Sunday, July 31, 2011

Passion and Objectives

Past week has been a challenging week.
Finally closed the biggest sale of the year, need to manage 4 days of dance life, need to alter my competition costume, need to monitor the market because many news are popping out!

And next week, the final week for my preparation!
My dress are done this morning from 2am - 6am, all sequins *blink* *blink* done, my wrist band done, I headed back to bed after breakfast with mum.

It is another cool Sunday afternoon.

What to do today?
On the trading / financial side:
1. Weekly forecast, DJIA, Gold, Favorite FX Pair.
2. Monthly Report, GBP/USD
3. Reading~~
On the dancing and art side:
4. Choreograph the tabla song for Advanced Category competition.
5. Watch more videos for ideas and admiring the belly dance superstars :)
And yes... I aim to win. This Asia Pacific Dance X'plosion is boliling!
Dancers out there, click this link:
Friendship & Biz
6. Celebrate Simon's Birthday, Foo Rong's birthday, Master Gathring today!

Lets get it started!

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  1. You must have quite a bit of energy to be doing so many things. =) You have an eclectic mix of interests. Good luck in the competition!