Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This thought came into my mind this morning...

Which time frame to trade?
If I am trading for the Day, I look into intraday chart - 30 minutes would be sufficient to get a good entry.
If I am trading for few Days, ditto.
in this case, a weekly chart would help to identify the trend and help to see the big picture.
monthly chart, seldom use, just a peek into it..

What if, I am going to be a 'hourly' trader?
Similarly, I can use Day chart to identify trend, 30 minutes to sharpen entry, and may be, even smaller time frame like 15 minutes?

Should get killed when mentor read this 15 minutes chart thing... >.<

Which style I am most comfortable with? and whether I am ok with it?

I am ok with the Day chart and 30 minutes chart nowadays, I wonder: Is that because I have less time to trade, therefore, I compromise?

Lets frame it with better words...
Ayumi has become flexible, and now trading in a bigger time frame...

What if, when I gain the total freedom again, that I can just sit in front of my Lappy and watch the candle blocks, one by one, every 30 minutes?

No matter what, how, which strategy we use, it must be our strategy, our style.
What is my style?  Flexible is my style.

I have been brought up by my cool mother, disciplined, loyal, business minded, stable, organised, and secured.
I have a even more cool father, he has a golden finger, that he can turn a bottle of red wine into a good money making opportunity, and can turn a broken motorbike into a spare part business...  According to mum, he can see opportunities through his naked eyes... making money from businesses is not a problem for him, networking and connection is just simply a born skill.

I think my father makes a good speculator, Ayumi deem myself a speculator in my blood; a stable, disciplined, organised personality in my mind...

I think this is how and why Ayumi present an unlimited potential... and I believe many others do, we just need to work hard, and polish...

4 days to new year, 1 month + 1 week to Chinese New Year...
work hard everyday, unlimited opportunities awaits...
work 1 step a day, and never stop... we may be slow, we may be fast, we are ''in progress''.

Good read, go and read this article from T. Harv Eker's Blog:
The Resolution That Lasts a Lifetime

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  1. 15mins??????? hahahahaha

    i think it works well if u are one of those brokers pretending to make money for their clients but actually churn their clients accounts and go around telling ppl trading is not about talking, it's about execution... that is why they never share or tell anyone their trading methods and refuse to teach anyone anything at all...

    i really hope HE or THEY are readng this!!! HAHAHAHAHHAA

    can u ever imagine sitting in an office trading 9-5 everyday n "pretending" to love their JOBS? just because they make so much money from commissons off other people's trading accounts?

    slime balls like those reminds me "trading for a living".. more like "trading your account for THEIR living!!!" hahahahaha

    i am truly amazed by the good and veteran traders who have given up their 9-5 jobs like sifu has retired from those living hell of scalping days and now we are only concern about trading when we see our trading setup.. enjoying our lives in a world of extension waves.. position trades.. one bullet one kill.. accuracy and exponential trades..

    other times when "they" the "pro" traders who are top volume producing brokers rush in and out of their office during the peak n rush hours, we can sit back in our trading bermudas and grab a beer in a hand n just go fishing anytime we want to... hahahahaha

    enough of me sabo-ing those ppl who claims "trading cpo" is great coz they go to "work" at 10am n have "longer" lunch hours compared to the rest!!! OMG... i had lunch today from 12-5pm!!! i am so sinful!!! hahahahaha

    take care n have a good trading year ahead ayumi!!! we will always be here for u babe!!!

    no need u to come to our office with the hectic jams during office hours everyday so we can teach u something new each day... any time any day anywhere!!! maybe we are not "truly freedom" traders they call us??? hahahahaha