Monday, June 25, 2012

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

DJIA and Nasdaq 100 for the week starting 25th June 2012

Last week, the Dow and S&P 500 both ended in red, Nasdaq 100 gained; the Dow shed 0.9%, the S&P 500 lost 0.6%, while the Nasdaq 100 ended 0.5% higher.

Current level 12600-12650 is a key to watch if DJIA manage to stay above then it can continue trading higher to 12900 region again, failure which will come down to support 12400 and 12300.


Monday, I suspect market to trade sidways bias up above current support 12500, I prefer to enter Long near initial shadow 12560-42 = 12515-520, SL 40 pts away, TG 150 pts.

2012-06-25 Mon 2:48pm (GMT+8)
30 Mins Chart

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Map It in you Mind!

I ventured into Sales since 2007 and it has been 5 years, or more.
I have made good money with the exchange of time, meals, health and friends.

This is the 3rd company I am going to work with, for my sales career, and it is the first time, I job hop into a similar industry.

IT, this happen may be because I think that I am not successful enough, or I have not figure out the way – to be successful in the IT business.  And IT, information technology, is fast moving, but customers, are slow.

For enterprise to change, and adapt to the latest technologies, it’s a challenge.
To make enterprises understand the need for change is my responsibilities.

I learn this yesterday, as a Consultant – you MUST always think of the process from a business perspective, why is this process important?  Not the flow itself.

When the country manager asks me, why a proof of delivery?  Why is this important?
My typical answer is: Yes, it is important (because my boss said so).

Paradigm shift.

2 days of non-stop orientation and trainings, I am more convinced with my mind mapping capabilities.  I can convert text, into images, or graphical / imaginative pictures to ease digestion.

That has to give thanks to my first Sifu in Sales, he said:
“A Presentation slide is useful to present it to your client,
One day, you have no electricity; you have no laptop, no projector.
You need to deliver the same, using pen and paper / or white board,
To make your client understand, the most basic, most interesting thing to him. 
That’s success.”

Yes, I learn this, and I will continue to practice this.
And thanks to my mentor in sales, I will shift, to think from a business perspective from now on.

Monday, June 11, 2012

DJIA on Mon 11-June-2012

I couldn't access the forum and I am not sure whether it is blocked or forum is still having server error.

Its my last day in Taiwan and I am going to the airport after this post.  I wish all have a fruitful week ahead.
I had very good experience in Taiwan in the past 10 days, people are good, skillful and most importantly, I make new friends.

Last week on DJIA, market surged up and closed near high at 12554 pts, from the technical chart, we at Ayumi the Novice Trader reckon the market to trade sideways bias up.

Current support is 12455, if DJIA can remain above current support then it will continue heading up to next resistance 12850 pts.
Failing which will come down to 12180 and 12050.

Bye bye Taiwan,

Monday, June 4, 2012

DJIA on Mon 4-June-2012

Our forum is down and so i will be sharing in my blog and twitter only..

market has confirmed the bearish sentiment with DJIA fallen below 12300.
last friday, djia shed 274.88 pts and close the week at 12118.57 pts.

with the bad economic data on NFP, unemployment rates, and euro zone turmoil, I reckon DJIA to continue trading down to target price 11850-11900.

From hourly chart, DJIA is trading near oversold region and therefore we expect a little bit up pull up to 1/3 of the day range (50 pts) before trading down again.


Day Trade:
For YM on Broco chart, which is trading at 12038 now, we at Ayumi the Novice Trader expect market to move up to 12110, preferably coupled with overbought signal in 30 minutes chart, and/or a reversal candlestick pattern to initiate short trade.

SL 50 pts away, Target exit 150 pts.

EUR/USD on Mon 2012-06-04

a picture tell all....

I favour short, hope EMA50 resistance serve it well to help resist EUR/USD down a little bit more.

However, breaking above this line might lead to a short term technical rebound - 3 to 4 days may be, to return to 1.2850 - 1.2900 region.  For the bear to gather strength before it continue to drop further towards 1.2100 and 1.1900 (June 2010 low).

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hello hi from Taiwan!

I have reached this beautiful potato shaped land yesterday.
I am tired, my luggage handle is torn (finally!) and it took me almost an hour, walking on the street, crossing some big junctions, to get to the place I m going to put up for the rest of the week.

It is a wonderful place.
I climbed 5 floors, with my backpack weight around 4-5kgs, and hand carry luggage weight 8.5kgs..

Yeah, I work out on a regular basis, and I managed.
Took a quick shower to remove all the sticky feelings... and went to the night market the first night I m here.

I have finished 6 hours of training from 12pm today.. and tomorrow is going to be the 2nd day.
I asked some friend for dinner tomorrow... this time, I am not sure whether I can manage to go for dinner after 12 hours training... my foot is aching, and what else tomorrow?

No matter how, it is a wonderful dance workshop, and I am looking forward to the remaining days.