Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

This week I will take time off and there will be no forecast, no updates.

It was Silent Night, and I am waiting for my brother's return.
I sleep very early because I had 3 sessions of belly dancing ... in the middle of the beauty sleep, the phone rang!

My brother apologize that he told me the flight date wrongly... they will be back 1 day later.

After this phone call, look at the wall clock, its 30 minutes to Christmas.
How did I spend my last Christmas? my last last Christmas?

It is Christmas, and I start to rewind what had happened this year... and start to think about the past.
I remember a new year eve in 2008, that I hang out with classmates and the club is full. No fun if it is full... everyone squeeze to get in, squeeze to move around... a bit tough to have fun in this type of environment.

However I do hope for some noise and laughter.

(this is the christmas decor in Bangsar Shopping Center (BSC), I took a snap yesterday after class)

I turned on TV, no program that I wished to watch.
I turned on my laptop, and started to blog.
And I started my research for the next travel destination. Yeah, I did research for Hong Kong.
Supposed to go there early of this year, but ... again, it is my choice to stay rather than move.
Why not Taiwan? yeah, I have ticket to Taiwan mid of this year, and again I dropped it.

Job, dance... It has definitely go a loooong way. Trading.... loooooong journey to transform from an investor to a trader, it is challenging!
I see myself improving in few areas, yes, I learn to appreciate myself.  The camp that I went last week has worked.
And, I just told myself to Love myself more in 2012.

And I will dance, and travel to HK or Taiwan in 2012. a Christmas gift to myself.

Learn to Love myself

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  1. ayumi
    merry christmas to u.
    loved that post. wish u the best of trading
    and the best 2012 u can have