Sunday, November 8, 2015


Time flies.
It is November now.

I have been preparing myself, my students, kids and adults to take part in the competition 2 weeks ago.
I received the photos today, when I browse through the photo, I feel like they are happening live.

This time, I received 50 over pictures from 1 photographer.
There are more than 100 contestant, I couldn't imagine his numbness after the event.

Apart from staying focus and pressing the shutter on a camera, there are a lot of challenge taking dance competition stage photos... the changing lights, moving objects and unpredictable crowd.
This time, there are more than 5 photos that I like.  Usually there's none.

I am a bit late to update the result, not because of overwhelming victory, but I learn the disheartening fact when our name (the contestant name) did not come up in the winners column.
But handling disappointment is important, it is more important than the winning.

Recognize that we gave our best, and we dance for a purpose.
We will learn from this event, and do our best again.

Teacher did a screen capture and post on her FB.
Photo below summarize a bit.