Monday, October 31, 2011

You have to give, before you can get

It was a wonderful team effort last weekend and the result is far far better than what I initially expected.
Sifu conducted 3 seminars in total, 2 for the broker house, and 1 seminar to launch GTI.

For those who do not know my Sifu DAR Wong, or my mentor JC, they would think that I am bias... may be I raise them so high up on the pedestal, but Yes, they are, if you don't agree, just check it out, and I believe, time will tell.

My Sifu - a great master with 22 years of trading experience did two seminars for free, travel from Singapore, and to Malaysia - Penang, and now coming to KL... he shouldn't need to travel so far, so rapidly... he do not need to care for the people around here, it is not his obligations...

When it comes to our day to day life... some times we will compare with others, and begin calculating.
Why someone who is so quiet, can get so many support?  May be we will think, he is not that good looking, he don't speak as fluent as a speaker shall speak, or he is not as tall... sort of comparisons..

Yeah, life is not fair.

But look, over time, when we first started, we never have any expectations, and after we are getting better, we start to have higher expectations, not to ourselves, but to others as well.

Yeah, not fair..

Like, Women can keep Long hair, and contrary to that weird if a guy keep long hair go for rebonding / curls..
Gals should have put on makeups...

But this is also what makes us feel depressed, upset, but... relax, and get up and get moving.

Recognize the mental state, it is VALID, it is ok to feel depressed.
It is just normal.  Sunrise, Sunset, Rain and Shine.
Acknowledge it, relax, get up and get moving.

Tonight celebrate mentor's Birthday! Yey!

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