Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Fixed Assets and Digital Assets

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My last post? October 2019.

I restructured my investment portfolio, I traded Gold sometime this year just for fun.

Got my dream job, deep learning curve there.  But it has been an enjoyable ride.

I picked up accounting knowledge, i.e. Debit, Credit, General Ledger, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet.. learn the end-to-end business processes, learn to read the annual report.  There are still a lot to learn, I felt like a student everyday.


So, Property.

And, Crypto.


I cash out all fixed deposit, and non-performing stocks, putting my cash in Crypto.

They are my renovation fund, and I receive text from friends when Crypto made new ATH.

Thanks, BTC, LTC, ETH.
When I needed the cash, I imagine cashing out with extras, for food processor, glassware and silverware.

Would you consider Crypto?

Keeping cash in bank (doing nothing), expecting cash to drop in value vs peace of mind.

Keeping cash in other assets (or fixed assets), expecting volatility, risk / reward vs capital protection.