Saturday, June 3, 2017

What would you exchange for things you like?

The title might sound misleading with what I am going to brag.  It is all about me.

I like doing presentation.
I like thinking about solution, finding objectives and call a stop if things went south.
Sounds similar to a trading plan isn't it?  Entry, Long / Short, TP and SL.

I stopped blogging here (yeah, proved by time) since I started working with an Automation Company in 2014.  It took up a lot of memory muscle, to pick up topics I ever cared about.  Some engineering stuff, some server hardware and licensing stuff.

I started a blog about the new things I learned here:
Why another blog?
That's how I keep myself moving - to make learning fun. On the topics I don't care.
I vent my opinion and learning with pen, color pencil, paper, highlighter, keyboard and a free wordpress.

In less than 3 years, I become the only person who could deliver a demo + tell our story (about the software) + explain IT architecture with my engaging style.  I also give training on a quarterly basis and sometimes ad-hoc basis.
Stop bragging...

A good read has made me rethink my position.

Over 34 months with this company, I have 2 bosses, I could be assigned to a new boss next month.
Over a casual conversation with the senior colleagues, they hinted me a career path - it seemed too obvious that I can only move into a managerial role.

What had happened this week made me think A Lot.

I can do solution consultancy for another 5-10 years, i.e. finding solutions, setting objectives, selling ideas.  I get excited and I am happy with what I do.  Managing people is not my cup of tea.

In the past I choose to sacrifice things, in order to do what I like.
I don't mind allocating 20% of my time learning things I care less.
I don't mind allocating another 20% of my time picking up engineering stuff, provide training, arrange meetings, purchasing and negotiating.

Looking back to the past 34 months, I think I know why I stopped blogging.  40% of these activities has drained my energy to look at the financial market, to blog.

What if, I need to give up another 20% time and effort to managing people, strategy setting and/or office politics?

If the path is leading to wrong direction, I reckoned to do something to fix it.