Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday~~ Full Charge

Surprise, surprise and surprise!

Blogger has revamped new look, I saw the page load and statistics when I log in to the blogger main page, the page load is higher than what was printed on my blog, I guess that was due to my reset of my whole blog in July 2010 when I decides to start all over again and removed the past posts since 2007.

Then I go to the "load from" to take a look at the visitor map... and surprised to know that this forum, printed my blog in their blog directories... I do not know who is the author or administrator of this forum and I continue to find out more statistics.

It seems that the blog is driving some visitor from US, Malaysia and Singapore which is quite surprise to me also.

Thanks to the reader and this is my trading journal and I hope in someway it is beneficial..

I have been busy the past weeks - new job scope, performance, dance classes, gathering, relationship concerns, holidays... and I would like to say things start to settle down and I have strike off many "To Do's" from my list.

Watched a movie this morning, and it is good.
"We bought a Zoo"

 Touching and nice...

20 seconds of courage... and Let's do it.  Why Not?
Life is an adventure.

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