Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Almost missed this one!

Saw a nice pattern in AUD/USD.
Open up the 4 Hour chart, I can see a Head and Shoulder formation now, waiting for the right shoulder to form,
Expecting this market to continue go up to 0.9070 region in these 2 days.

I prefer to :
Short at 0.9070 with SL 30 pips
TG1: 0.8860 (Current Support)

If you have bigger appetite, do profit pyramiding and the next target will be :
TG2: 0.8660

Everybody wants a bigger profit, one way is to.... expand your wallet size! ^__^
I have few ideas:
1. Buy a bigger wallet,
2. dispose all the unnecessary cards away!
erm... I mean those name card of other people, picture of the ex-es...
and... better keep credit cards cuz they provide zero 0% interest for 30 days
p/s make sure clear all debts by due date....


  1. Sound Good ^_^ , Thank for sharring ... unkno - w

  2. Well, Master byenc ^_^ Can i count Xabc down for A/U ... Target around 0.8340 ....

  3. Sorry 0.8455 ^_^

  4. Anonymous, it depends on which time frame you are looking at :)
    if you have shorted near 0.9070, congratulations, remember to move stop loss to entry ^__^

    Observe 30 Mins chart we also can see a small XAB down - just happened today :) taking X=9078 on 17/8. Coincide with my TG1=8860 region.