Friday, November 26, 2010

Thank You

Thanks to all visitors that regularly visit my trading journal.
I am surprised to find out that I have close to 200 page loads to my blog, weekly.

Hope all can benefit from each other and hope all making good monies for coming Christmas and New Year.

It was a Thanksgiving day yesterday, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Be sure to take time out to be grateful for all that is in your life. Be grateful for all that is going soooo wonderfully well and be grateful for that which is a struggle for you. Yes! Be grateful for your struggles too! :)

A big test in our lives is whether we can be trusted to rise up when we’re going through a period of stress and struggle. I encourage you to do just that right now in your life!

Have an awesome day!



  1. thankful u are helping and motivating ppl from everywhere... n we're always thankful to have u in apsri family... take care ayumi n hapi weekend ahead.. :):)

  2. 200plus page loads excluding rss feeds subscribers, I subscribed to ur feeds :)

    Keep it up Ayumi!

  3. yes, thanks for being constant encouragement and motivation :D

    let's continue to learn and improve

  4. So warm to see your messages, thanks mentor JC.

    Wow, black! Thanks! ^__^ I didn't know how to track the RSS feeds and never thought of it until you mention :D

    Ripple, welcome back! :) lets continue to learn and improve, gambateh!

    FFXD, happy thanksgiving! Have a nice weekend ahead :)