Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Start with an End in Mind

You meet thousands of people
and none of them really touch you
and then, you meet one person
and your life has changed

Got this line from the movie "Love and Other Drugs".
So touching at the end and I have been crying~~ "I didn't know that I am enough, until I meet you."

I know my life has changed, forever.  Thanks to a friend for life, thanks my mentor JC, you have changed me.
The way of putting things into perspective, keeping an objective, start with an End in Mind.

Bless all, bless everyone, best of everything, today is a blessed day!

Happy Wesak =D

Working Order
Long Gold @ 1493, SL $5, TG1 1503 (Intraday)
Long Gold @ 1490, SL $7 @ 1483, TG2 $30 @ 1520 / Close by Friday (Breakout)

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