Monday, April 16, 2012

It must not be a choice

Recently I have been overwhelmed with work. Moody.
The task is continuously testing my capabilities, I am challenged because I always think that I have limitation, and I always think that I am lack of resources.

Someone on my FB wall commented, suggest me … to go back to Trading.
Yes, I really hope so, to give up everything, just dance, and trading.

But I do NOT want things to happen this way…
Trading should not be a choice.
Dances should not be a choice.

I simply think that we cannot choose trading, or dancing, because I failed in some other areas.
I just do NOT want trading to be an option.

It is like… going back to your ex and tell them “the new relationship doesn’t work out”.
How does it sounds?

I bet it sounds like “Ewwwww…”annoying.

I am working so hard, to strike a balance between all the things I regard as important in my life… all these activities enriched my life, and I do not want them to become an option.
There are unlimited possibilities, and unlimited happiness if we are able to work out all these 3 things.

It satisfy me, my mother, and my bank account.

And I would like to encourage you to dedicate more, focus more, work hard towards getting what you want, and going full speed to achieving them. When you look back, there are only two things:
1. these are the experiences in life worth fighting for, or
2. they are plain rubbish…
but undoubtedly, you have given them the true meaning with all hard work.

What if it works?


  1. I'm a bit confused when you mention going back to trading...

    Aren't you trading now?

    What is your other work if not trading?

    As ambition as we can be, it's important to know that we have only so many hours in a day, and part of that is sleep time, so we have to allocate our resources/energy the best way.

    Do a serious assessment of what you want to do and the time needed for them. If they fit into a schedule that includes eating and sleeping, then that's fine. If not, don't drive yourself crazy by overtaxing yourself. I had to learn the hard way - it's better to do fewer things with mastery rather than more things at lower effective levels. Sometimes it can't be avoided, but we shouldn't make it the status quo. =)

  2. a bit late to reading ur blog this week.. thanx to my mighty iritis problem.. hehehe

    gambateh ayumi.. u can do it!! believe in u and support u always!! :)

    sometimes our satisfaction for the moment may deceive us to believing what's really important to us.. sometimes before we charge ahead, it's always good to take a step back n have a moment to contemplate and reflect if what we are working hard towards is truly what will make us happy and well at the end of the day..

    working hard towards the balance of ur mind, body n soul is very important.. all of our feelings n thoughts n actions should lead us towards this important balance..

    p/s: perhaps u were never an option too in ur ex's life.. perhaps he was working very hard to balance it all with u.. what if it works again? what if? he could have been the balance u are working so hard for.. :)