Friday, November 11, 2011

the Days...

Remember the days when I just began trading, yeah we have some amateur investors, trying to become traders.

Back then, when I just started, I remember a friend told me:
"You want to commit suicide, jump down from a 20 floor building is faster, and easier, never attempt trading".
*So trading have a BAD name?*

That friend attended the same business school... yes, he is good in business, properties... but I don't understand why he rejects stocks.  I just started with stocks.
I never attend any courses back then.. just regularly attend seminars, talks, market updates, and read a lot of investopedia, learn from the chart..

Friends who were trading together, they don't trade anymore now.
When I move on to Futures, I have different group of friends, but they were still some investors trading stocks, and I only have 1 very successful futures trader friend.  He also stopped trading futures now.  He is successful, but he don't trade now.  Tax is high in US... :)

I meet some guys at the seminar, and they trade, everyday, every hour when the market is open, I am glad that I know them, at least, I know, there are still plenty of people in the derivatives market, successful trading, is not alone...
That is before I meet Sifu DAR.
I try to trade with them, but there're conditions, I need to pass certain exams... I need to become a licensed broker... need to be cool.
I can never become a broker, I never study enough, and I never have the guts to go back to school and get a degree... *sorry*
So, we can only say Hi, and recommend each other some friends and resources.

So, I continue to blog.  I blog since 2005, started with some Chinese blogging, articles, movies.. life related stuff, then seriously into trading stuff since 2007... (It has been so long).

So keeping a journal works.  You can always go back, and check your mental state, remind yourself that you have traveled so far, so consistently, so strongly, step by step moving forward.

Don't GIVE UP, Keep GOING.

Today I receive a link from a blogger friend.. its a youtube video, about floor trading, the title is "Floored".. Google it if you want to see.  It got me thinking so much...

Electronic trading, is cool.
You can trade whenever you are available, you can trade wherever you like, can be Bali, can be Malaysia, can be China, can be Melbourne.. you can TRADE.

It is cool.
It gives us total freedom, but the price to pay?
Very little, except if you like to trade with a BIG group of people, yelling and shouting together.

It is the same world here, and out there, I used to have some friends, trading... and left.
I wish you come back soon, and lets trade.

Ayumi getting moody


  1. What a shock and huge learning curve- when an investor looks to go into certainly was for me. =)

    Short term trading is a challenging profession that weeds out many, leaving few successful people who can make a living, especially on the retail side.

    At least technology can help those that do trade network, even if half the world away. =)

  2. I do think we are lucky today with electronic trading. It's less mistakes when you do-it-yourself with the execution. Many years back, I was told that to trade Future, you've to call your broker up to place a trade. I said "What?!" By the time the phone rings, he/she picks it up, say hello to me, the price is already gone don't know where :o) Haha!