I am Ayumi - I am a novice trader, I trade the financial market using Price Action, Support, Resistance, Fibonacci and PowerWave(™) Proprietary Trading Method. This blog records my trading journal, my forecasts.

My Sifu DAR Wong, My Mentor JC, APSRI Traders:
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Questions pertaining to PowerWave trading and trading only, you can email me at AyumiTrader@gmail.com.

I am a...:
Trader (Trading the Financial Instruments), Dance Instructor, Cloud Computing Evangelist.

Trading the Financial Instruments, Belly Dancing, Singing, Listening to Music.

What is Ayumi the Novice Trader Blog about?
I blog about trading the financial instruments:
(2) Equity Index Product: e-Mini Dow, e-Mini Nasdaq 100, KLSE
(3) Equities: KLSE, HKSE - Hong Kong H Shares.
(4) Precious Metal: Gold, Silver.
(5) Energy: Light Sweet Crude, WTI Crude

I blog about life purpose, objectives, passion and dreams.

I blog about success and perseverance.

This blog is my personal trading journal, not a recommendation to buy or sell, do consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Margin trading involves Risk.

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