Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DJIA and Nasdaq 100

Suspect DJIA to test 11500 (recent top 5-Nov 11451)
Nasdaq 100 to test 2200 (recent top 9-Nov 2200)

Quick one, and a Good one:
I have a trader friend - PP, PP has made some profit from US stocks (I personally would like to say it is WONDERFUL profit), and PP thanks to QE2. :)

and this Handsome profit means 2x of the Annual Income of an ordinary Malaysian executive.
And PP made it in less than 2 months (do not wish to sound to exaggerative... but actually PP revealed that the whole trade is done in 2 weeks).

And PP still have some QQQQ contracts at US1250 (Gold at 1420 now).

Bravo~! ^__^

And trading means, you can work, 2 feet in front of your bed, 20 feet from the kitchen, next to your kid, watch CNBC news on TV - on the couch, and you life - focus on opportunities - with the exchange of security from a 9-6pm job.

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