Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Power of Intention

Whatever your reason is for wanting more money, make sure it’s from a compelling inner truth. Even if it’s something like, “I want to buy a nicer car so I can feel better about myself,” if that’s true for you, then that’s your truth! There’s no one who can tell you you’re right or wrong. It’s yours!

People need more money to pay the bills, yes? Well, how motivating is that? ‘Boy, I really want go out there and work my butt off and have a new vision and do all this work and everything so I can pay the bills.’ I think not.

Know how I made an extra $150,000 in one month? I changed my priority of what the money was for. At first, I was looking for more money for more investments, but I already had some investments, and I did okay. And then I decided that I wanted to buy a condo.

And all of a sudden I noticed business miracles were starting to happen, money coming in from places we weren’t even thinking it could come from. Can I explain it? No. Why? Because it’s spiritually-based. You can’t explain those kinds of things.

Intention is focus internalized. Focus is the steering wheel; intention is the fuel that powers the vehicle. Don’t go for the regular. Go for the super-grade, the one that’s going to run your vehicle cleaner, stronger and longer.

Thanks to T. Harv Eker

I started to feel weak when I need others to agree what I do. What I think.
I started to feel weak when I need people to agree to what I want.

Our mind is so sensitive and things started to change when I have let others come into my mind, my world.
Theses ideas are just like worms, came into my mind, and lay eggs, multiply and grow.

How I wished I could just escape from the world, and encased myself in my room, and think for a little while, what have I done to my life?
Why would I do things without a clear perspective?

What I have learned in the past doesn't seems to work, and I started to doubt myself..
I guess it is not easy for people to change, especially we are living in a world full with other people who are learning the same thing, writing the same essay, reading the same papers...

Wanting to be different is a tough job.

And it is an internal job. I need to work harder, push harder, and believe.
May be I am just impatience.
Planted the seed, I just need to do the work, consistently, for the first leaf to pop out from the ground, is just a beginning.

Thanks to the sorrow, thanks to the challenge. For these I know, I can be better.
Thanks to the great article out there, thanks to the great sifu and mentor, holding me tight, working very hard to make me the 1%.

Thank you.

And I would say to myself, that I will work harder, and I will achieve all wealth and success in my life. Become a successful and profitable trader at my MAXIMUM capacity, to spend quality time with family.

I will, improve my setups consistency and profit unlimitedly from the market.
May all people, benefit from my success.

Hope you like my sharing, and ignite your unlimited potential, hit high, hit higher.

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