Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Magnum (3859)

My first post after so long, didn't know I would write about Malaysian stocks.

I acquired Magnum (3859) around April - July 2016.
It was making good returns and good dividend back then.

Magnum Berhad appear on the newspaper headline this morning (23-May-2017).
While I don't really monitor my portfolio on a daily basis, I login to my eBroking platform, just to check how much damage it caused.  -17% loss.

Found the Announcement from this link: https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/ptres/40330.jsp
Net profile fell by 56% YoY.
TP reduced from 2.35 to 1.70 (wow Public Bank! Your research could be one of the driving factor)
Read PublicInvest Research here: https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/staticfile/304001.jsp

From the news it seems that Magnum Berhad - as a company - have few challenges, e.g. tax penalty, competition, lower ticket sales, higher payout - which caused them to under-perform, miss earning target and causing disappointment to the retail traders.  The announcement of "no dividend" hammered the market and the diving of share prices.

I do not hold much Magnum shares:
4,400 shares x RM2.25 average purchase price =  RM9,893.84 gross investment;
4,400 shares x RM1.86 current market price = unrealized loss RM1709.84 (-17.28%).

In the event it fall to RM1.70 as PublicInvest:
4,400 shares x RM1.70 forecast = potential loss RM2,413 (-24%).

That could be the worst investment in a year.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Margin Changes

With the recent decline in Gold.
FXCM mailed the new margin requirement for their CFD.
Gold being one of the instrument I trade, I have been waiting for the opportunity to long.
Entered long but got squeezed out when market test its support.

Update when there's new trade executed.

Bee Yen

Here's the announcement from FXCM:

Margin requirements on UKOil and USOil will be lowered after market close on 15 April, 2016. Please refer to the table below for the new margin requirements per minimum trade size. The lower margin requirements could free up equity in your account and allow for more flexibility with your trading decisions.






























Additional margin changes will go into effect after market close on 29 April, 2016. These changes will impact CFD instruments including: indices, commodities, and treasury products. Please monitor your usable margin closely, making sure it stays above zero. We recommend a usable margin that’s at least 80% of your account equity (usable margin plus used margin).

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Time flies.
It is November now.

I have been preparing myself, my students, kids and adults to take part in the competition 2 weeks ago.
I received the photos today, when I browse through the photo, I feel like they are happening live.

This time, I received 50 over pictures from 1 photographer.
There are more than 100 contestant, I couldn't imagine his numbness after the event.

Apart from staying focus and pressing the shutter on a camera, there are a lot of challenge taking dance competition stage photos... the changing lights, moving objects and unpredictable crowd.
This time, there are more than 5 photos that I like.  Usually there's none.

I am a bit late to update the result, not because of overwhelming victory, but I learn the disheartening fact when our name (the contestant name) did not come up in the winners column.
But handling disappointment is important, it is more important than the winning.

Recognize that we gave our best, and we dance for a purpose.
We will learn from this event, and do our best again.

Teacher did a screen capture and post on her FB.
Photo below summarize a bit.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

DJIA on 1-Jun-2015

New month - June 2015

I was wrong last week.  I forecast DJIA to go up until 2L Target 18,925 pts, but the same week DJIA shows weaknesses and closed 300 - 400 pts lower to 17,950 - 18,000 pts from its high 18,364 pts.

Monthly Trend is still bullish with higher high and higher low
Weekly Chart showing weakness with a probable reversal signal created recent 3 weeks.
Daily Chart showing weakness since 20-May-2015 with lower high and lower lows.

DJIA break below EMA50 (4 hour chart) and stayed below.

I prefer DJIA to swing up to 18,330 pts early June.

With price suppressed below 18,100 pts without fundamental influence, I forecast DJIA to swing between 17,750 - 18,100 pts.
As long as DJIA stays above 17,750 pts - I would keep my slight bullish opinion towards the market.

Trading Interest:
Wait buying opportunities at 17,750 pts area for this week (1st week of June 2015).

What if...
Once DJIA break below 17,750 pts, next strong support is 17,550 pts, once this level is broken, it void my wave label and I shall review.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

DJIA on 19-May-2015

Hi, here's a quick update.

Last week, DJIA continues the bullish sentiment and hit 1L inner wave WTP.
Check last week posting here.

DJIA on 11-May-2015

The sentiment likely to continue and 2L WTP is 18,925 pts.

If I am correct,
Labelling with Blue (up wave from 2015 low, took 2 months to form) and
Green (inner wave took a month to form)
Both suggesting DJIA to break above 18800 pts.

And I would look for Long trade aiming around these target.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

DJIA on 11-May-2015

6 Months not blogging...
This is quite long.

I have traded on Gold and DJIA but didn't post my trade up here.

Finally I have time off, chosen to rest from my dance schedule.
Partly because of some aching and pain in the heels since April 2015.
Doctor said I have Plantar Fasciitism, prescribed some pain killers, advised me to wear supportive shoes, warm up my ankle in the morning, etc.

I was told by Google (haha, Google don't talk - but I think you get what I mean)
unless I get ultrasound - I may have 10% chance of the wrong diagnostic.

So, rest.

I spent the whole of last weekend completing my dance syllabus for 2015.  Did many song editing.

This week, I have reactivated most of my trading app, some MT4 platform that failed to update, and now all are active.

Second reason, is I have free cash to trade again.


Thanks to Alex who texted me over May's NFP, and reminded me that I am not alone trading.


for the week starting 11-May-2015


Since I have not been actively trading...
I removed all my previous waves labeling...

Monthly Chart
Re-look at the Monthly Chart - it is going up, up and up since 2009.

Weekly Chart
The Weekly Chart (below) - DJIA has not been making higher high for 2 months, take the high on 1st March 2015 as its Resistance = 18,280 pts.

Daily Chart
Last Friday, NFP boosted the DJIA, nice white candle up.

I see: higher low, and a recent high (18211 vs 18208 on 23-Mar-2015).
If market cannot break above the resistance 18,280 pts, I doubt the bullish sentiment.

Trying to find a way to trade, I forcefully label the wave structure as below...
p/s: "forcefully" means I may not be correct.

Label with Baby blue XAB (2 Months)
if Market were to break above resistance 18,280 pts,
1:1 wave target price will be 18,820 pts (540 pts to gain).

Innerwave Dark Green (1 Month)
BKO happened, 1L WTP @ 18300 pts, 2L WTP @ 18,925 pts.

Let's say the inner wave (Green) is bringing DJIA up to break above major resistance 18,280 pts, it is likely to reach 18,300 pts (easy) then 18,925 pts.

The above target will be my target exit if I am right.

My target entry, ideally could be the 50% fibo retracement level @ 17,950 pts (EMA50 in 4H)
SL @ 70 pts
TG @ 210 pts


Monday, November 3, 2014

DJIA on Mon 3-Nov-2014


Has posted a strong weekly candle after the reversal confirmation.
My forecast was for it to retrace / sideways for 1 week, before hitting target.
However, I am wrong, DJIA shows its superbull and hit target, break resistance and close above resistance.

Weekly Chart

Daily Chart

base on Dow theory, DJIA is in a strong up trend - higher high - higher low.

Coming up next is to hit is main wtp 17630 (3L)
and if the strong bull continues,
inner wtp 18270 (6L)

4 Hour Chart

I do not have setup to enter a super bull market, candles are way above EMA50 and there might be no pull back... if there is a pull back: enter long at 16950 pts will be desirable.

18300 pts
17630 pts
17530 pts
17200 pts
16950 pts
16630 pts