Sunday, January 8, 2012


Monetary policy is working?
Near to Zero Interest Rate (since December 2008), Quantitative Easing, Purchasing of Long Term US Treasury Bonds, Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) (from 2008-2010), Operation Twist, Printing Money...

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2012 started with a boost!
For the first trading week in 2012, US major index:
Dow Jones risen 1.2%, Nasdaq Composite +2.7%, S&P 500 Index +1.6%.

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On the economic data front:
In the month of December 2011, US Created 200,000 Non-Farm Payroll, better than market forecast 152,000, a whopping increment from previous month (November 2011) 100,000 (revised from 120,000).

Jobless rate falls to 8.5%, better than market forecast 8.7%, compare to last month 8.7% (revised from 8.6%), lowest since March 2009 (check it out).

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