Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Free from Doubt

Good read today during Lunch:

Tranquility is stillness; flowing is wisdom.
We practice meditation to calm the mind and make it still;
then it can flow.

We want to do it right, but somehow we can't get there yet; our own faculties are not sufficiently mature.

It is like fruit that's still growing on the tree. You can't force it to be sweet -- it is still unripe, it is small and sour, simply because it hasn't finished ggrowing.

you can't force it to be bigger, to be sweet, to be ripe -- you have to let it ripen according to its nature.

As time passes, the fruit will grow, will ripen and sweeten of its own accord. With such an attitude you can be at ease.
But if you are impatient and dissatisfied, you keep asking, ''why isn't this mango sweet yet? Why is it sour?" It's still sour because it's not ripe. That's the nature of fruit.

~ Everything Is Teaching Us, Ajahn Chah

Doubt only adds to the suffering.

Hope you like my share today.

It can be done.


  1. love it :)
    Patienceis virtue. I had great expectation in today's trade breaking 200ticks. But there's none. Only chopped sideways slow market. One Lucky shot, forgot bout news (not really lucky cos it's still in my setup) made my small gain for today.

    Maybe it's not my time yet. Nice post :)

  2. Ayumi,
    Do u know why today's market so slow like Bank Holiday???? Upcoming news maybe???