Monday, October 31, 2011

You have to give, before you can get

It was a wonderful team effort last weekend and the result is far far better than what I initially expected.
Sifu conducted 3 seminars in total, 2 for the broker house, and 1 seminar to launch GTI.

For those who do not know my Sifu DAR Wong, or my mentor JC, they would think that I am bias... may be I raise them so high up on the pedestal, but Yes, they are, if you don't agree, just check it out, and I believe, time will tell.

My Sifu - a great master with 22 years of trading experience did two seminars for free, travel from Singapore, and to Malaysia - Penang, and now coming to KL... he shouldn't need to travel so far, so rapidly... he do not need to care for the people around here, it is not his obligations...

When it comes to our day to day life... some times we will compare with others, and begin calculating.
Why someone who is so quiet, can get so many support?  May be we will think, he is not that good looking, he don't speak as fluent as a speaker shall speak, or he is not as tall... sort of comparisons..

Yeah, life is not fair.

But look, over time, when we first started, we never have any expectations, and after we are getting better, we start to have higher expectations, not to ourselves, but to others as well.

Yeah, not fair..

Like, Women can keep Long hair, and contrary to that weird if a guy keep long hair go for rebonding / curls..
Gals should have put on makeups...

But this is also what makes us feel depressed, upset, but... relax, and get up and get moving.

Recognize the mental state, it is VALID, it is ok to feel depressed.
It is just normal.  Sunrise, Sunset, Rain and Shine.
Acknowledge it, relax, get up and get moving.

Tonight celebrate mentor's Birthday! Yey!

GBP/USD on 31-Oct-2011

GBP/USD last traded at 1.5973 which has already hit our daily target.
however, look at 4H chart it is going to touch the support line 1.5950.

If GBP/USD continue to piece below 1.5950, but reverse up, I will Long the GBP/USD -- we forecast the week is a sideway market either trading to test low, or test resistance 1.6160.

2pm is the decision making point, and once I hit the Long, I will preset the stop loss at the point where it goes to the lowest point, this would be a short term trade which might only last for 4 hours, before the announcement at 6pm as I printed on the chart above.

The butterfly pattern is emerging in 1 Hour chart which also support the short term long view.

Cheers to all.

DJIA on 31-Oct-2011

The pattern is getting clearer and clearer...
Hope that we can get some Elmo's for Christmas...

Tuesday will be a public event to launch our World GTI.
It will be Sifu's last talk for year 2011, then we will have Loooong holidays, until after CNY.

Shall plan for some gatherings and market update and see how's everyone progress and answers some questions, and chase for the homework associates owe it to themselves =)

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

Hi handsome and pretty traders, it is Haloween and I hope all have fun, just came to know why is "haloween" from one of our forum writer HP.

Our team went up to Penang last weekend for couple of talks and launched our GTI in Penang, the respond is good and I am glad to see so many quality subscribers from this land, not to mention the heavenly hawker food and char kuey teow, assam laksa... yummy yum

ops, sorry for off topic a little bit, lets look at the market update for Nasdaq 100:

Nasdaq 100 has break above 2400 and it is approaching the strong resistance level 2435, we have seen some weakness on Daily Chart especially on last Friday.

I am expecting a sideway market testing either the support level 2350, or going to the top 2435.

Advise to stay out of this market and observe for strong reversal signal, may be in mid November.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

G20 meeting has finally came out with a mutual agreement in view to "cool down" the Euro-Zone Debt Crisis.

DJIA has risen ahead of the announcement, and last Friday we finally see the bull slow down closed the week at 12231.10.

Weekly Chart: Bullish
Daily Chart: The bull shows fatigue with a reduced day range in line with the concern over Europe Concern.
Intraday: 30 minutes chart is showing a divergence which suggest a temporary retracement.

I am still bullish on Dow, after the retracement, market may resume uptrend and looking at next target 12450 and ultimate 12750 in early November.

From 30 minutes chart, it has hit 2L in line with a stochastic divergence, therefore I forecast market to do a slight retreat back to current support 11950.
In the event market falls below 11800 then I might have a second thought of the continuity of the uptrend.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quick Update on NQ

although our forecast is right about NQ - reached 2385 high last night, we expect the bullish sentiment to continue.

Although I am agressive and aim to enter at 2308, market didn't retrace but straight up to 2385.

Today I forecast the market to continue to surge higher to hit 2400 - 2430.

Aggressive trade:
Enter Long with initial shadow at 2354 which is also 50% of Fibo Retracement from yesterday's high-low.


Bold uptrend.

Daily chart we have seen some very bullish EMA crossings.
There's no sign of reversal yet, stochastic normal.
Daily candle normal.

Strong support at 11480.
(Dow keep making Loooong shadows on weekly chart, beware of any long position)
If the positive news keep pumping in the market, it might go all the way to 12300.

Monday, October 24, 2011

DJIA and Nasdaq 100


Last week we forecast market to trade in range capped between 11580-11800.
It was a choppy week, Monday Down, Tuesday Up, then Down, Up, and finally Friday make a final boost to 11800.

As spoken last week, DJIA shall face resistance at previous pincer top and 11800 shall be the highest it can go. Clue 1:
Last Friday, DJIA surged to 11800 and close at 11808.80, break above our resistance 11800.
Clue 2:
EMA4 and EMA200 almost crossing.
the chart looks bullish with immediate target poised at 11950.

Support 11650.

Next target is 12100.

Average Trading Range (Weekly Range): 640 pts
Average Trading Range (Daily Range): 205 pts.

Nasdaq 100

Quote my own forecast last week 17-Oct-2011 Mon:
NASDAQ 100 closed the week at 2371.94 still have rooms to "grow".
More optimism on this market and forecast the super bull to go all the way until next resistance at 2395-2400.

To trade for reversal profit, observe 30 minutes chart (like I do) for top down reversal confirmation.

Reckon market to form a double top in line with a stochastic divergence near the resistance level 2395 - 2400.

Instead of going up, Nasdaq 100 traded down to 1/3 retracement level.
I am still bullish on Nasdaq 100.

Watch NQ_CONT chart.
It was trading at 2328.50 and the market is showing a pause for the uptrend.
lets say market retrace, it may drop to 2270 maximum, which we identify this is a strong support, therefore NQ shall not fall below 2270, it is a good level to pick long.

However, if market fall below 2270, stay out.
For aggressive trader like me, aim to enter long at EMA50 (4H), which is 2308.
and aim to exit at 2400.

The BIGGEST Catch for next month is top down reversal as we mentioned the resistance for Nasdaq 100 is 2400, NQ chart is 2430, and therefore, don't forget to observe for reversal in daily and 30 minutes chart, exit at the right time, and never hold your profit until it turns sour.

Till then, Cheers

Monday, October 17, 2011

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

Good morning traders! I was feeling sick last night and sorry for the late update.
Its a new day and lets hunt for some good trading opportunities.


DJIA is boosted up last Friday by strong recovery in US retail sales, it closed the week at 11649.

Technically DJIA is trading back to previous strong resistance level (pincer top) 11720 and EMA200 - which is only 70 points away.
Traders and Investors are suspicious of the continuity of the up-trend.

Forecast market to trade in range for the week 11580 - 11800. Suggest to stay out.
If there's open position, observe market reaction near resistance.

Just in case market releases good news and DJIA break above 11800, next target could reach 11950.


NASDAQ 100 closed the week at 2371.94 still have rooms to "grow".
More optimism on this market and forecast the super bull to go all the way until next resistance at 2395-2400.

To trade for reversal profit, observe 30 minutes chart (like I do) for top down reversal confirmation.
Reckon market to form a double top in line with a stochastic divergence near the resistance level 2395 - 2400.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

EUR/USD on 17 Oct 2011 Mon

Monthly Candle: Yet to finish
Suspect next strong resistance to be at 1.4130 region, based on last month (September - Bearish candle) to this month's (October) fibobacci retracement levels.

Weekly Candle, super bullish, proven last week's reversal pattern and EUR/USD managed to crossed above 50% Fibonacci Retracement Level (1.3760) and almost touching my weekly target of 1.3900 region.

Next target is tough but possible.
Early of this week, EUR/USD may face resistance at daily ema200 1.3950 which is also around my profit target range.

Although my forecast was right, my entry is not good, i queue to enter when market made 2L, hoping for a 1/3 retracement, but market didn't.

I queue to enter at retracement, when market hit 3L, but market didn't.

When I chase market and enter on Thursday, market consolidated a bit, before going up, without making 1/3 retracement.

hahahaa... better sharpen my entry.

Trading Plan: to Long

EUR/USD closed at 1.3879, Monday can enter Long with initial shadow around 1.3820 region if market didn't gap up / down.

SL can be slightly below the group support level 1.3780 region.

Target 1.3950.
Next target 1.4080, take note monthly candle resistance 1.4130.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

EUR/USD on 11-Oct-2011 Tue

Up Up

Looking forward to a fibo retracement back to
support 1 : 1.3543, or
Strong Support (Support 2): 1.3464.

Weekly Target to reach
 TG1: 1.3740,
TG2: 1.3910.

Monday, October 10, 2011

DJIA and Nasdaq 100


Dow rebounded strongly after touching low at 10400 regions, it reaches our weekly bear target in just 2 days!

The strong rebound has bring DJIA back to 11200 as per Sarah forecast, which is also a desired level to short,
In line with a bearish reversal candlestick pattern on daily chart.

We forecast DJIA to trade down back to support 11000 region during early of the week,
While weekly candlestick pattern proved a high resilient at 10400 support,
I suspect Dow to mark another top at 11350 region towards end of the week.

Traders can short at initial shadow during early of the week,
but observe for long opportunity when Dow approaches 11000 support regions.


Closes at 11046.
Short at initial shadow 60 points away from opening (est. 11120).
Observe for Long opportunity when YM approaches 10900 support regions.


Target for the week (Up) 2290 resistance.
Forecast market to face resistance at current level and going down to test support 2170.

Good to short on Monday at initial shadow 2216, SL 2228 (Fri High), TG 2170 or close EOD (End of Day).
Aim for long opportunity during mid-week when Nasdaq 100 trading at 2170 or 2135 as spoken.

Last Week's Forecast

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

EUR/USD on 4-Oct-2011 Tue

We observed a triple pincer on daily chart and signifies EUR/USD is strongly resisted at this level (1.3660).

Yesterday is a free fall market, EUR/USD lost 160 pips and formed a bearish candle.

This morning the market is rather quiet, as usual, while we are closer and closer to Euro open, I reckon market to make a pull back, resisted, and continue trading down.
Weekly target is 1.2930.

Would the pull back make EUR/USD return to 1.3335?? I don't know, aggressive trader can enter and short at 1.3230, SL 50 pips, TG 150 pips.

YM on Tue 4-Oct-2011

Congratulations to traders who short YM at 10900.
wonderful slide last night, so blessed and such a beautiful profit range of 300 points!

Again, YM will be supported (temporary) at previous week low.
YM open at 10550, aggressively, today will place another pending order to short at 10620, SL 100 pts, TG 300 pts.

(just realised I have entered a wrong SL figure during yesterday's post... sorri sorri)

Forecast market to test 10600 resistance, if break above 10600, next place to short is 10770.

Selling pressure is high!
Once YM break below 10550 (yesterday low) it will come back to 10450 as per my weekly target.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Rehearsal~ Donut & Cookies

Ayumi is very happy today cuz it is a special day!

My niece b'day today!

And today is last week before weekend's performance.

Today after my solo practice (ya... Dance from 7pm for 3 hours), I receive a yummy yummy reward!


So blessed~

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DJIA and Nasdaq 100

Its a new month, new day, and we wish everyone pocket the biggest gain in this long waited month!!!!


Last week on DJIA, we observed a technical bounce when it touches the low of 10642.
DJIA started off the week with a strong momentum returned to 11050, and in line with the "operation twist" announcement -- DJIA rallied to 4/5 Fibonacci Retracement Level, marked the highest point of the week at 11373 and formed a downward channel.

From technical chart, DJIA will continue to face resistance at 11150 - 11080, and support at 10600.

Once DJIA break below previous week low of 10775, it will return to 10600 and next target 10450.
Otherwise, if --- any "operation twist", or any "rescue" announcement were made, then market will be boosted --- we will see the short-lived rally back to 11400, but, I do not think this is going to happen.

The Long-Term Bear market is "inevitable" - with high jobless rate (9.1%), bad market, bad consumer confidence... the bear shall lead us back to 9600 mark :)

Market is going to be volatile, with the trading range increasing day-by-day. Current range – 300 points. Traders are advised to reduce exposure on stocks, and short the indices.

Preferred level to short DJIA for this week: 11080.

YM resistance 10950 (trading at 10830 now), with a strong bear candle last Friday, aggressive traders can short at initial shadow 10900, SL 11900, TG 10600.

Nasdaq 100

Nasdaq 100 is sensitive and more volatile than DJIA; it has rallied 4/5, but also continues to drive south and already traded back to previous week low, so similarly, we are also having a long term bearish view in this market.

Current support 2140 (weak), next target (down) 2085, ultimately, Nasdaq 100 will return to the previous strong support 2035 (August 2011 low).

Aggressive Traders can short at initial shadow, NQ last traded at 2126, aggressive short 2140-2147, SL 20 points, TG 2115, TG2 2085.