Saturday, May 28, 2011

Transaction (Gold)

My 1st Short @ 1524.70 (3 contracts) was triggered a SL at 1523 yesterday, I have moved the Stop Loss after seeing Gold traded below 1520.

Last night, I have queued another short at 1532 (9 contracts).
Stop loss 1539.
Target 1504.

At the same time, I shorted Silver 37.98 (3 contracts).
Stop loss 38.28 (30 pips)
Target 37.68 (30 pips)
it is a quick trade based on ProMaster 2 hour strategy.
Market came down to 3745 (50 pips) and rebounded.
Taken profit on Silver 1:1.

Still riding on the Gold Short trade.
Gold last done 1537.50, I am currently riding on a loss of 5.5 pts.
Market is trading near my stop loss, and once I am triggered, I am gonna stay out.

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