Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Fixed Assets and Digital Assets

This blog received 300+ visits last month.

Thanks to Google Analytics.


My last post? October 2019.

I restructured my investment portfolio, I traded Gold sometime this year just for fun.

Got my dream job, deep learning curve there.  But it has been an enjoyable ride.

I picked up accounting knowledge, i.e. Debit, Credit, General Ledger, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet.. learn the end-to-end business processes, learn to read the annual report.  There are still a lot to learn, I felt like a student everyday.


So, Property.

And, Crypto.


I cash out all fixed deposit, and non-performing stocks, putting my cash in Crypto.

They are my renovation fund, and I receive text from friends when Crypto made new ATH.

Thanks, BTC, LTC, ETH.
When I needed the cash, I imagine cashing out with extras, for food processor, glassware and silverware.

Would you consider Crypto?

Keeping cash in bank (doing nothing), expecting cash to drop in value vs peace of mind.

Keeping cash in other assets (or fixed assets), expecting volatility, risk / reward vs capital protection.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Long Gold 17-Oct-2019

Received notice about inactivity charges, reactivated my City Index trading account. Few more steps to complete activation.

Opened a long position last Thursday/Friday.
Gold has moved towards my favorable position.
Moved stop loss to entry.

Long @ 1481.
SL 1481. 
Limit 1502. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Limited Limitless

We live in a world with limitations.

Limited patience, limited energy, limited time, limited phone memories (!).

But the limitation remind us to be creative, and caring.


Learning limited patience, we put a stop to a heated discussion, we optimize the browsing speed, we cut nonsense.

Learning limited energy, we rest, we come back.

Learning limited time, we plan, we procrastinate, we act.

Learning limited phone memory, we free up space for the future.


I am back to work.

I wanted to come back to technical analysis too. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Mails and Blogs

I though I check my mails.
But when I login to this morning, I noticed some familiar mails, but they were marked unread.
I noticed unread mails that's genuinely unread, from 2015.

Over the past 3 years, I joined a warehouse & distribution solution company, throw myself into learning the industry operations.  I kept the blog idle for months but I am glad that the old faces still blogging and trading.

I channel my energy to writing and blogging about the things I learn, the exhibitions / trade shows I been, the training I provide to others in another blog but .. with my resignation I will end the blog soon.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

What would you exchange for things you like?

The title might sound misleading with what I am going to brag.  It is all about me.

I like doing presentation.
I like thinking about solution, finding objectives and call a stop if things went south.
Sounds similar to a trading plan isn't it?  Entry, Long / Short, TP and SL.

I stopped blogging here (yeah, proved by time) since I started working with an Automation Company in 2014.  It took up a lot of memory muscle, to pick up topics I ever cared about.  Some engineering stuff, some server hardware and licensing stuff.

I started a blog about the new things I learned here:
Why another blog?
That's how I keep myself moving - to make learning fun. On the topics I don't care.
I vent my opinion and learning with pen, color pencil, paper, highlighter, keyboard and a free wordpress.

In less than 3 years, I become the only person who could deliver a demo + tell our story (about the software) + explain IT architecture with my engaging style.  I also give training on a quarterly basis and sometimes ad-hoc basis.
Stop bragging...

A good read has made me rethink my position.

Over 34 months with this company, I have 2 bosses, I could be assigned to a new boss next month.
Over a casual conversation with the senior colleagues, they hinted me a career path - it seemed too obvious that I can only move into a managerial role.

What had happened this week made me think A Lot.

I can do solution consultancy for another 5-10 years, i.e. finding solutions, setting objectives, selling ideas.  I get excited and I am happy with what I do.  Managing people is not my cup of tea.

In the past I choose to sacrifice things, in order to do what I like.
I don't mind allocating 20% of my time learning things I care less.
I don't mind allocating another 20% of my time picking up engineering stuff, provide training, arrange meetings, purchasing and negotiating.

Looking back to the past 34 months, I think I know why I stopped blogging.  40% of these activities has drained my energy to look at the financial market, to blog.

What if, I need to give up another 20% time and effort to managing people, strategy setting and/or office politics?

If the path is leading to wrong direction, I reckoned to do something to fix it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Magnum (3859)

My first post after so long, didn't know I would write about Malaysian stocks.

I acquired Magnum (3859) around April - July 2016.
It was making good returns and good dividend back then.

Magnum Berhad appear on the newspaper headline this morning (23-May-2017).
While I don't really monitor my portfolio on a daily basis, I login to my eBroking platform, just to check how much damage it caused.  -17% loss.

Found the Announcement from this link:
Net profile fell by 56% YoY.
TP reduced from 2.35 to 1.70 (wow Public Bank! Your research could be one of the driving factor)
Read PublicInvest Research here:

From the news it seems that Magnum Berhad - as a company - have few challenges, e.g. tax penalty, competition, lower ticket sales, higher payout - which caused them to under-perform, miss earning target and causing disappointment to the retail traders.  The announcement of "no dividend" hammered the market and the diving of share prices.

I do not hold much Magnum shares:
4,400 shares x RM2.25 average purchase price =  RM9,893.84 gross investment;
4,400 shares x RM1.86 current market price = unrealized loss RM1709.84 (-17.28%).

In the event it fall to RM1.70 as PublicInvest:
4,400 shares x RM1.70 forecast = potential loss RM2,413 (-24%).

That could be the worst investment in a year.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Margin Changes

With the recent decline in Gold.
FXCM mailed the new margin requirement for their CFD.
Gold being one of the instrument I trade, I have been waiting for the opportunity to long.
Entered long but got squeezed out when market test its support.

Update when there's new trade executed.

Bee Yen

Here's the announcement from FXCM:

Margin requirements on UKOil and USOil will be lowered after market close on 15 April, 2016. Please refer to the table below for the new margin requirements per minimum trade size. The lower margin requirements could free up equity in your account and allow for more flexibility with your trading decisions.






























Additional margin changes will go into effect after market close on 29 April, 2016. These changes will impact CFD instruments including: indices, commodities, and treasury products. Please monitor your usable margin closely, making sure it stays above zero. We recommend a usable margin that’s at least 80% of your account equity (usable margin plus used margin).