Friday, May 20, 2011

Gold on 20-May-2011

Thank God its Friday again!

This morning we celebrated my brother's birthday.
I had a wonderful chat with him last night, again, I remember the school really doesn't teach what is most important, the knowledge that my brother has acquired so far, is based on his own research, studies, trial and error, and now, experience, and continue to trial and error and continue to research.

To find a good developer is not easy, to develop something good, is not easy either.

We need to acquire the skills set with a lots and lots of hard work.
Consistent Effort.

Nobody can teach, or rather I would say, SKILLS is not easy to impart to the other person, because, we do not know what the other don't know, sometimes, we might end up teaching him something he totally don't understand, doesn't intend to learn, etc.. making it a waste of time to both the coach and the learner.

To be effective, drop everything that you know, park your experience or past research aside, re-learn something new, and set your objectives CLEAR.

We are different, our objectives are different.

Different objectives lead to different expertise, we master trading in different time frame, we realize our preferred pattern, we found our 1 bullet - 1 kill trade, START now, START from the OBJECTIVES, only when we are clear of what we want! Ask yourself, do you really want it?

Yes, you want it, and you will make it happen for yourself, you are totally capable of being who you intend to be.
Keep your determination ALIVE, by reminding yourself again and again of WHY it's important to you.

When you have decided to do ONE thing, the WORLD, will help you.
First of all, decide.
and, Follow.
Follow through.

Gold on Friday 20-May-2011

It has been trading in the range, and I am still observing.
Current resistance 1500.
Current resistance 1480.
I expect Gold to continue trading in this narrow range.
Short term Breaking either end lead to 1522 and 1466.

4 Hour Chart

Daily Chart

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