Monday, January 30, 2012

DJIA and NASDAQ 100 for 30 Jan 2012 Mon

Hi traders

I'm now having a family holiday at Melaka and the weekly forecast gonna be short as I'm working from a mobile.

Today might be the first day of work to many people and I wish all 开工大吉!


Market shows rejection at 12850 and close around 12650 for the week. (12,660.46 pts)

Market is going sideways for this week.

Today, no major economic data release and therefore we forecast market to continue facing selling pressure.

We reckon the support to sit at 12550-600 pts during early of the week and market shall rebound back to 12750 resistance.

Quick trade: short immediately around 12700 and exit 12550-600. (1 hour chart mini head and shoulder)

For traders who missed the short from top, early of the week, hunt for 12550-600 support actions to Long (4 hour chart EMA50 support), but take quick profit around 12750 because from the price action, the upward momentum is weakened.

Big picture: like we said the weakened upward momentum, check this - after the spike up to 12850, we observed selling pressure at the same level, Lets assume market to be choppy for this week and next week, being resisted at 12750 or maximum 12800 high - it could form the right shoulder (check 4 hour chart) and then, we should expect a healthy correction / fall to the major support in Feb 2012 / Mar 2012.

Yes, a healthy correction is required, so pay attention!


sorry I do not hv access to Nasdaq 100 chart but I wish all don't hv any open position now, rest for a week before the big actions come in play!

Cheers & Gong Xi Fa Cai,
Bee Yen

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

US30 on 25-Jan-2012

Last night Long entry 12636 pts is currently sitting on 65 pts profit and I moved SL to entry + 4 pts.
Rollover position costs USD12.60 (not desirable, acceptable)

SL 12640.
TG remain at 12750 (49 pts to go)


I have opened a blog post from T.Harv Eker for weeks, the Google Chrome tab is always there and I didn’t read it until this morning… I guess there is some important message needed to be delivered to me, and yes, it arrives at the RIGHT time.

Embrance change.

Accept changes.

Live Happily.


Source: New Year, New Changes: Will You Go With The Flow or Fight It?

Happy New Year! I am excited to share with you exciting, new journeys and experiences as 2012 reveals itself to all of us.

With each new year comes changes big and small . . . whether we like it or not! And because change is inevitable, and because we have just entered a new year, I wanted to touch on this subject just a little deeper.

Sometimes we love change, like a new job, a new relationship, or moving to a new city. Sometimes we hate change, especially when it’s not our choice or out of our control. In that case, we’d rather stick with what we know, even though it may no longer apply to our reality.

Either way, change is not always easy, is it? Why is change difficult for most of us? Because change means that we are forced out of our comfort zones, which is why it can be so difficult to embrace.

Here’s a clue: if what you’ve been looking for was where you’ve been looking, you’d have already found it! (Read that sentence one more time, it’s a good one.) Doing more of the same harder and longer is usually not the answer. Willingness to change usually creates better results.

It’s true—in many ways, reality is what we make it. Regardless if change is chosen or forced, one of the first steps to change is changing how you think. What you focus on expands because not only are you thinking it, but then you’re feeling and doing, even if you’re not always aware of it.

In other words, if you think change is going to suck, you’ll feel that, you’ll end up acting like it, then that change will end up exactly as you thought. But if you think, “Something good can actually come out of this,” you’re inviting more favorable results. Adapting to change then becomes easier and less stressful because you’re not focusing on the discomfort of the unpredictable.

This year, when change comes your way (because it will no matter what), treat change as a gift, even when it comes unexpectedly.

To Read the full article by T. Harv Eker, go to this link:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Market Order:
Long US30 at 12636, support 12610 holding up.
Stop Loss 12583, Target Exit 12750.

FXCM Platform did make a noise when order ticket is filled. Cute sound effect :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

Its Chinese New Year and I am having fun, chilling out at home, watching TV for whole day, eating junks, biscuits, CNY feast... hahaha
Wishing all have fun no matter it is CNY, US Bank holiday, talks on Greek debt swap, or Economic data release.

It has been a great start for 2012, while reaping profit from the market, it is also our duty to review our account size, and decide whether we should move on to higher contract size, or lower. Trade responsibly, bear in mind Intrinsic Money Management.


Weekly candle: Bullish
Market progress upward but yet to hit next resistance 12750 (1st TG), and next resistance R2 12880.

Generally market shall continue to trade upward with more earnings report from big corporation, and pay attention to Thursday as there are a lot of critical economic data release.


Market open gap down and I think it is a good opportunity to grab an entry near 12610-30, SL 12593, and target exit 12750.

Nasdaq 100

Nasdaq 100 breaks new high and we reckon the market would continue to rally up.
Hunt for long opportunity if market retrace and rebound at first support 2425.
Support S1: 2425
Strong Support S2: 2415

Target exit at Resistance R1: 2445
If market continue to go up, we reckon the next target lies at R2: 2520 (in Feb 2012).

Cheers, Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Chinese New Year 2012 - Year of Dragon

Saw this adorable key chain from a blog, steal!

This year is a bit different compare to all the past years...
My dad passed away last year and therefore this year and for the following 2 years we are supposed to be low profile.  As per chinese culture / tradition it is like this... for the first year of moaning, we are not supposed to attend other people's happy event like marriage, child birth..

Over two - three years I didn't really shop for Chinese New Year, although I shop all the time... alright to best describe it, I lost the best companion to shop with me, I lost catch of my taste and I do not know where to find my style.

So this year, I went to blook, and I got so much from them (I became their VIP), their products are alright for my work, and there are some other cool stuff, 2nd-ly UniQLo came to Malaysia, after the opening, first time I step in and really spend time looking around and checking out things, I found something really simple and nice, 3rd-ly I went to some really cool boutique, yeah, definitely spend a little bit more for CNY 2012.

I am happy to found favourite place to shop.. After all this while.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

US30 on 19 Jan 2012

US 30 made remarkable gains last night and the price is now sitting above EMA50 in 4 hour chart. If the earnings is good, US30 migh continue to go up to 12750. Beware if undesirable news from Euro zone. Today I will observe for opportunity to enter long at initial shadow / 1/3 retracement. Price above ema50, 4H Double bottom indicates good support 12450. Initial Target 12650. Next target 12750. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

GBP/USD on 17 Jan 2012

GBP/USD long trade were closed with 91 pips profit.

New short position (pending order since yesterday) is opened, short at 1.5400 SL 1.5450 TG 1.5250.

EUR/USD on 17 Jan 2012 Tue

EUR/USD has been trending up to EMA50 (4 Hour) chart, and it is going towards resistance 1.2850 region.
Check 30 minutes chart we observed a divergence just happened.

I will hunt for short opportunity from now on, however, if market traded above 1.2850 and closed above 1.2880, I will abandon my short but looking forward to EUR/USD breaking above 1.2980-1.3000.

Pocketed 150 pts from US30 (on FXCM) Happy :)
GBP/USD long trade is closing with 100 pips profit soon.

Monday, January 16, 2012

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

Image Source: Reuters

US market was affected when S&P downgrade 9 euro countries.

DJIA tumbled and had a straight fall of more than 150 points to reach 12311 pts. within the first 2 trading hours. But closed at 12422 pts. (-47 pts.) last Friday.

Market still identifies the support level 12300 -330 strong and DJIA record a weekly gain of 62 pts. (0.5%).
This week is the Financial Report week; many big organizations is announcing their earnings, other than focus on Euro-Zone debt crisis, earnings from Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, General Electric, Intel, Microsoft, Google, Apple will create volatility for the US market.

Technical Chart:
Weekly candle suggest that US market might have another choppy week ahead, with bullish bias towards higher high 12600 pts., 12730 pts.

Support at 12300 level. This is a crucial level if DJIA traded below support and close the weekly candle below 12250, I will abandon long view.

Intraday 30 minutes chart: 12395 is the BKO level and we can hunt for long opportunity as long as DJIA do not cross below 12330, ultimate stop 12300, Target exit 12500.

Monday is US bank holiday; US banks will be closed in observance of Martin Luther King Day.

Monday market is likely to be depressed.

Market opened at 12377 and from 30 minutes intraday chart, if market continues to be resisted below 12380, we will observe the formation of divergence (stochastic vs. price) and YM is going to trade down to 1st target 12330 pts.

We are likely to hunt for long as long as YM didn’t trade below intermediate support level 12280 pts., ultimate stop 12250 pts.

Target exit at immediate resistance 12440 – 12450.

Meaning to say, early of week we hunt for shorting opportunity, and mid-week we hunt for long opportunity in line with the expectation of positive earnings from Intel, Microsoft (Thursday), and Google (Friday).

Nasdaq 100

Market reaches our target level and continue the uptrend.
Support 2358-2360, resistance 2385, next target 2400.

Similar to YM, NQ will be depressed on Monday and it is likely to trade back down to support level 2358, hunt for long opportunity during mid-week as long as NQ didn’t trade below 2348-2350, target exit 2385, next target 2400.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Impatience, Patience

How to deal with impatience?
Good article share by G.

It is another good Saturday, I am at the office enjoying high speed internet, while patiently (^.^) waiting for all marketing team members to arrive, and today we are going through the Hospital Management Solutions.

So many industrial jargon... and Google is my best friend.
Hope I pass... :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Thousand Years

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years (Official Lyric Video)

I have been listening to this song lately.
Not only the lyrics... but it keeps reminding me that, I can love myself more.

There will be someone loving me for a thousand years, and will love me for a thousand more.
The song is slow, but, I get so much energy to move forward.

Do a little bit more, and we are one step closer.
It can be one step closer to our dreams, it can be one step closer to someone.
It can be one step closer to our goals.

Believe, do it.

One step closer,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Transaction (FX)


Market formed high at 1.2820, and like what we mentioned at the weekly forecast, the overhead resistance is 1.2850, and if EUR/USD break above 1.2880, I will abandon short.

I shorted the market yesterday afternoon at 1.2780 but triggered a 30 pips stop loss around 10pm.
This is also the highest level last night.

After that EUR/USD trade down to 1.2740 (-70 pips).

I am looking forward to EUR/USD continue to trade down to 1.2710-20, and reverse to 1.2780 during Asian hour.

Similarly 1.2780 will be the level I hunt for short.
If there's no reversal sign on 30 minutes chart, I will wait for market to test 1.2850 resistance to hunt short.

SL 30-50 pips, TG 1.2550.


I entered short on GBP/USD yesterday afternoon 1.5475, same time I placed order for EUR/USD short.
GBP/USD has been trading in small range, market neither hit SL, nor TG.

I moved SL to 1.5505 (30 pips) and TG last Friday low 1.5375 (100 pips).

Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekly Forecast (FX)


Next support 1.2550.
Market is bearish, investor concern on the deepening Euro-zone debt crisis, repayment of sovereign debt in coming months, recession, downgrade of country’s credit rating…

Weekly candle: bearish
Daily candle: bearish, three black candle on daily chart.
Early of the week, we expect market to test support level 1.2550 upon a technical rebound.
If market rebound from 1.2550, we expect the technical rebound to reach 1.2850 – maximum 1.2880. Abandon short if market break above 1.2880.

If within this 9-Jan-2012 week there’s announcement / fundamental news that tumble the market, then EUR/USD shall dip further below 1.2550, to reach strong support 1.2300.


GBP/USD being affected by the Euro zone, economy sluggish, housing slump.

Current resistance 1.5530, strong resistance 1.5630.
GBP/USD attempted to test its strong support level 1.5360, GBP/USD had formed a low at 1.5380 last Friday and rebounded to 1.5430. From 1 hour chart, this technical rebound may still at its early stage and we reckon market to trade up to 1.5480 on Monday and going to test 1.5530 or maximum 1.5630 strong resistance till mid week.

If market unable to break above 1.5630 then we expect the bearish sentiment to continue towards 1.5280 - 1.5300 next strong support.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

DJIA and Nasdaq 100


From the technical chart:
DJIA has break above group resistance level 12300 and sitting above 12330.
Current support 12330, if DJIA traded below 12330 then it shall test the next support 12280 before going up to our next target 12630.  Next strong resistance 12730.

Aggressive Long at 12330 region.

For YM (on Broco chart):
Current support 12270, S2 12220.
Target to reach 12550, TG2 12730, next strong resistance 12880.

Aggressive Long at 12250, SL 12200, TG 12550.

Nasdaq 100

From technical chart, Nasdaq 100 is trending up nicely.  Target 2375.  Next target 2385.
Current support 2350, next support 2342.


Monetary policy is working?
Near to Zero Interest Rate (since December 2008), Quantitative Easing, Purchasing of Long Term US Treasury Bonds, Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) (from 2008-2010), Operation Twist, Printing Money...

Read more from Wall Street Journal

2012 started with a boost!
For the first trading week in 2012, US major index:
Dow Jones risen 1.2%, Nasdaq Composite +2.7%, S&P 500 Index +1.6%.

Read more from Bloomberg

On the economic data front:
In the month of December 2011, US Created 200,000 Non-Farm Payroll, better than market forecast 152,000, a whopping increment from previous month (November 2011) 100,000 (revised from 120,000).

Jobless rate falls to 8.5%, better than market forecast 8.7%, compare to last month 8.7% (revised from 8.6%), lowest since March 2009 (check it out).

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

GBP/USD on 3-Jan-2012

From monthly chart, GBP/USD is prone to continue the bearish sentiments for the next 2 months.
Major support 1.5250, upon breaking below 1.5250 GBP/USD might test 1.5080 region.

Since market open, GBP/USD has rallied >80 pips and currently trading at 1.5600.
I reckon market to continue this bullish sentiment until 1.5700 resistance.

From intraday chart, we observed market making higher high, but the stochastic crossing remain the same, I reckon market to continue to inch higher, but stochastic crossing diverge.

Hunting for reversal to short at 1.5650 - 1.5700 region. SL 40 pips.
Target exit 1.5500.

Holiday over~

Its the start of a new year, new week and the market is revived after many days of inactivity.

Market generally focus on the Euro zone debt crisis as we are coming close to the repayment of sovereign debts.
Watch Italy, and Spain.

World’s Biggest Economies Face $7.6 Trillion Debt

Next I am going back to the chart for some insights. :)

In love with this new nail color, gonna try it!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blessed 2011

Looking back… and looking forward.

I am blessed.

**I went to RT Pastry yesterday; I pointed at this cake and told the girl I wanted this Green Tea cake. Then realized this cake is smaller than the regular small cake, it is only 300 grams! **
**Special Cake for Special Event, for a special person like myself and family! **

I though 2011 was a bad year… and last night while reflecting how I spent my 2011… I found -- this is the most meaningful year for me.

I experienced the ups and downs being a trader, won the lottery - big wins, how I hit the jackpot for Gold rally, DJIA, and CL… and also lost a big chunk of money in GTI, many small losses FX.

These losses seems to occur towards end of the year… this central tendency made me wonder if 2011 was a bad year.  Reflection is a powerful tool, if you roll back, and counting the blessing, you'll find the world a better place.

I successfully became a certified coach for APSRI Trader ProMaster module. Carried out a few workshops. It is a paradigm shift and I learned many things over the journey.  Mentor teaches me to me compassionate, introduces me to meditation, APSRI team coaches - Trader Investor Point let me post in their FB wall, Ajahn Brahm teaches us to be kind.  Yes, helping others enrich our lives.

I successfully became a regular instructor in Chi Fitness, and also successfully choreographed belly dance songs, and teaching them. I am also building my syllabus.

And… by looking at my past belly dancing videos, *glad that I grab opportunity to video* by looking into my past performances, I have travelled a distance. I see the improvement in myself and I am glad I did.

Attended numerous workshops, learned from Hadia, Serkan Tutar, Wael Mansour, Percy Yeoh, Mercedes Nieto, Sandra, etc… I am thankful for all the workshops I attended, although I may not be the one who can remember the steps (yeah… I am not good in that) I would say learning from Sandra and Mercedes Nieto helps a lot! They are detail, systematic and they know how to teach the feminine sensuality in dance, how to perform and how to practice.

And… having been blogging since 2007 (yeah, 5 years has past); I written my first mandarin article and published in a bi-monthly issue Capital Asia by Business Media International.

Along the way there are challenges… Software, Dance, Coaching, Forum writing, blogging, financial column, trading, investing, it is tough to balance my time in between, thanks to my family who has been supportive, thanks to my friends who had trusted me, thanks to my colleague who has been keeping my secrets, thanks to my superior RN and my understanding lady boss BL.

I love 2011.

And I am going to excel higher, and make 2012 another meaningful year.

Bless all