Wednesday, February 2, 2011

900 pips

Last round, I took 6 months to accumulate 900 pips.
and took 3 months to gradually lose them all through consistent losses with controlled risk.

But over 3 months of losing trades, less than 30% of winning, I have lost confidence in myself, I almost wanted to give up, I feel very low in value, useless, and messed up.

I cried in front of mentor JC for hours, even mentioned that I wished to give up.

This round, I took 1 month to accumulate 900 pips, again.
would I be taking 2 weeks to lose them all?

From the frequency of trading now, this is not going to happen.

As what master Aaron said... it is about determination, perseverance, and hardwork.

If we can stand up from the place we fall, if we have doubts and we try to figure out, if we find out what our mistakes are, and promise to do it better each and everyday, we can make it, and we will be doing 1000 times better than last time.

We cannot guarantee the result, we cannot guarantee this is a winning trade or not.

One thing we can guarantee, if we put our heart to learn, do the work, we can improve, and one day, we will make it happen.

If you said give up, but your heart says no, stand up and be strong.  You can make it happen.
Open up your journal, check your trades, you will get a clue.


  1. its not abt how many times u get knocked down, its whether u get up or not.

    i remember my tilting days when my eyes were red too i know exactly how u feel. keep up the great work this month! may the rabbit year be prosperous to us!

    happy chinese new year and HUAT AH!

  2. hi Black

    thanks for your kind words, and thank God we got up! hehehe

    I think the Chinese year of Rabbit is going bring us prosperity and growth! :)

    Happy Chinese New Year to you too!! HUAT AH!!