Monday, April 29, 2013

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

for the week starting 29 Apr 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls..
I had too much activities over the weekend.
Dance Classes, choreographies, Dance Practise, Movie, Shopping, Detox-ing, Meeting friends, passing Souvenirs, Photo-shooting.

So this week I skipped news.. :p

Technically DJIA has trading in small range last week, I reckon market to continue swing in coming week, with a slightly bigger range from 14400 - 14800, bias down.

R2 14880
R1 14780
S1 14670
S2 14470

I stay out during this type of market condition.

Let's say after my presentation tomorrow, I am free wanted to take position, I am going to use Fibo range:
Short 14780,
Long 14600,
SL 45 pts, TG 130 pts.

Nasdaq 100

More volatility.
Support 2820 pts.
Resistance 2880 pts.

if market is  trading higher and close above 2850 pts, it has great potential to mark new high.

Little live

I find it interesting when someone flip to that magazine, and saw my face, and text me.
I feel happy.

This is not recognition.
Plain, ego.

Just have fun, take it easy.

I've been to the beach today.
It is a great outing, with a few new friends.
Laughter, Good Food, Good Photos.
Well, first time I get to see myself in red, without looking like a she-man.
Live life.
I like.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

USD/JPY on 2013-04-23

This is scary

Can u see the long shadow in one of the 30 minutes candle?

I was having a Long position.

I was tired and sleepy.

And luckily I moved stop loss to entry, came out of the trade at zero profit zero loss.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

Internet Connection go haywire.

My forecast were not completed and I pronounce today as a holiday. :)

for week starting 22-Apr-2013

forecast made on:
23-Apr-2013 (Tue) 12:15am (GMT+8, SG/MY Time)


DJIA has fallen towards important support level 14450 pts, lowest 14,462 pts.

I believe market is going to test this support line for 2 more times before the next trend.
I favour up.

Resistance 14,630 pts.
From intraday 4H chart, this week's market is slight bearish.  Prone to selling pressure, to 14,450 pts.
Once 14,450 pts then it shall continue the fall towards 14,320 pts, then 14,150 pts.

Nasdaq 100

Nasdaq 100 is slight bearish but just crossed and trading above EMA50 (4H), if Nasdaq 100 can sustain above 2,798 pts, it might go up to 2,810 pts then 2,835 pts.

Otherwise will revisit support levels 2,745 pts, 2,730 pts, 2,690 pts.


Monday, April 22, 2013

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

For the week starting 22nd April 2013
This is the second Sunday I enter my blog from this land.
Still not used to the timing.
Had Heinz baked beans with eggs and lamb for breakfast. And lamb chop for lunch. So many lamb.
I desperately needed a detox in coming week.
I miss salad, yoghurt, corn flakes...
US stock market closed Friday session at 14,547.51 pts with little gains (10.37 pts, 0.07%) but overall it collapsed more than 2% for the week.
Apple's share dropped 9.1% on the week.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Gold and Silver

Gold fall $83.04 since morning (more than 5%)
Silver fall $2.69 since morning (more than 10%)

No sign for retracement.

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

for the week starting 15 Apr 2013

DJIA had a strong show last week, shooting up from 14500 and close just below 14900 at 14865.06 pts.

I have time on my own today... So I sit back, relax, and contemplated.

[ ]
Who would have though market reaching 15000 in Jan 2013?

I believe some of the seasoned traders, experienced traders, or investors would have given this forecast.. and I think I heard sifu D mentioned it, I never take it seriously.

I had a quick glanced through my blog posts, although I am generally bullish, I never attempt to give a wild target of 15k - my weekly forecast normally forecasts 1-2 weeks target levels, this level 15,000 never appear.

Forecast is one side of the coin, the other side of the coin, whether we take action or we let it slipped away, who hold a buy position from January 14,000 to April 15,000?

And who, hold a sell position from January to April?

[ ]
Perhaps some of you have seen this..
I have seen this video, and it reminded me.

[ ]

Many times I wanted to do something new, and I stopped doing something old.
This year resolution - I don't want to try doing anything new, but I want to stick to what I do.
Consultancy, Dance, and Trade.

Keep going, make it work (again), make progress - I can add new elements, learn to handle detail, practice with modesty, being patient.

Well, AiShiang who commented on my blogpost last week, yeah, it has been weeks I stopped blogging FX...
Thank you for being here.

[ ]
[[ Market Talk ]]

According to Data from National Bureau of Statistics in Beijing - factory output in March weakened, China missed its GDP, Q1 GDP slows to 7.7%.

Gold price sinking.


US earning data is entering into full swing.
Should be the medicine to drive US Indices Higher.

Current Support 14780
Support 14730 pts
Resistance 14900
Target 15000

Nasdaq 100

Support 2835
Target 2890

Gold price sinking

Last week Gold opens around 1580, and closed at 1480.

It has been down by 5% this morning, Gold is under pressure, trading lower and just broke below $1400.

We foresee Gold price to continue falling sharply lower.
I has just break below a very strong support line and we reckon Gold to plunge towards 1350, then to 1320..


Monday, April 8, 2013

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

for the week starting 8 Apr 2013

Last week when Dow is trading at 14600, I wished to short and market did come down to 14450 area and closed above 14550 pts.  This hunch worked quite well, except myself bite the bullet to short.

US payroll data (NFP) has risen less than forecast.

Daily Chart: Uptrend intact, we are still looking at 14700 pts. target.
if market is going to retrace, day chart support 14,387 pts.

Intraday 4 Hour Chart:
Market broke below EMA50 and touched 14450 pts last week.
Uptrend is still intact except with a little bit of stronger pull back.

This week, as the earnings unfolds, we want to watch Dow marking new high (breaking above 14700); failing to do so and resisted below 14630 pts would be an early sign for market retracement.

For the first time... after long time.  I want to short, and my trading plan:
Short @ 14580
SL @ 14630
TG @ 14450, 14380

I am still sticking to short term trading - trade 1 to 2 days than to hold for 3 or 4 days up to weeks.


Monday, April 1, 2013

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

for the week starting 1 Apr 2013
2nd Quarter begins today.
It was a big change day today.
I am moving up from my current office, to 8 levels above.
Although I still works in the same enterprise, but I get a new team, they are relatively smaller in size.
I get a new team!
Though I am not excited for the time being, as I still moan over losing my current team, I miss the great time together, great office, great challenges.  I am not sure how the new team would be able to embrace the challenges in a friendly manner as we did.
I hope, by stepping into the new office - I will get excited again.
Yesterday once more, different people, same product, different ways to manage.
Wall Street
2nd Quarter begins..
So we are looking forward to NFP by Labour Department, this week.

Economists surveyed by are expecting the U.S. economy to have added 178,000 jobs in March and the unemployment rate to hold steady at 7.7%.
This would mark a pull-back from the February jobs report, in which the Labor Department reported that the economy added 236,000 jobs, much stronger than the 119,000 added in January.

Market closed at 14,578.54 pts last Friday.
New highs, new expectation for pullback.
Not before reaching 14,650 - 14,700 pts, next target 15,050 pts.
Uptrend intact, keep testing EMA50 support line (4 hour chart)
Strong Support 14500 pts.
With European crisis back to the limelight, I take short term position (1-2 days) than to sit and hold for days, even week.
Today's trade:
Enter Long at 14,560;
SL 40 pts @ 14,520 pts;
TG 120 pts @ 14,680 pts or EOD.
Nasdaq 100
Nasdaq 100 is slight bullish compare to DJIA, support 2800.
Resistance 2835.
Enter Long 2814 pts;
SL 8 pts @ 2806 pts;
TG 1: 2831 pts
TG 2: 2839 pts or EOD.