Saturday, December 18, 2010

Workstation 2012

This is going to burn a hole...
I will setup a 3-screen desktop, thus for year 2011, I need to re-model my room and workstation so that a 3-screen can come in on my birthday 2012.  I only have around 14 months to prepare for it by the way....

For those who is also planning for your workstation, it is good to check this out:

I have got mine...

New Chair, New Table, M&E works... cable management, AVR, UPS... and work out to this. :)

Looking forward to 2011, completion of 1st year journey with PW Trading Concept, completion of 2nd Phase Demo, improve my trading setup and consistency.
Certification in May-2011.
Closing of 1st Case by March-2011.
Freedom 31st July-2011.


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