Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taken losses on EUR/USD trade

My Long on EUR/USD has been triggered SL, realised loss -40 pips.  I look back into the chart this morning, I question myself: why would I long when I can see the trend is coming down?

Isn't it that I have told myself last month that I M NOT GOING TO TRADE AGAINST THE TREND?

The cough and cold is getting better, and worse, my fever has gone, but the running nose and cough stay.. I could not sleep well at night, I either wake up coughing, or running nose at the middle of the night, worse part is... from 4am onwards, both of them (cough and running nose) is unstoppable.

Guess I need to stop trading for the week for the physical body to endure the suffering, the body deserve a rest after taking home so much profit...

Happy trading traders, wish all have a wonderful trading week.

Oh ya, last night I dreamed of DJIA falling, after making a high of 12300 and fall to 10000... crazy mind telling me crazy numbers....

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