Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Transactions (FX) and (DJI)

Long Black Candle for GBP/USD and EUR/USD, DJIA, and Gold.
Sounds like we have missed a lot, but we are just at the beginning of everything.

QE2 is going to kick off this Friday, so far I prefer to trade intraday.


GBP/USD opens at 1.5879.
GBP/USD has hit target (2L) if I look at intraday 30 minutes chart.
Is GBP/USD going to hit 1.5700 today?

Clue 1:
If Ayumi look into bigger time frame (1 week consolidation), it has breakout from the consolidation, 1.5500 is the 2nd target.

Clue 2:
EMA4 and EMA20 cross confirms the trend.

My Intraday Trade 17-11-2010 (Wednesday)
Entry 1.5928 SL 1.5978 TG 1.5780


EUR/USD opens at 1.3488.
EUR/USD has been trading down since last week, looking into weekly forecast, using APSRI Trader's initial shadow method will take home more than 400 pips profit.

Will use the similar method to enter.

Entry 1.3550 SL 1.3600 TG 1.3370


DJIA close at 11,023.
Earnings from Retail giant like Walmart of Home Depot is going to be positive tonight? and 2nd largest IPO - General Motor also going to announce its IPO tonight, hopefully these positive news can pull the dying bull.

Short! Short! Short!
Clue 1: Closed below Z1 line with a Long Black candle
Clue 2: Closed below 10,250
Clue 3: EMA4 and EMA20 cross
Clue 4: Mkt Corelations cross - Sell Sell

DJIA Short
Entry 11,086 SL 11150 TG 10,730.

Beware of Friday QE2, always protect our capital with SL and move SL to entry after markets moves +50 in favour.

Close the position by EOD if cannot take the stress or doubt.

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