Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keynote Speech, Day 2

SaaS is gaining popularity here in Malaysia, when we talk about cloud, people start to understand us better, thanks to Apple Inc, I think they educate us with free cloud experience and his cool mobile gadget – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc. (obviously, I am an apple fan).

I watched the live webcast of the keynote speech by NetSuite CTO last night.
NetSuite – World #1 Business Suite on Cloud, #1 Cloud ERP.

For the first time, in 10 months, I get to see Evan Goldberg in a live performance.  I get to see his face, listen to his voice, and I get to meet his wife, met CEO Zach Nelson.

We are one of the partner with NetSuite in Malaysia.  We are a special company, since our joint venture, we have SaaS, Infrastructure, Hardware, On-Premise solution, Data Center, and Software Development.

I am looking forward to the user experience overhaul in future releases.
I am looking forward to the mobile app ver 2 which will be released in months.

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