Monday, November 22, 2010

Something New? Or the same old thing?

European Crisis - Ireland bowed and asked for aid
Source: http://www.fxstreet...2010-11-22.html

The European Union, the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and Ireland have come to an agreement on Sunday under which the latter will request a bailout. Such aid package is expected to amount up to 80 – 90 billion euros, and will pair with a government austerity plan worth 15 billion euros.

The bailout plan will be implemented over a span of three years, details will drawn starting on Monday, but it is widely anticipated to be smaller than Greece's 110 Bn euro package devised in May. As reported at the end of last week, Britain is to come up with about 7 Bn pounds in bilateral loans.

Is this something new?
We have heard enough, and I started to know why a sudden movement in the currency market happens -- it is related to the fundamental news.

The fundamental news come right before the price change?
or the fundamental news comes just to justify and explain the 'reasons' for this price change?

Anyhow... no matter what.
Price is the reality, this reality we just need to accept.

And sometimes we just enter the market at today's lowest price and able to sell a little bit higher near today's highest *happy*, and make handsome profit, we also just need to accept and be happy with the profit.

While we enter at today's low, and get triggered at lowest price, loss a little bit, we just need to tolerate and continue the treasure hunt.


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