Friday, February 11, 2011

DJIA on 11-Feb-2011

If DJIA cannot break above 12254, and with pressure from the fundementals, Ayumi reckon DJIA to correct tonight, if not tonight, current price action will be narrow until next week, for Long trades, can look for opportunity to:
Long at 12020, SL 11980, TG1 12300, TG2 12400 (2 weeks).

12020 is also the neckline for the head and shoulder pattern in making, if in two weeks time DJIA cannot break above recent high of 12254, it shows that the bullish momentum has slowed down and a more healthy correction need to take place.

If DJIA break below 12020, expect support at 11800 for DJIA rebound.

I am learning the Futures / Pre-Market price vs DJIA, and it seems that most of the time they are ±50 pts different... How do we get the best entry?

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