Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Starting up

Often hear complains from the workplace, people complain the business processes should have this change, that change.
And some of the determined workforce, finally decided to come out on their own, and start something new, start something better.

I think this is how we get better and better business ideas, how we get creativity, strong designs, brave innovations.

Salute the business people, for the determination, and the strength to carry on. sometimes, or many times, they face the biggest challenge, may be 10x or 100x bigger than the problems they ever face as an employee.. but simply, they believe in themselves, they believe in the benefit of others, and remember their core objectives, and continue to strive, and move steadily towards success.


It is a hectic day...
Raining when I finished my final meeting.
I couldn't get my car.
By the time rain stopped, i got my car, but the traffic were so heavy, that I couldn't move.

My contact lens is making my eye sore, and I do not have anything else to do but to listen to Fox News Radio 550 KYFI. And blog while watching the market.

Waiting for tonight's Fed Rate, going to check and update my positions into the P&L.
When I'm gonna done doing all 3 things at once again?

Dance Instructor, Software Consultant, Trader?
Listen to Live Radio, Blogging, Watch Market?
Why everything come in three?

Three is a wonderful number.

Stay tuned.


  1. nowadays more and more of day job employees left their job, and they became internet entrepreneurs and live their internet style; i check fox news radio but unfortunately it does not work outside us

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