Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Map It in you Mind!

I ventured into Sales since 2007 and it has been 5 years, or more.
I have made good money with the exchange of time, meals, health and friends.

This is the 3rd company I am going to work with, for my sales career, and it is the first time, I job hop into a similar industry.

IT, this happen may be because I think that I am not successful enough, or I have not figure out the way – to be successful in the IT business.  And IT, information technology, is fast moving, but customers, are slow.

For enterprise to change, and adapt to the latest technologies, it’s a challenge.
To make enterprises understand the need for change is my responsibilities.

I learn this yesterday, as a Consultant – you MUST always think of the process from a business perspective, why is this process important?  Not the flow itself.

When the country manager asks me, why a proof of delivery?  Why is this important?
My typical answer is: Yes, it is important (because my boss said so).

Paradigm shift.

2 days of non-stop orientation and trainings, I am more convinced with my mind mapping capabilities.  I can convert text, into images, or graphical / imaginative pictures to ease digestion.

That has to give thanks to my first Sifu in Sales, he said:
“A Presentation slide is useful to present it to your client,
One day, you have no electricity; you have no laptop, no projector.
You need to deliver the same, using pen and paper / or white board,
To make your client understand, the most basic, most interesting thing to him. 
That’s success.”

Yes, I learn this, and I will continue to practice this.
And thanks to my mentor in sales, I will shift, to think from a business perspective from now on.

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  1. gambateh ayumi.. all the best to u in sales and trading!! support u always... :)