Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We are expecting the announcement of CPI (Consumer Price Index) Y/Y at 4.30pm (GMT+8) today.

This is considered the UK's most important inflation data,
Previous Year 3.2%
Forecast 3.1%

I hope that the data release can be higher than forecast.
which is good for currency.

This pair has been trading in small range last night...
It is now trading at 1.5680, I wished that GBP/USD can be pushed higher. ^_^

My order today:
(1) Short 1.5730
SL 1.5770 (-40)
TG1: 1.5540 (+190) - current support
TG2: 1.5450 (+280) - Fibonacci Retracement

If order is filled and triggered, the next point that I am gonna short would be
(2) Short 1.5840
SL 1.5880 (-40)
TG: 1.5540 (Current Support)
TG2: 1.5340 (ABC)

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