Tuesday, October 4, 2011

YM on Tue 4-Oct-2011

Congratulations to traders who short YM at 10900.
wonderful slide last night, so blessed and such a beautiful profit range of 300 points!

Again, YM will be supported (temporary) at previous week low.
YM open at 10550, aggressively, today will place another pending order to short at 10620, SL 100 pts, TG 300 pts.

(just realised I have entered a wrong SL figure during yesterday's post... sorri sorri)

Forecast market to test 10600 resistance, if break above 10600, next place to short is 10770.

Selling pressure is high!
Once YM break below 10550 (yesterday low) it will come back to 10450 as per my weekly target.

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