrolls data for September remain the main event for the week, he said. "The influence of that number and the certainty concerning that number will be key from the point that people will be able to reassess prospects of rapid or not rapid quantitative easing and the Federal Reserve," he said.

Savary said the market remains range-bound and the S&P 500 could go to 1120, with much depending on Friday's data. But until earnings season gets into full steam, macroeconomic issues will continue to be key, he said.

Central banks delivered some surprises in overnight markets with the Bank of Australia holding steady on interest rates and the Bank of Japan dropping its policy interest-rate range to between zero and 0.1%, saying it plans to buy a variety of assets. Stocks in Japan largely shrugged off the news, while the Australian dollar fell but stocks there pared earlier losses.

Gold touched an intraday record of $1,329.60 an ounce. The dollar sank against the yen after getting only a brief Bank of Japan-related boost.

The dollar and gold tend to move in different directions. The dollar index dropped 0.3% to 78.315.

Stoxx Europe 600 Index
In Europe, stocks were poised to halt a six-session losing streak, with the Stoxx Europe 600 index gaining 0.1%. The market shook off news that Moody's Investors Service has put Ireland's credit rating under review for a possible downgrade.

Love what we Do

we have way more options today and way more opportunity then we can even handle.

The are more options that we can do, may be we are just doing more things, but are these going to lead us to our destination? I totally agree, there are way more opportunity then I can even handle.

So it’s imperative to do what we love to do, what we truly enjoy. Joy is a clue from the heart, different from pleasure. When you invoke the feeling of joy you’re tapping into your higher nature, your truer self, and the source of your full power, your full creativity, your full wisdom.

Human energy, at its purest form, is love. And that energy transfers just like any other energy. When you’re passionate about something, you don’t have to sell it. You’re simply educating others on something you really believe in, and their lack of enthusiasm doesn’t temper yours, but rather the other way around. If you don’t love what you do, then what the hell are you doing?!

from T. Harv Eker, #1 international best selling author, founder of Peak Potentials

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekly Forecast

Finally we have come to the 1st week of October 2010, after the huge bull run in September, is the odds of taking a breather increasing? or the bull is currently in control and the concern of double dip is fading away?


DJIA has hit a new high 10,948 last week. Congratulations to our aggressive long traders who has long DJIA at 10,750, you have stomach +180 points in 2 days!

Technically, with a reversal candlestick pattern on last Thursday, DJIA is currently resisted at 10,865 level. Strong Resistance at 10,950.

For intraday trade, prefer short DJIA at 10,880-10,900, SL 10,930-950, TG 10,780.
However, if market has break above 10,950, it may continue to head north to test 11,200 (High Apr-10).

We have many economic data release this week, especially the NFP data on Friday.  Generally, market are waiting new trend to emerge, traders please be extra cautious if you want to trade.

Nasdaq 100

Strong Resistance: 2030
Resistance: 2017
Support: 1985
Next Support: 1980

Similar to DJIA, spotted reversal candle stick pattern last Thursday.  If market break above 2030, it may continue to retrace to test 2060 (High Apr-10).

Traders are advised to stay out.

Weekly Forecast (FX)

Friday closing: 1.3790

Monthly, Weekly and Daily chart shows bullishness, EUR/USD close at 1.3790 for the week.
I am looking at EUR/USD to rally to 1.4020-50 in coming week, so long as the support 1.3500-50 region can hold.

This pair already trade above 50% retracement, will it test another level above?

Resistance (Fibo) = 1.4020-50
observe for reversal sign to enter short when it reach this level.

My trading Plan:
Entry 1.3590
SL 1.3550 (hammer on 30 mins chart)
TG1 1.3700 (+110 pips)
TG2 1.3820-50 (+230 pips)

Friday Closing: 1.5815

This pair has been swinging up and down, it takes a lot of patience to trade this pair, I have been waiting for days for an entry, and I only aim for 100-150pips for intraday trading.

there's once quick trade on GBP/USD which I find interesting.  I have shorted at the antenna top when GBP/USD trading at high 1.5910 region, got killed at the 3rd bar (high 920), and then market moves in favour, ride through this short term trading strategy (Short 1.5909 - Close 1.5816), traders would have made for 100 pips profit.

Strong Resistance 1.6000
Resistance 1.5920
Resistance 1.5870
Support 1.5700-660
Strong Support 1.5600

From the chart pattern, GBP/USD has found a good support level at 1.5660 region.  It may continue the consolidation for the following week and test 1.60 high.

There're two possibilities:
1) GBP/USD being resisted at 1.5900 and start trading down to 1.5700, or further down to test 1.5610 region (EMA200 on 4 Hour).
2) GBP/USD to continue to consolidate in range of 250 pips bias up to test double top 1.6000.

I suggest to stay out.

Friday Closing: 0.9725

Who loves to trade AUD/USD?  =)

Trend is clear.  Making new high everyday.
Extension wave is beautiful.

Current Resistance: 0.9750
Support: 0.9650
Strong Support: 0.9620

It almost created a divergence on Day Chart, but no, rally is not over yet, with current bullish trend, it may head up to test 2008 High 0.9850.  Which is only another 125 pips ahead.

With current resistance at 0.9750, hopefully AUD/USD can make little bit of swing down to 0.9700-0.9650, good to plant your long and ride with the trend until it break above 0.9750 to reach 0.9800-0.9850.

My Trading Plan:
Entry: 0.9690
SL: 0.9650 (-40 pips)
TG: 0.9810 (+120 pips)


Sorry fellas... Chinese posting again. =p

打算用早上的时间把3个currency pair的forecast做好。





待会儿就看师傅的weekly snippet,接着去APSRI Trader's Forum,接着去Forex Factory, Reuters, Dow Jones Newswires, Bloomberg.




Friday, October 1, 2010



My entry was at 0.9620, and the day low is 0.9622.
From this low, AUD/USD has formed an inner wave up (target around 0.9740) and price currently trading above A.

I maintain my long view on AUD/USD.
Entry: 0.9660
SL: 0.9620 (-40)
TG: 0.9800 (+140)


Those who followed my Long order for DJIA, congratulations!
Long Position @ 10,750 closed at 10,930 last night while DJIA made a marginal high of 10,948. DJIA closed at 10,788. Phew! formed a big candle last night.

Tonight we have manufacturing data release, lets see how market react with news.

All the best for the beginning of Q4 of 2010. Sifu DAR is coming to KL on 11th October and 16th October, see you there!