Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday FX Followup

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My order is filled,
Long 1.2685, SL1.2655 (-30), TG 1.2900
The market has moved in favour during the day, however resisted at 1.2720, at last EUR/USD has break support 1.2655 and continue to go down.

My stop loss is triggered.
I am going to look for opportunity to Long for reversal when market falls to 1.2550.


Market did go up to high 1.5620 as forecast, my shorts at 1.5650 is not filled, and the market has started to fall from here.

I remain my view that this market will come down to 1.5180 in 1-2 weeks.

For Intraday, I will pick short around 1.5550, SL 1.5580, TG 1.5430 (current support), TG2: 1.5395.


The most beautiful forecast is on AUD/USD.

Remember my trading Plan:
My Trading Plan for next week is:
1. to hunt for short around 0.8960-9000 with SL slightly above 0.9020.
2. It current resistance level 0.9020 has been taken out convincingly, I would wait for market to come to 0.9050 before I initiate any trades.
Market has come up to 0.8981 but didn't hit SL.
it is currently trading at 0.8870, congratulates to those who followed!

Today, I suspect AUD/USD will re-test the low of 0.8840, if market happen to rebound from here, my trading plan will be:
1. To wait for the market to rebound up to 0.8950 for new short entry.

Related Post: Weekly Forecast: http://ayumi216.blogspot.com/2010/08/weekly-forecast_23.html

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