Thursday, October 21, 2010

Market Opportunities

Patience, or sleep helps.  Ops!! I did it again.
Ayumi talked to mentor JC over the phone, head to the bed, and fall in sleep in less than 5 minutes (I guess),  I was thinking about moving my target price for DJIA to 11,040, instead of my initial target 11,140.
p/s Long at 10,968.

and... I sleep and I let the market decide for me, since I already moved my SL to entry, it is a free trade anyway.

Wake up 6am this morning, Ayumi is regret -- I sleep on the bed without pillow, wet hair and now my eyes swollen like two golf balls.

Turn on my Lappy~ check my trading position, DJIA high 11,152.  Long target is hit, and Ayumi has one open position to Short DJIA.

Now I learn how I lost 120 points in Wall Street CFD with City Index (last month, while I first started trading Live on CFD) -- the reason is that some orders I enter is "Good for Day", while the order was filled, both the SL and Limit Exit will exist, but it is also Good for Day, it will be cancelled from the system the next day, therefore, (Solution 1) I need to amend the order, or (Solution 2) choose to enter "GTC - good till cancel" orders.

Lesson learned, thanks to my broker, thanks to Mr. Market.

Market Opportunities

Choose the Right Focus in your Life.

Whatever shown on the chart, is someone's fortune, whatever coming up, may be yours.
My most respected Sifu DAR Wong.

I was reading this email from KK and Zemens and realised that Chinese Stocks especially commodities related stocks were flying yesterday.

Fortune, belongs to people who are able to clear their thoughts, find some clue and catch the fish of the market ocean at its maximum uncertainties, and these uncertainties also presents to us a great clue of something.

Many knows that Chinese has raised the Interest Rates, so Chinese RMB is gonna raise.  Many knows the commodities were limited Grains, Soft Commodities, Energies - remember when I post the CPO report?

Those who can see clue and pick the great market opportunities, will grab the fortune for his / her retirement, and you may just need to work very hard, yes, I mean work hard for the coming Correction or the Grand Bull Run, which only need you to work for 2-5 years.  Taking an average living to age 75, this job is very reasonable if you are now at your early 40s, or perhaps, you are a lot younger like Ayumi.

It is not the money, it is the skills.
Margin Trading is the fastest way for a poor to become Rich, it is also the fastest way for a rich to become broke.  Manage your risk well, choose the right focus in your life.

Best wishes,

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