Friday, December 2, 2011


I have been searching for broker with MT4, great mobile app...
Since I have been using Trade Interceptor, I am trying out FXCM... this post is not promoting any broker, but just a snapshot of how does FXCM looks.

This is the screen shot from their desktop application.

Default Charting, maximize GBP/USD:

Dealing Rates - Advanced:

Dealing Rates - Simple:

I still prefer the "simple dealing rates".. may be because I'm used to it.

Some terminology on my Portfolio (Open Positions) is new...
The GBP/USD short position is opened last night...
what is "Roll"? -0.20?

Overall the color of the trading station is fine.

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  1. I LOVE MT4. I use it for charting and placing orders is on another platform.