Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Initial shadow entry

Hiya~ the start of my Demo account, today is day two, so far, the result as follow:

triggered SL.
Damage: -80 pips

Long EUR/USD - 1.3270 didn't get entry.
Long GBP/USD - 1.5690 didn't get entry.
Market moves in favour.
Damange: -

From backtest, this method works very well, generally human are focused on wining, but hate losing... most new traders would have said that this method don't work.... Wining and Losing is a package, Risk and Reward is a package.

Learn to accept total responsibilities of my own trading, learn the advantage, and the limitation of this setup, there's a lot of searching to be done.

and my objective is to find a system that suits me, and deliver consistent result.

Looking forward to consistency

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