Sunday, July 10, 2011

Every Challenge Is An Opportunity In Disguise

Every Challenge Is An Opportunity In Disguise
It is another busy week last week, every day with activities, Monday dancing, rush home, market chat, Tuesday gathering with ProMaster associates, Wednesday rehearsal, Thursday dancing, Friday traffic jam (argh), Saturday --- sleep!

Coming week will be the same setting, or worse?

They said, when something bad happen, it comes in group.

When my schedule getting started to fill with more activities, there are more to fill it up!

But I am a bit sad last Saturday (yesterday), I am discouraged.

Trading can get me discouraged, but I always know a way to get out from there, I have losing trades, I have winning trades, many times, and I know the cycle well… So I know it is just a matter of time, precision, and price.

I am discouraged by mentor… :-( I thought, he understands why I am doing so many things at the same time, working, dancing, trading, blogging, coaching… but, he says, he don’t see my value…

Dang! It is like a gunshot to my head.

May be, I am not a person good at words, yes, mentor is right, what I know is only to “do, do, and do more”.

I always think that “I am doing more, to prepare myself for less in the future.”
Working is not going to lead to my destination, in a ‘Job’ setting; I couldn’t afford to travel for months... I know I want more time with family, I know, I want to travel to meet my brothers, stay with my niece, and nephew. And at the same time, Trade, and Dance!

I am training myself to be better each and every day, better discipline, better time management, mental strength as well as physical strength.

In the beginning of these setting, “I thought I am right”. But right now, I don’t know am I right or wrong.

What is my value?

Did you see my value?
or it is my “Syok Sendiri” Syndrome?

p/s: “Syok Sendiri” is a Malay phrase, means carried away, amusing oneself. When someone does something totally 'out', we will say the person “Syok Sendiri”.


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  1. I'm guessing your mentor is concerned that you're not putting in enough time in studying trading for advancement, but that's a question only you can answer. Trading has a steep learning curve, but everyone is different in their speed of understanding and improvement.

    It might be helpful to map out a timeline of goals and when you expect, or would like to achieve them. That should help with allocating the right amount of time for the desired goals. =)

    Don't feel defeated. As you have said in your title - life gives us challenges and it's our job to find working solutions, which is really what trading is all about. Every day we get a new set of challenges to figure out and solve. =)