Sunday, December 19, 2010

Demo Feedback

After 2 weeks on Demo, I find myself trading at my comfort level again.

And I come to realize, the following:
1. I thought my analysis turned bad, but it is not.  I am better.
It is because I have shifted my focus to money.
What I wanted from trading, is money only, and I am just too focus on that, and I become addicted to trading.
2. Habitual Losses?
it is because i tried too hard to find a trade everyday, however, this everyday trading, is not my style.
3. How Long?  How Often?
I know my trade, but I do not know my personal style... and in fact, I thought I know myself well, but I don't.
and it turns out to be better trade, better days, nowadays...
4. How many?
I thought I need more market and more work so that I can practice and become better.  I started with 3 major, then I fall into AUD, NZD, Crude, DJIA, Gold... I believe the professional traders would know the answer.
2 weeks after my Demo, I concentrate on my favorite market, I find less mess, less opinions, less contradiction.  More time for other activities.  More clarity.

No reversal, no trade, no support, no resistance, no trade.
No price action, no pattern, no trade.
No familiar market, no trade.
and.. generally I prefer to Short, than to Long.

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