Friday, April 29, 2011



Cool cool cool bull run!
the index is touching 12750 now!

Successfully breaking upon this line, we shall see DJIA cross 12950-13000 benchmark soon!

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My Long view on Gold is now a reality.
However, my entry of 1490, is 5 pts away from tuesday low (1493.43).
Didn't get my entry, happily watching the market marching up everyday, touching our weekly target of 1530, and pushing higher towards 1545-50.

Effectively any entry beyond this super bull run would be around 1530 region, stop loss shall be placed around 1524, and target exit for following week at 1545-50.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Starting up

Often hear complains from the workplace, people complain the business processes should have this change, that change.
And some of the determined workforce, finally decided to come out on their own, and start something new, start something better.

I think this is how we get better and better business ideas, how we get creativity, strong designs, brave innovations.

Salute the business people, for the determination, and the strength to carry on. sometimes, or many times, they face the biggest challenge, may be 10x or 100x bigger than the problems they ever face as an employee.. but simply, they believe in themselves, they believe in the benefit of others, and remember their core objectives, and continue to strive, and move steadily towards success.


It is a hectic day...
Raining when I finished my final meeting.
I couldn't get my car.
By the time rain stopped, i got my car, but the traffic were so heavy, that I couldn't move.

My contact lens is making my eye sore, and I do not have anything else to do but to listen to Fox News Radio 550 KYFI. And blog while watching the market.

Waiting for tonight's Fed Rate, going to check and update my positions into the P&L.
When I'm gonna done doing all 3 things at once again?

Dance Instructor, Software Consultant, Trader?
Listen to Live Radio, Blogging, Watch Market?
Why everything come in three?

Three is a wonderful number.

Stay tuned.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Get down, and get up

It doesn't matter whether your choice is right or wrong,
even you have made the wrong choice,
accept the consequences,
forgive yourself,
and move powerfully forward.

Well, at least, we know better now. 

What a Gap!

What a Gap on Spot Gold this morning.
Highest 1514.30 - Lowest 1504.10, and currently trading at 1513.70.
Spot Gold Long position opened at 1502.30, waiting to close position at the highest 1514.30.

Waiting to Long at 1490.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

Hi all, very good morning to everyone.

I have effectively spend my weekend and have very good time with the family, at home backup my data, setting objectives and goals.

Apart from the Earnings report, market will focus on:
Wednesday midnight (Thu 12:30am GMT+8) - Fed Fund's Rate, and First of the Federal Reserve's press conferences (Thu 2:15am GMT+8).
Fed Chairman Bernanke speaks on Friday midnight (Sat 12:30am GMT+8).

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)

Technically DJIA has completed a short + sharp retracement to as low as 12097 last Monday, then breaking up above previous high in 2 days. Positive sentiment shall continue this week, looking for DJIA testing next Resistance for DJIA 12750.

Current support 12450, Strong Support 12370.

Nasdaq 100

Nasdaq 100 has been going up sharply, no initial shadow, no retracement, thus making it difficult to get an entry, holding overnight position is not ideal due to the volatility.

We observed a little congestion at current high 2382 - 2366.

If Nasdaq 100 is going to finally retrace before heading up higher, it is good to observe for Long opportunity when it is trading at the support level:
Support 2357, 2340.

Target to reach 2380 - 2403 previous high.

Gold on 25-Apr-2011 (Mon)

I started the Gold forecast after team up with BCD for weekly e-Tutorial submission.
We observe growth in each other, we bring home some happy profit from the weekly session, most importantly, we observe each other have the growing interest, and faith, and confidence in themselves, for successful trading.

Even with a 60$ winning probability, an intelligent person can go broke without a risk protection, without position sizing strategy.

Let master Heng Cheong shows how does a complete trading setup can bring trader consistent profit at TTDI, Kuala Lumpur today, 2pm (GMT+8).
Refer to Ayumi Upcoming Events Page
Link 2: FB: Trader ProMaster Trading Course PREVIEW

Gold on 25-Apr-2011 (Mon)

Going to be a quiet Easter Monday... Collected any colorful eggs?

4 Hour chart: Gold consistently rebound at EMA50 + Effective Fibonacci retracement level near 50% during this uptrend.

Therefore, I prefer to enter Long at 1490, but, if Gold dip down further and break my SL,
I will look for Long again from 1471 - previous top of 1476.

Expect the fall to happen from Monday - Thursday, then consolidation, this Long position shall hold for 5 - 7 days for target exit 1530.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly Forecast (FX)


Downtrend, with a reversal pattern on Daily Chart.

Counter Trend:
Long 8839, SL 8809, TG 8950 (must close by EOD)

Follow Trend (short upon retracement):
Short 9050, SL 9080, TG 8960.
Current support 0.8775
2 weeks support 0.8600


Uptrend, with a reversal pattern on Daily Chart.

Counter Trend:
Short 1.4585 (initial shadow), SL 1.4615 (if risk appetite is Big, SL at Thursday high 1.4647),
TG 1.4430 - 1.4400 (close by EOD).

Follow Trend (Long upon retracement, short term position as I'm expecting a double top)
Long 1.4260, SL 1.4230, TG 1.4400, TG2: 1.4600.


I am not comfortable with the trading range and the chart pattern, stay out.


Trading near a major support of 81.00.
Are we expecting some intervention?

Monday is going to be another quiet day...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Holiday - Market might be Quiet Today

The market will be quiet today, no Gold trading, no DJIA...

Wishing everyone Good Friday, Happy Easter in the coming weekend~
Hope many many families enjoy the long weekend together, watch the sunrise and start to the start of a new day, your day will be better, your future will become better, and you will become a better you.

You can be totally different tomorrow if you take total different approach!
Garbage in - Garbage out
Diamonds in - Diamonds out

"Concentration is the secret of strength."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Click to go to the Event Page to view our next Preview in KL.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Consistent effort


If you make more progress than you thought you would, don’t compensate by slowing down. You’re doing great, so raise your expectations even higher and keep going strong.

If you fail to make as much progress as you had planned, don’t get discouraged. Remind yourself of why you’re making the effort, and re-commit to getting it done.

Consistent, purposeful effort will reliably bring the results you seek. 
On some days you’ll move faster than on other days,
yet every day you’ll keep going forward.

Never forget that there is great power in small actions that are repeated again and again. Though the path may be long and winding and uneven, by continuing to put one foot in front of the other, you’ll reach your destination.

Celebrate the small victories and learn from the small defeats. Then, keep on moving steadily toward the goal you’ve chosen.

Put the power of consistent effort to work. And each day, you’ll bring new value to life.

— Ralph Marston
Read more:


两天前,Floating Profit SD411 with only 2 contracts (minimum) for Wall Street CFD。
今天早上仅存 SD199,刚才,SD79。

回头看,我的profit target at SD600。
我正处在Short Term trading的调整期。
另外一个说法,Position Trading的调整期。


我想,或许在Position Trading里头,我必须将Target分为两个方向:
1. Time
2. Price

1. 价格
2. 时间


黄金的信托基金涨了10元。同样的Capital - 资金,这信托基金带来的回酬是1388元(还没有扣除那些杂七杂八的管理费)。
p/s: 很抱歉,本人对信托基金很有保留。夸张来说,就是——抗拒。>.<



时间+价格 ^^

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dance - Art - Private Property

The development of IT gadgets, cameras, apple phone, android phone, SLR...

People can simply take photos, videos... yes true, I love to take pictures, but I love taking it with my own camera only.  It has been so common in Asia, that we duplicate original CDs, and we share, we video some dance moves, and we share.

At the end of the workshop, some of the students, take out their cameras, and record the dance choreography.
Our teacher - a very famous international choreographer teacher stops the music, and demanded everyone to stop taking videos, she is very upset with the actions.

Dance, is an Art, Art, is a private property.
It is very difficult to tag for a price.

I watched the trailer of "Never say Never" today... the short video clips Justin Bieber taken during childhood, may worth less 10 years back. But 10 years later, the value, is priceless.

I realised that my creativity level to be high when I am driving, when I am on the road, when I am moving so fast forward, the rest of things moving so fast backwards... the choreography just come out, while the CD is playing the songs... BUT... often when I get home, I am stucked, and often forget what I have imagined...

Well, start to plan for my competition, the troupe members shall be finalised by next week.


DJIA on 19-Apr-2011

DJIA posted a loss of -140.24 pts last night, settles at 12,201.59 (-1.14%).

Some would have taken profit at 12180 level last night, but if you haven't do so, lets decide our final target after we observe the pull back.

Depend on individual risk appetite, some may want to close position at 12180, and enter a new trade upon pull back.

If aim for bigger profit and less hassle / stress (why not?) and willing to wait, must remember our rule of thumb: Do not compromise Stop Loss.
First position shall add a trailing stop at entry, or at 12280 resistance level.

Add 1 more position in case DJIA to pull back to 12220. Or YM at 12170.

Target to reach next support 12000.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Forecast (FX)


Weekly Chart - Bullish
Day Chart - Bearish Engulfing
4 Hour Chart - Well supported

This week, resistance: 1.4520
Support: 1.4250

Suspect EUR/USD to make a final breakout to the top, immediate target 1.4565.
If EUR/USD form a bullish candle on Monday, with a closing above 1.4550, EUR/USD is going to 1.4775.

Immediate support 1.44.
Closing below 1.4400 on Monday, get ready to short upon BKO 1.4360 aim for 1.4250.

Counter Trend Trade:
My plan is to short EUR/USD at 1.4565, SL 1.4600, TG 1.4250.


Resistance: 1.6430
Support: 1.6230

Day Chart: Bearish

This 1 year high of 1.6430 on 8-Apr-2011 is now a strong resistance. Breaking beyond this level is not likely to happen in coming week unless change in fundamentals.

Current resistance 1.6400. Prefer to trade short and looking forward to GBP/USD hitting 1.6230-1.6200 support this week. Once GBP/USD violated 1.6190, next shall see GBP/USD touching 1.6080 by early May-2011.

Intraday Trade:
Short GBP/USD at initial shadow 1.6350, SL 1.6390, TG 1.6250.

Position Trade:
Short GBP/USD at 1.6370, SL 1.64, TG 1.6230 - 1.6200.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rich Dad

I am listening to Rich Dad Live while I m doing my forecast...

Net-work marketing, not net-complain marketing, not net-time-off marketing.

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

Reporting season Week 2: Earnings report from Citigroup, IBM, Intel, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Yahoo and Verizon.


Friday Closing at 12353.83. DJIA has gained +56.53 pts (0.46%) on Friday.
Weekly Chart: Market toppish, Strong Resistance at 12450. Breaking above this major resistance will lead to 13000.
Intraday Chart: no clear reversal signal.

Monday is likely a crucial day for DJIA to test resistance 12380 - 12450.
No recommendation for intraday trade; for position trade, hunt for short opportunity
when the index is trading at 12400, SL 50 pts away.
Minior support 12280, target to reach support 12180.

Nasdaq 100

Nasdaq 100 resistance 2320-2324, if Nasdaq 100 is well kept below 2320-24 resistance, we expect the drop to continue, suggest to hunt for short at 2320 region, SL 2325, 1st Target 2290, Ultimate target 2270.

Related: DJIA, YM and Nasdaq 100 on 15-Apr-2011 (with Chart)

Gold on Mon 18-Apr-2011

Love it:
Find the game where you can win, and then commit your life to playing it; and play to win.
- Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki

Winning the Trading Game is not only fun, it is so much fun!


Gold on 18 April 2011

Gold has hit target price 1488 on Friday.  Observed divergence in intraday chart.  Expect Gold to come down to support before resuming the rally.
Current Support 1470, 1464.
Watch out for long opportunity at the support level.

Expect Gold to reach 1488 again and making a fresh new high above 1500, target 1506 by this week.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

To be Right? Or to be Rich?

I posted this on May 30, 2010, before my blog gets refurbished.  The qualities from the world top traders and their viewpoints on Superior Traders.
People who are smart can learn fast, but couldn't stay long in the game without hardwork.
People who are hardworking and read thousands of books, listen to hundreds gurus, but couldn't stay long in the game if they are not ready to accept growth and wealth.

Trading result is a reflection of our own, we can have superb trading setups, we can have marvelous team, after-all, the trade decision and trading plan is totally personal.  Nobody is gonna have the same trading experience, same risk appetite, same capital, same lifestyle, same objectives.  But we need to get the rules defined.
You take the trade, you break the rules, take the losses, and face the reality.
You take the trade, you play by the rules, take the losses, good game.
You take the trade, you play by the rules, take the profit, good game, keep it up!

From the New Market Wizards...

[Bill Lipschutz - The Sultan of Currencies]
Pg 63:

[Superior Traders]

"What do you believe are the characteristics of the truly superior traders?"

Let me start with an analogy. When I was in college, my impression was that people who were really smart could do very well, even if they didn't work that hard; and
people who really worked hard could also do very well, even if they weren't outstandingly bright.
In contrast, in trading,, I think you need both elements. The best traders I know are really quite brilliant, and they all work very hard -- much harder than anyone else.

By the way, when I talk about working hard, I mean commitment and focus; it has nothing to do with how many hours you spend in the office. These traders have tremendous commitment to the markets -- to their craft, so to speak. They develop scenarios, reevaluate scenarios, collect information, and reevaluate that information. They constantly ask themselves: What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? How can I do what I am doing better? How can I get more information? It's obsessive.

[Quote from Bill Lipschutz]

... And there's a lot of pain.

You give up a lot of things. It's all tradeoffs. It's the middle of the night, everyone else is asleep, and you're sitting in front of a machine with glowing green numbers, with a pain in the psyche because the market is going against you and you don't know whether the fundamentals have changed or whether it's just a meaningless short-term move. Those are very trying times.

  • "Why do you Trade?"
    I like the game. I think it's a great challenge. It's also an easy game to keep score of.
  • "With trading consuming most of your day, not to mention night, is it still fun?"
    It's tremendous fun!  It's fascinating as hell because it's different every day.
  • "Would you still trade if there were no monetary remuneration?"
    Absolutely.  Without question  I would do this for free.  I am thirty-six years old, and I almost feel like I have never worked.  I sometimes can't believe I'm making all this money to essentially play an elaborate game.  On the other hand, when you look at all the money I've produced over the years, I've been vastly underpaid.

Some from the final words..

the temptation of
wanting to be
completely right...

... Scale-in and Scale-out approach: you many never get the best outcome, but at the same time you will never get the worst outcome either.  ... restrict full positions to those instances in which your confidence in a trade is greatest.

Get this book online from

Gold hit target 1488!

Refer to my earlier posting, Gold on 15-Apr-2011, Gold has strike the target price of 1488.
PowerWave is simply the BEST! and Amazing~! Hugz and Kisses to PowerWave :)

I love PowerWave, I love trading, I love Sifu DAR, I love mentor JC, I love APSRI.

Credit goes to Mentor JC, who is always effective, committed, smart and intelligent.
Always know what, when, why and how~~ :)

wahahahaaa~~ close for the day.


Before and After.....

Friday, April 15, 2011

Gold on 15-Apr-2011

Gold already moving in extension without looking back to 1445... For Aggressive trade I will enter Long at initial shadow but I won't compromise my SL.  Currently looking at the Target price 1488, projection done by using PowerWave trading method, inner wave with 2L price target.  It can possibly break above 1500 by next week!

Enter at initial shadow
SL 1468
TG 1488

DJIA, YM and Nasdaq 100 on 15-Apr-2011


Continue the chart that we posted yesterday, and so happy that YM has marched to the 12100 territory last night, lowest 12108 and rebounded.

YM is currently trading at 12241, expect the rebound to bring YM to 12270 or 12287 previous resistance level.
If YM is well capped below this resistance, ohhh la la, expect the drop to continue and bring YM to 12100 1st target, breaking below, and go towards 11928.

True, my short position is secured with a stop loss at entry level now, and I am going to add 1 more short position today if YM well resisted at the above level.  take a look, this is really a good level to short, as it is an important EMA50 in 4 Hour chart.

I may be right, I may be wrong, secure the trade with SL at 12300.


Same but the level slightly different.

Resistance 12320 - 12338, if DJIA is well capped below this resistance, we expect the drop to continue to bring it down to 1st support 12160, breaking below this support 12160, DJIA will find the next support at 12000 region.

Nasdaq 100

Similarly, resistance 2320-2324, failure to break above this resistance, expect the dip to continue, SL 2325, TG 2290, TG2 2270.

Earnings, earnings, earnings....
CNBC Earnings Central:

Very Difficult

Class again last night.
Class size same, people who come, all different.

We had great time but I wonder, where does the people go?  Is this really difficult?  Is this really tough?
Last night after the 1 hour session, after the cooling down, 1 girl left and leave a message of "very difficult".

Isolation, undulations, shimmies, travelling, v step, reverse undulations, rolling shoulders...
Dancing is difficult... but dancing is a way to express our feelings with our body, not words... words is tough, because choice of words is so important, wrong words used, wrong meanings...

May be, for us to explore the 'body language' at the beginning, is tough.  But may be everyone would think that things can be easy, because we have make it so accessible to the new comers, we are so welcoming, we are so friendly.

Trading is difficult, and yet everyone thinks that it is easy.  Entry is easy.
Winning is easy, losing is easy, it is just about putting the money on the table, then, either take it, or leave it.

But trading is not like that... What the line above saying, is just like gambling.
In our trading, we calculate our entry, we count our risks, compare with our reward, we plan our entry, timing, we plan our exit, contingency plan, we secure our capital with stop loss, apart from all these rules, we have our technical analysis / fundamental analysis, news analysis, what ever analysis tools that one is using, and lastly, our position sizing, money management, psychology...

So many things has to be in place, for a trading setup with an Edge.
What is your Edge?
Are you working hard enough, to have the Edge in trading?
While everyone is risking 100 dollars for 50 dollars, are you risking the same 100 dollars, for 200 dollars gain?  Is your risk of ruin at 0%, is your expectancy in the positive territory, if not, better take 1 step back, sit down, and review all your trading, before coming back to the market with the real hot cash again.

Risk of Ruin, Expectancy, read the universal principles of successful trading.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gold and DJIA


7:30am (GMT+8)
I have been stopped out twice while Long on Gold.
Even the important support level of 1455 has been breached last night.
but Gold still settles at 1455 after making of low of 1444.

This level of 1444 is a nice fibo retracement level if we observe from day chart, it behave just like the cycle in mid of March till end of March.
I believe the market will repeat the same price actions until 15-Apr-2011 - this Friday.  Expect a double pincer or triple pincer at current low of 1444.

Rest for 2 days and observe the price action at current low.


Cool DJIA has made a big loss last night.
Nasdaq 100 has created a gap down too...


Yesterday YM has no initial shadow but fall.
Temp Resistance 12270 (70 pts from current price)
Aggressive Trade can short at Initial shadow when you observe the YM trading at 12230.
But I expect YM to continue trading down to 12150 before it rebound, if this is the case, shorting at 12230 is not ideal (in case you are happy with 80 pts profit, while risking 70 pts), 2nd-ly may be not able to get an entry at all.  Cancel the order if it is not filled until 3pm (GMT+8).

If YM rebounded like what we expect, short at Fibo level 12270 is ideal, which is also a pincer bottom from previous cycle.  SL 12300 - 12320 (50 pts), TG 12100.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gold on 11-Apr-2011

Strong Support 1455
Breakout at 1464
ATR (9) 16

Target 1: 1482
Target 2: 1500

View: Bullish

Gold prices hit a fresh record high at 1474.98 last week as the USD weakened steadily throughout the week.

Gold prices will likely to consolidate early this week to 1365-1364 (BKO) regions before continuing the bullish sentiments.

Today's position: Long at 1472, SL 1467, TG 1482.
The week's position: Long at 1365, SL 1360, TG 1482.

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DJIA and Nasdaq 100

The reporting season starts today... Market generally sensitive with the earnings reports, the report will start off with Alcoa, JP Morgan Chase and Google.


DJIA uptrend has been compromised with double top at 12454, and a lower low on last Friday.
The low sits nicely above the current support of 12320.

The earning week has finally come, with DJIA currently trading near the support level, it is very good to pick long before the earnings kicks the rally to a higher level.

Good support at 12320, observe the star candlestick pattern when DJIA trade at 12320 last Friday. Current resistance 12454 - double top, the breakout is going to happen in this week after a weeks of congestion. I am expecting top breakout and drive DJIA all the way to 12580.

In case DJIA break below 12315 without testing top 12454, expect DJIA to dip further to find minor support at 12280, strong support 12180.

Nasdaq 100

It is a roller coaster ride in Nasdaq 100, those who already entered Long at Thursday might be stopped out on Friday, or merely surviving.

I have switched my view on Nasdaq 100 to slightly bearish due to the lower high, lower low on Daily Chart.
Obviously Nasdaq 100 has changed to a lower gear for this rally, if you observe the intraday chart, Nasdaq 100 is trading lower each day, and the support of 2315 is merely holding it up.

Expect the Google report (Thursday) to lift up the market? Lets lay back and watch the development but secure the trade with a proper SL at support level.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

Indices on Wall Street currently trading in narrow range, I do not like to trade with Diminished Day Range.  The Index is Capped below Resistance.
Dow Jones continue to test the strong resistance line 12438 for 2nd Day.
While Nasdaq 100 start to show weakness for 3rd day...

No trade.

Effort.. Effort-less

Starting of a new business, hanging up a signboard, and start to arrange for classroom...
Students come, learn, happy, and stay.

From the start of a business, many many ideas present, there are many plans to be carried out... Many may think that hanging up a signboard, the student will automatically come?
Getting the 1st student guarantee more to come?

I come across a very hardworking instructor that, she actually 'Cold Call' to get a class!
While the school, also needs certain network, in order to get some other instructors to get in...

At first, I thought becoming a dance instructor must go through referral, but I am so surprised that cold calling exist.  It is not that I do not know cold calling.  I did it hundreds of time... I think, may be simply my brain is stuck, or may be I am not that hungry.

If there's a will, there's a way.

I remembered the first time I started the idea of my own business, and in fact, I spend almost a year, sitting down and thinking of the possibilities, without moving a single finger to cold call for business!

Many would think that business can come, effortlessly, but, every successful business, start with effort.
While actions cannot guarantee result, I can guarantee no actions = no result.

I spent an hour to choreograph 1 minute... way to go....

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Japanese Terms~

Sushi Roll

What Does Sushi Roll Mean?
A candlestick pattern consisting of 10 bars where the first five (inside bars) are confined within a narrow range of highs and lows and the second five (outside bars) engulf the first with both a higher high and lower low. If a sushi roll appears in a prevailing trend, it is a sign that there may be an upcoming trend reversal.

Sushi roll analysis is used to try to predict market tops and bottoms.

Investopedia explains Sushi Roll
The pattern is similar to a bearish or bullish engulfing pattern, except that it is composed of multiple bars instead of a pattern of two single bars. This pattern was named a sushi roll by Mark Fisher in his book, "The Logical Trader".




What Does Tenkan-Sen Mean?
The mid-point between the highest high and lowest low of a particular security calculated over the past nine periods. The Tenkan-Sen line is the conversion line used specifically in the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (or Ichimoku Cloud) equilibrium charts. Along with the 26-period moving average, Kijun-Sen, it is one of two moving average lines displayed in the chart.

This line is calculated by using the following formula:

The resulting line is interpreted in the same manner as a short-term moving average.
Alson known as "Tenkan-Sen line" or simply "Tenkan line".

Investopedia explains Tenkan-Sen
The Tenkan-Sen is generally used in combination with the Kijun-Sen to create predications of future momentum. A buy signal is created when the Tenkan-sen line moves above the Kijun-Sen, while a sell signal is created when the Tenkan-Sen line moves below the Kijun-Sen line.

Many technical traders use the Tenkan-Sen as a tool for predicting levels where the price of the asset will find short-term support.

When reading Ichimoku Kinko Hyo charts, investors should note that the Tenkan-Sen line leads the Kijun-Sen, and tracks price with more sensitivity because it covers a shorter period of time. When the Tenkan-Sen line crosses and moves above the Kijun-Sen line, this is generally considered a bullish signal. Alternatively, when the Tenkan-Sen line crosses below the Kijun-Sen line, it is considered a bearish signal.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quick Update on FX


I love the cable, and I want to change my view and preference to trade short, to Long.
The market has breakout from 1.6180 resistance and moving up strong!
Target 1: 1.6320
Target 2: 1.6400.


Still trade in the channel, waiting for the breakout, higher possibility to the top.
Successful break out to the top @ 1.4280, EUR/USD will all the way to 1.45 - 1.4550.
Current Support 1.4110 - 1.4150, strong support 1.4000.

Mental Stop?

Simply doesn't work, don't buy into that idea.
Secure your trade with a guaranteed stop.
Protect your capital.
Trading is a long long ~ journey :)

You can continue to trade, with certain account balance.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Post ATIC Thoughts...




Procastination,delay, delay, wait, wait.. but when?






Price Action vs Time.
本年Quater 4,卸下一个身份,担起一个重任。

跌到了谷底,Double bottom,breakout, and moving in extension.

For Power, For Success.

Today's Share:
"If you can do nothing with yourself, others are not likely to do better."

Gold and Silver on 4-Apr-2011 (Mon)

Gold has been travelling up after it touches the low of 1410 last week, with a wild wild north-south swing to test the bottom again and again.  Day range has been increased to 24 points last Friday,I guess many would have been kicked out from their long trade during the significant NFP announcement.

Based on the timeline, this consolidation shall end this week, with a good support at 1410, and resistance at 1440.  This would be the last chance to re-enter the market with long trade and looking forward to Gold to break 1440, and then to break 1450 and shoot to the moon.  Aggressive Long trade can enter near 1413-1410, with the SL place slightly below 1400.

I believe market adversity always happen, especially before the big moves, 1413-1410 is a good position, however, once we are out from the trade, best thing to do is do nothing, sit down, and observe for Long opportunity when Gold is trading at the round figure 1400.  Very high possibility that I may not even get the entry, so be it, I will wait for another few trading days to enter the market with a new price.

Reminding myself that my annual target for Gold = 1600.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Everyone has been making progress

Everyone has been making progress...
Let it be YOU

Everyone has been making progress, everyone has been taking the extra steps, it can be you, it can also be someone else.

Doesn't matter it is today, or tomorrow, at least, get things moving, by a small little baby step, a tiny little ant step, we are in progress.  We cannot feel the earth, but the earth is moving so steadily forward!

Have seen many people many faces from the weekend event, some people make the decision fast, some people make the decision slow.... some, don't know where they go, don't know what they want, and even when there's a offer, they may hesitate whether to take it, or leave it... some, they know clearly what they want, who they are, and where they are heading to.

The society just need more knowledge, more exposure, and more education~

Good luck to all, and hope all get what they want.

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

Very good morning to all

Today we are going to have the last day of KL ATIC 2011, yesterday we met investors / traders, and I am very happy to meet the masters from APSRI across Malaysia, we are glad to have Master Denny from Kuching to join us, many volunteer masters April, Simon, Mentor JC, Master Lam~~~

Very very happy to meet Sifu DAR Wong, again, Sifu reminded me of the Price vs Value.
What is the Value that you are going to get, and how do we put something meaningful to life...

Seek for Education and mentorship, give an opportunity to try, and an opportunity to excel higher, a gift to life.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)

Back to Dow Jones, good bull run, and many would have seen from the chart above, higher high, and higher low.

U.S. employment grew solidly for a second month in March and the jobless rate hit a two-year low of 8.8 percent.

The market is currently testing 12400 resistance area, there's a lot of congestion in terms of price action around these levels, strong job growth and supportive comments on Fed policy from influential New York Fed Bank President William Dudley were supportive, but the market is looking to forthcoming earnings to kick the rally into a higher gear.

This week, Support at 12230, Resistance 12400 (which we believe can be broken convincingly anytime soon!) and yes, if broken, target for the week, 12580.

Breaking below the support of 12230 Dow Jones may test previous low 12180.
Monday, clear the mind, grap for long when dow is trading near 12350-320, aim 12400 as your first exit, with a convincing breakout to the top, follow our forum to know how to roll your profit!

Nasdaq 100

Agree with Walter our Dow Jones Master, Nasdaq 100 is going to 2400, suggest position trading for this index, grab for long when the index retrace to 2330, SL 2315-2300 and aim for exit at 2400!