Monday, August 22, 2011


Short Wall Street (CFD) 10876 SL 10926 TG 10676 (close EOD)
Long Gold 1865.3 SL 1860 TG 1880
Long GBP/USD 1.6502 SL 1.6452 TG 1.6552 (itchy finger, 1:1 trade)

The moment I post the GBP/USD trade, I think I have made a mistake to let greed and fear took over me, I have just made an aggressive trade.
I am trading for a very small range, expect GBP/USD to pull up before it melt.
Not willing to close the position, but continue to observe myself with this crazy decision.

Face it, and manage it.

3:15pm (GMT+8)
Revised Gold target exit to 1905, SL 1885.
Wall Street moved SL to entry.


  1. Didnt your gold got triggered stop?

  2. Yes Gerald, Gold Long position is closed with the new stop.
    Happi happi $20 profit :)

    Gold may resume the whole up trend to above 1900 and next WTP 1958! Mad Bull~~~