Monday, May 27, 2013

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

for the week starting 27 May 2013

DJIA Weekly Chart

its amazing to see how the fibo numbers working out... I plotted these since early of the year.

DJIA has hit 15550 levels and formed a reversal candlestick pattern on weekly chart.
Current support 15250 pts.

DJIA Daily Chart

Daily chart heavy swing.
Support 15150 pts.

DJIA 4H Chart

If market break below 15150 pts, it will turn resistance to go south towards 15000.
Strong Support 15000 pts.

This week's view: slight bearish.

Might consider using Fibo Range for this week.

Trade Setup: Fibo Range
Sell : 15,440 pts
SL: 15,480 pts
TG: 15,330 pts, 15,250 pts

Buy: 15,270 pts
SL: 15,230 pts
TG: 15,380 pts, 15,440 pts.

Nasdaq 100

Similar to Dow.  Market formed an early reversal candlestick pattern.
But it is less bearish compare to Dow.

I reckon market to continue surging higher towards 3,070 pts before turning down.
Resistance 3,050 pts
Support 2,960 pts

Current support : 2,997 pts which is also the daily initial shadow entry level.

Fibo Range
Buy: 2,980 pts, SL 2970 pts, TG 3,010 pts, 3,020 pts.
Sell: 3,020 pts, SL 3,030 pts, TG 2,990 pts, 2,980 pts.

Friday, May 24, 2013

GBP/USD on Fri 24-May-2013

Weekly Chart

The weekly candle is showing some possible reversal if GBP/USD stays above 1.5100 for the week.

Day Chart
Potential reversal in GBP/USD is less promising compare to EUR/USD.

Breaking below 1.5000 will continue plunge down to 1.4800.

EUR/USD on Fri 24-May-2013

Up or Down?

I favour down...
But I don't discount the possibility to go up to 1.3200 if EUR/USD successfully break above 1.3000 resistance today.

Monday, May 20, 2013

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

for the week starting 20 May 2013

There have been some good economic data releases such as unemployment rate drops, better than expected growth numbers.
Over the weekend I did a quick survey on the CPI (Consumer Price Index), which is an important indicator for inflation of the economy.  It seems that, along with a monthly 85 Billion bond purchase program, the economy didn't inflate much... either the eurozone debt crisis has dampen the supply, or indirectly it implies the market is still weak.

However, stock market is bullish, DJIA has risen above our target level of 15250 pts.

DJIA last done 15350 pts.
And we forecast market to continue the bullish sentiments.

There are some rumours about the Fed might consider cutting down the bond purchase program, or the MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) as we continue seeing good numbers from job market, the decision from Fed, or the next policy review shall fall in mid/end of June 2013.

Most likely the bullish sentiment shall continue and we are looking toward 15550 pts.

Support 15300 pts
Strong Support 15200 pts
Resistance 15350 pts
Target 15550 pts

Saturday, May 18, 2013

How much to produce a 2000 words article...?

Since my contribution in the magazine, I have been writing 1000 words...

My first attempt of writing 2000 words, I need to read a lot more than I have ever imagined.
In such a short period of time.

Find all analysis, fundamental data.. quoting the source..
Thanks to internet, thanks to Google, thanks to many researchers and analyst who shared their opinions.

I learned a lot from writing.
Because, to write, I have to read...
Because, I learned a lot from reading your good articles.

Bloomberg, CNN, Reuters, CFTC, UK, US, Euro...

Time to off from FX.
Time for indices.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keynote Speech, Day 2

SaaS is gaining popularity here in Malaysia, when we talk about cloud, people start to understand us better, thanks to Apple Inc, I think they educate us with free cloud experience and his cool mobile gadget – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc. (obviously, I am an apple fan).

I watched the live webcast of the keynote speech by NetSuite CTO last night.
NetSuite – World #1 Business Suite on Cloud, #1 Cloud ERP.

For the first time, in 10 months, I get to see Evan Goldberg in a live performance.  I get to see his face, listen to his voice, and I get to meet his wife, met CEO Zach Nelson.

We are one of the partner with NetSuite in Malaysia.  We are a special company, since our joint venture, we have SaaS, Infrastructure, Hardware, On-Premise solution, Data Center, and Software Development.

I am looking forward to the user experience overhaul in future releases.
I am looking forward to the mobile app ver 2 which will be released in months.

Monday, May 13, 2013

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

for the week starting 13-May-2013

US labour market data showed a steady recovery boosting the dollar, causing the drop of gold price to $1430.

Last week Dow has shot another record high closing since 2008, DJIA surpassed 15,000 pts.
This week we foresee DJIA to find support around 14,950 - 15,000 pts and continue to advance further towards 15,250 pts.

Daily Trading:
Enter long when market is testing 15,000 pts, target exit 15,150 pts.
Daily Resistance 15,160 pts.

Nasdaq 100
Similarly for Nasdaq 100
Support 2945-50 pts,
Resistance 2985-2990 pts.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Resume... Ayumi update

I was quite bothered with Malaysia General Election.
Was following the news on TV, postings on social media.
And .. failed to allocate time for trading and forecast.

After a week of ''rehab'', I will resume with my regular postings.

Last week was a fun filled week.

Debt Free

I managed to cancel my 3rd credit card, Citibank Cash Back Platinum (Visa), RHB Platinum (Master), Standard Chartered Gold (Visa).
And called HSBC to cancel my card application.

Leaving me with UOB One Card (Visa) + UOB Lady's Card (Master) and Citibank Clear Card (Master)
Lady's Card is cool (Read more).

I enjoy the lowest credit limit from both banks.


Career Expansion


The new team, is smaller.
As I blog earlier... [Related Post]
I doubted whether the new team would be as open as what and how I used to enjoy.

Effective Team
Assertive Super Sales Girl (wow, she is really classic, she is assertive, but she is not offensive, I like her!)
I get more chance to configure the system for product demo, I get more exposures to solutions, and the senior consultant, he is helpful (I couldn't say I like him, but, he gave me a totally opposite personality now)

I heard that he was aggressive, crafty.
After joining the team, I can understand his pain better, and there's no way a normal person could handle situation as such, without showing much anger or resentment.  He gained my respect as a senior application consultant, the pioneer of NetSuite in KL (as far as I know of).


Finally we met!

I started learning dance from this academy, and you know, when I am given a choice to return to this academy, to teach, I feel glad.

After months and months of postpone, schedule and reschedule, we met!
The principal shared much of her experience and expectation with me.

I admire her, she kept her carefree personality, take tough things easily, responsible, even though she has to face many sakai (crazy kids), adults, and instructors..

We are starting up 3 new classes for kids bellydance.
Not one, hello.  She planned 3 classes.

"Keeping my Saturday free", this rule has been compromised.
I value this relationship, I value the opportunity, and more importantly, I want to learn to communicate with kids.


Life has been good, it is a good year.  It is going to be a good year, as long as I keep my commitment.
Be Strong, Be consistent. 7 months to go.  I know I can do it.

I passed my debt crisis, now I regained my freedom, I understands, I was silly.
From this period of life, I learned an important lesson,
people who are suffering, may not feel suffer.
the process to fight for freedom may not be as tough as it seems.
Be considerate.  Take it easy.  If you want to solve a problem, be patient, do it with your heart.

Believe in God.

I read something great today:
Don't underestimate people in pain,
some may be good hiding them.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Labour Day Holiday

Its 2nd May 2013 now, 3 days to 13th General Election (GE13) in Malaysia.

I get to read and watch some videos online.
And I read a few blogs.
I am casting my vote this Sunday.

I like:
颜江瀚 Gan Jiang Han
Valyn Lim
Valyn Lim - 我,人民的声音
Entering Into Politics, the Story Behind by 杨美盈 Yeo Bee Yin

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Iron Man 3

Watched this last night.
Great mind, we have vulnerable part too.


I have completed 7 days detox program, will blog my experience later.