Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Think 'Both'

Acceptance and Rejection

I watched a movie this weekend on the AXN Asia Channel.
Spider-man 2.

May be I chose to read what I want, to the advantage of myself... ^_^

Brief Intro on the movie:

It's been two years since Peter Parker transformed into Spider-Man, and he is still trying to balance life perfectly. His love for Mary Jane is becoming much stronger, as he finds it hard to not let her down, his life has begun to fall apart. The girl he loves is engaged to someone else, his grades are slipping, he cannot keep any of his jobs... Peter, at times noticing he's losing some of his powers, and feeling the effects of the stress in his personal life, realizes he must decide between being who he once was or retaining his secret identity to stop Doc Ock and save New York City.

When Peter tells Uncle Ben:
"Uncle Ben, I'm Peter Parker.  I am spider-man, no more."
What I read from this statement:
Peter Parker thought being spider-man means he needs to give up something in life, however, deep inside him feels the duty and power and he chose to come back, and protect the city.  I persuade myself that he has got the balance at the end, by getting Mary Jane back, and also being Spider-man.

When we have total acceptance of ourself, we can accept our strength, weaknesses, we come to realize what we can do, and who we are, our duties and values.  We can make a difference, we can make some change, we can make a decision which is true to ourselves, what's better for us.

When I based this values to my trading, I decide for myself which action is suitable, as I am gonna be responsible to myself, the actions that I am gonna take, which trade I am gonna take, how much of risk exposure, and the expected return in every trade, whether it justify the expectation, and the purpose.

I love the "Trader's Handbook II - Instant Mindset Tuning" specially written by Grand Sifu DAR Wong, from the guide, I start to visualize, I used to be ignorant (even now I still have sooo many things that I do not know), I am committed to think, to learn, and grow.  I thank Sifu for this great book, this book has presented so much of his wisdom and experience.

For those who attended the ProMaster, do read this book again and again, I am sure, that many can gain from sifu's instant mindset tuning.


  1. Ayumi u r spiderman! Juz kidding. I read quite a number of articles written by Dar Wong in the Forex Magazine. Haven't seen his book yet though.

    Thanks for sharing and great post!

  2. Great posts, once I read your profile and saw ur book about legendary turtle. It changed my perception of trading forever :)
    Thanks for the tips. I owed you unconcsiously...

  3. Black:
    Thanks Black!
    Hope that I can be spider-man??
    So that I can climb the wall and see what's behind the scene before anything happens :)

    There's a book by Brent Penfold,
    The Universal Principles of Successful Trading: Essential Knowledge for All Traders in All Markets (Wiley Trading)
    Sifu DAR and many successful trader were featured in this book, may be can pick this book from any bookstore in Singapore and check it out! ^__^

  4. De'Trader:
    Thanks a lot, although I have removed all previous postings, glad that you have read it and use that information to your advantage ^_^

    Hope that this change is beneficial to you and your trading! Cheers!